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Los Taquitos

4747 East Elliot Road Phoenix, AZ 85044
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  • Posted by emilyspeer December 2014

    Every vacation we always visit a Triple D spot, we were excited to give this place a try. We got a variety of tacos and tamales. All the tacos tasted the same and all were over salted. The tamales were dry and not very flavorful. Definitely wasn't what Guy experienced in his visit. The restaurant wasn't clean, there was gunk and hair stuck to the soda dispensers. Definitely our first Triple D letdown.

  • Posted by Brad February 2013

    We love Mexican food and were really excited about trying Los Taquitos, but it didn't deliver. We tried the Bombero burrito that Guy raved about. It had okay flavor and some heat, but not worth promoting on television. We also tried the tacos, enchiladas, and tamale. My wife liked the tacos (I didn't), but the portions were small and the food was average. The Men's bathroom was disgusting. The staff was nice, but we're not going back.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    :)??we found Los taquitos on Triple D. It was fabulous !! I recommend you try it when in the area

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    I beg to differ!!!  I think these where the best pork tacos I have ever had!!!  I travel for work and I am still trying to find pork tacos that good!! 

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    The pork tacos were pretty weak.  Many taco shops around here are better.

  • Posted by Miss V March 2011

    Awesome tacos, really! I never expected to find tacos that were better than the street tacos in Sonoyta, Mexico, but this place does it! I'm a true believer now.

  • Posted by Kevin March 2011

    Best tacos ever! I had the marinated pork, my wife had the carne asada. Both were great but I think the pork may have been the best taco I ever had.

  • Posted by B. Kurka March 2011

    Tried this restaurant last night (11 MAR).  Was not very impressed.  Place was busy and the food was just OK.  The wall mural paintings are excellent, but did not make up for the blah, blah food.  I live in Arizona so mexican food is plentyful.  This restaurant just did not stack up. B. Kurka

  • Posted by Sandman January 2011

    My girlfriend and I did a tour of AZ on vacation this year and the very first thing that we did when we got off the plane was head to Los Tiquitos for lunch.  We couldn't get over how tiny this place is, but man, the food was excellent.  We didn't have to wait any longer than 15 minutes to place our order, which isn't bad for that place I have found out.  I highly recommend eating there when you can.

  • Posted by Merrie August 2010

    Super yummy eat here as often as we can.

  • Posted by Arizona Huey July 2010

    Great tacos!!! Reminded me of the street tacos I use to devour when I lived in Mexico City.  Fantastic place that I've been to several times.  I have never had a bad experience at this place and the food has always been fantastic!!!  The burritos are massive and the sauce delish.

  • Posted by Big Tool July 2010

    I was visiting the Phoenix arae and wanted to check out one of Guy's diners.  Above average tacos, but the place is small, the lines were long and seating was scarce. All in all, I'll go back the next time I'm in the area.

  • Posted by Lin July 2010

    I eat here often. It is not always fast and get there early for a table at lunch time. The food however, is great. Not sure what happened to the guy from CA that went there but I have never had a bad meal here

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2010

    For years I have been searching for the worlds best Chile Relleno. I think I may have found it here. We arrived, and were informed - no rellenos ready - take too long - So we ordered tacos, burritos and they were fine. But a shout from the back someone says Relleno's are ready! Fresh Chili's, awesome "secret' filling and a delicious sauce. I will fly 1200 miles back to Phoenix just to have this meal again!

  • Posted by Mark January 2010

    The tacos are pretty good although sometimes the wait can be very long. My 7-year old daughter refers to Los Taquitos as "the place where we had to wait a very long time for our food!" I've tried the tortas here but they are stingy w/the meat. I'd much rather get a torta at America's Taco Shop in Phoenix. Overall, I'll give this place 2 stars because the food isn't worth the wait.

  • Posted by MC July 2009

    Guy: Our hope is that you had a bad day when you made the visit to lLos Taquitos. we are on vacation in Phoenix and I've been watch your show for a number of years. Wow, what an opportunity to go somewhere you have recommended. We are from Southern California specifically San Diego and consider ourselves bvery fond of Mexican food. I looked up Los Taquitos and dragged my wife there to impress her with your work. What a disaster.  We tried the carnitas, chicken and carne asada and it was so bad I went back to order a burrito so we would not leave hungry.  There was no flavor, the food was dry, the portions were small and "yes" it was cheap. This was a complete waste of time. The services prettyl much followed, the llady behind the counter (forgot her name) was so enamored that we came all the way because of their new found fame, she did not even take trhe time to ask us how outr meal was. The tables were filthy and flys were rampant. 

  • Posted by Richard April 2009

    It's a tiny little hole in the wall restaurant where you order and pick up your food at a counter, but it is absoluletly some of the best mexican food in the city.  Their Marinated Pork tacos and burritos are AMAZING.  They also make the best flour tortillas I have ever had.  Their rice and beans are great too.    

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