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Slim's Last Chance in Seattle, WA
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Slim's Last Chance

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5606 1st Avenue S  SeattleWA  98108

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Slim's Last Chance

Slim's Last Chance  [...]

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Slim's Last Chance

Brisket Chili on top of Mac & Cheese.  [...]

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Chili Verde

Chili Verde and Manny's  [...]

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Enjoying the band.  [...]

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Blacktop Deceiver - My 34 Ford at Slims Last Chance Dec 2012

Slim's Last Chance in Seattle, WA 
Another kick butt night playing rockabilly at Slim's Last Chance Saloon and Chili shack in downtown Seattle, Wa. From the debut CD "Monster on the Street" ww...  [...]

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Colin Farrell talks to E News about Slim's Last Chance being his favorite stop on DDD tour! -

Slim's Last Chance in Seattle, WA 
Here is a clip of Colin Farrell from his E News interview about preparing for his new movie Dead Man Down. His favorite stop on his Diners Drive in's and Div...  [...]

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Walking Papers- The Whole World's Watching- Slim's Last Chance Seattle, WA 8/17/2012

Slim's Last Chance in Seattle, WA 
Walking Papers debut at Slim's Last Chance Benefiting The Heroes Project with special guests Mike McCready (Pearl Jam, Mad Season, Shadow and Flight to Mars)...  [...]

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Metal Mark at Slim's Last Chance

Slim's Last Chance in Seattle, WA 
Metal Mark live in full metal assault in Georgetown,Seattle.The show got rowdy and some bikers had to be thrown out of the bar.This one goes out to the Hamms bear,you rock bro...footage by Paul Bond.  [...]

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  1. Gravatar image
    [email protected]
    10/24/2013 3:16:58 PM
    Two chili places in one day. Went to Slim's for dinner after having lunch at Mike's Chili Parlor. Had the chili verde with all the fixings. Only thing that sucked is we showed up in time that there was cover charge as band was about to start playing. So we made a night of it. Figured if paying to see band might as well enjoy band. So sat on the patio and listened to them and drank plenty of Manny's while doing so.
  2. anonymous
    3/11/2012 12:20:11 PM
    The chill shack is an A+
  3. anonymous
    1/31/2012 12:00:44 AM
    Beer was cold. Great atmosphere and service. Food was OK.
  4. anonymous
    1/29/2012 7:31:00 PM
    I've eaten at slims hundreds of times, and never had anything cold except the beer, you must be one of "those" guys!
  5. anonymous
    8/29/2011 10:55:13 PM
    Can;t want to try ther food, Bob from LA CA
  6. anonymous
    2/22/2011 1:11:00 PM
    Amazing place! Love the Chilli Verde and the french fries are my favorite in the Emerald City! Get a pint of Manny's and enjoy Slim's!
  7. anonymous
    1/26/2011 3:06:44 PM
    Loved the food. Had a good time. My kind of place.
  8. anonymous
    6/24/2010 3:28:21 PM
    A group of us from work went to grub on some "killer" chili...Really Dude? My verde was cold and bland. I sent it back for a luck still cold. My colleagues were equally unimpressed. Too bad you're show doesn't go back for follow up visits to see if the place truly is "real deal"
  9. anonymous
    4/10/2010 12:16:52 AM
    The ''81'' poster that i recently read state which city ,i'm assuming seattle goergetown area. am I on the right path?
  10. anonymous
    1/7/2010 8:07:55 PM
    video for slims
  11. anonymous
    12/17/2009 2:40:14 PM
    Imagine a small Texas honky tonk bar in an industrial area in south Seattle and you have Slim's.  Willie Nelson in the speakers and a pool table off to the side.  The food is really good.  I had the green chile over jalapeno mac and cheese and it was everything I thougt it would be.  Cool brews and a unique, rustic atmosphere.
  12. anonymous
    10/7/2009 1:25:43 PM
    Went to Slims for Chili and Beer. A real Hole-in-the-wall place. Right down the street from the stadium. Perfect place for a cold Beer and hot Chili before a game. Outstanding place!

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