Porter's Real Barbecue in Richland, WA

Porter's Real Barbecue

 March 10, 2019  2 Comments  759 views

At Porter’s Real Barbecue we refuse to serve anything other than REAL, fresh barbecue. This means all of our meats are cooked up to 14 hours and our sides are made fresh daily. That means that we regularly sell out of menu items, so check back here often. Life is too short…eat REAL barbecue.




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What did Guy Fieri eat?

 > He ate the dino beef ribs and the poppers. He tried a little of everything and loved.


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    [email protected]~~~hoo.com
    Sunday, March 10, 2019
    A great place to get genuine BBQ especially in the northwest and of all places WA State. Owners are very friendly and really care about giving 100% to all their customers. Hard to decide what to get so it was great that I got to try everything because they do everything by weight. It is a must stop when you are hungry.
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    [email protected]~~~ail.com
    Sunday, March 10, 2019
    Get there by 2p if you want the Poppers and the Dino Ribs are weekends only. Was a disappointing stop on our trip. Especially since the girl behind counter seemed proud they ran out of food. Joint was empty when walked in at 5:30p. Few more folks stopped in while were there only to be told what they didn’t have. Seems like if you run out most days by 2pm you would plan to have more available so you didn’t.


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