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La Piazza Al Forno

5803 W Glendale Avenue Glendale. AZ 85301
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  • Posted by ScottyGoodBoy March 2013

    We stopped here as our 2nd choice, and was glad we ended up here. Wanted to do the German place one block up the street, and if you want to see out woes of why we didn't get to go their, see our comment on their page here at: We had pizza the night before, so we ordered dinner items that were fantastic. Best pasta we have ever had. Mozzarella was yum yum yum... Waiter was very friendly and glad we came in. Told him we were on our way to Vegas and told us about a DDD joint here that he has heard about from others that have passed thru. Not only great food, but great location and many antique stores around it... Great!

  • Posted by fra nk July 2012

    the service at this restaurant stinks. Order dominoes for better service

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    You gotta try the fried raviolli! 

  • Posted by Kevin & Gay January 2012

    Forgot to give it the stars!

  • Posted by Kevin & Gay January 2012

    Wonderful!  Pizza was fresh and delicious and antipasto plate was superb!  I have already recommended it to my friends who live in the area.

  • Posted by Shannon December 2011

    8-) :-D :-D 8-)

  • Posted by larry June 2011

    Food was great..not sure what fk problem is seems like everyplace he goes it sucks..maybe fk is a little off the wall..

  • Posted by jordan May 2011

    This is one of my favorite restaurants in Phoenix. Have never been disappointed by the food and love the friendly staff (mostly family). We adore the pizza bianco and italian stallion, but the pasta dishes are also fabulous as are the desserts. People will wait for hours and hours to get a seat at Pizzeria Bianco downtown, but for my money, Piazza al Forno is the better meal every time.

  • Posted by Krisp January 2011

    I am only rate the food here cause it was AWESOME!! Hostess was rude and the wait was long. Was well worth the wait out in the cold!

  • Posted by fk May 2010

    Rating  -1 I don't know what's up with Guy, but this place really sucks. We went once with 2 other couples and it sucked, but I thought let's try it again and we went today. It still sucks bad. Pizza is just awful, at least the 5 we ordered. The baked spaghetti taste like overcooked and under-salted spaghetti with a "Prego" like sauce. Oh and by the way, there is no father and Son around, at least when we where there (both times). The Kitchen is run by hispanics... Now this is the 2nd place on Glendale Ave. which is recommended by Guy as great, but they both suck so bad.... Not worth the money or time...

  • Posted by le December 2009

    Have gone back several times, this place is awesome and well worth the wait!

  • Posted by subwayaz November 2009

    I just finished watching that episode and sure did make me hungry.  SUre will have to stop in when up in the area again

  • Posted by Guy Groupie October 2009

    My Husband & I love this place.  It's minutes from our house & an absolute must try for anyone in the area.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2009

    My husband and I had the Italian Stallion (Meat Pie) and Fettuccine Al Pesto Shrimp. OMG!! The food was delicious. This was our second visit and each visit was well worth it. The service is great. I loved dipping my bread in the fettuccine sauce.

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    Great Food love the Mom and Pop atmosphere we tried pizza (Bianco) added carmelized onions excellent we also had the Italian Staliion (this one is good just the way it is).  This pizza is just like the pizza we had in Italiy.  Guy, thanks for putting this place on your show...good choice.

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    We are from New Jersey, now living in Arizona so when we saw your show about the Jersey Boys we decided to give this place a try last night.  We are so glad that we did, what a great place from the minute we arrived we were treated like family just like the small Mom and Pop Italian Restaurants in NY/NJ.  The food was exceptional we ate exactly what Guy ate....good choices.  Guy, thanks for putting this place on your show once again if not for you we would have never found it.

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    Great show, we loved this place have been back 3 times the wait was about an hour but well worth it.  Can't wait to go back again.  Guy thanks for putting this place on your show.

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    Loved this place...thanks Guy

  • Posted by Guest July 2009

    The food was great

  • Posted by Guest June 2009

      Great pizza and excellent Italian food.  Guy, thanks for putting this place on your show.  This was one of your better shows you seem to get along great with the Dad and Son.

  • Posted by recklessk June 2009

    ...been going here since... well, since BEFORE it opened... they were still trying to get their oven in when we first stopped in and have been dropping in when we are in the neighborhood ever since. EXCELLENT Italian Stallion pizza.   we have a friend who recently moved to town and we were watching Guy... as he walked down the street i said I KNOW WHERE THAT IS! I KNOW WHERE HE'S GOING! And i proceeded to tell this friend just how good the food is. When my husband got home, hungry, our friend said, "wellll, there's that italian place in glendale..." So we rushed up there for dinner and were lucky enough to get the last available table.  i had the mediterranian ravioli. MMM... very good.... while the guys split a pizza. EXCELLENT FOOD. Excellent service. Family owned. Nice ambience!

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