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Twisted Root Burger Company

2615 Commerce Street Dallas, TX, 75226
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  • Posted by March 2018

    This was the 4th DDD stop while on a road trip through Texas. It was not at all my favorite. I can't see why it was on the list. It was very disappointing compared to the other three we'd been to. I tried the Spicy Goat. It definitely was different but not at all spicy until I added a bunch more of their Chipotle Ketchup from the bottle on the table. Not juicy at all though not really overcooked. I've had comparable burgers if not better at Ruby Tuesday's. The service (none) was nothing special. Once you order the food, you're on your own. You get called back to the counter to pick up your order. If you need anything, you go back to the counter and ask for it. I left a decent tip at the time of purchase thinking they'd bring it out to me and we'd get seen about at some point afterwards. No such luck. The customer is even expected to clean the table and drop it by the trash on the way out the door. I never saw anyone come by and wipe a table down the hour I was there. I never saw the DDD show with this place on it but he couldn't have spent much time there. Shouldn't be on the list.

  • Posted by June 2014

    This place is so freaken good I would recommend to anyone

  • Posted by Coolbeans July 2013

    Best burger I think I have ever had. If you like a little bit of spice, get the spicy goat, so amazing!!! We will definitely be back!

  • Posted by fm February 2013

    burgers ok, milk shakes good

  • Posted by Narf August 2012

    This was my first DDD. The burgers were awesome and the fried platter WOW. Fried green beans were my favorite. Sofa King Good! I had to have the T-shirt!!!!

  • Posted by Gene January 2012

    We went to this place and it was great!  Burger was cooked PERFECT as was my wife's.  Bacon was delicious, blue cheese was great and the atmosphere was fun.

  • Posted by CJ January 2012

    Went to Legacy Center, Plano location.  I had the kangaroo burger as a Big Tex.  Outstanding!!!!  It's this month's game meat.  Lean,and spiced well.  The fried pickles were great, too.  Definitiely give this joint a try.  It's worth the visit.

  • Posted by Jamie January 2012

    Went to the SMU location today and was completely blown away. SOOOOO delicious. I had the Western Burger that Guy had on the show and fell in love....with the burger, not Guy. LOL :)

  • Posted by Heather January 2012

    Wow! What a great burger!! The sweet potato chips: awesome! The Burgers were even better because of the great service! Very friendly and outgoing! We will be back!! :)

  • Posted by BMW59 January 2012

    I would have given it a 5 star. Why would you serve a hamburger without a tomato???

  • Posted by Just Wondering November 2011

    Which one are you?  Nevermind, doesn't matter, all 3 of you are hot!

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2011

    Just Recently visited the Richardson location on a family trip to Dallas. All 5 of us had a wonderful meal and tried the different pickles.  The food was hot, large and great.  The service was wonderful and the staff great. We look forward to visiting another diners, drive ins and dives location in the future.

  • Posted by Spartacus1973 September 2011

    Great burger....took my wife there when we were visiting. Make sure when u park next door u pay for the parking to avoid the fine. Thanks ddd for going there

  • Posted by DK June 2011

    Go there about once a month and never been disappointed.  If you like burgers, you'll find a burger to like here.

  • Posted by Finley April 2011

    We tried Twisted Root Burger today on our way through Dallas.  It was AMAZING!  The atmosphere was great and made you feel right at home.  LOVED the food and the company wasn't bad either. 

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    Checked the place out with my son while in town for game, by far the best burger I have had in a long, long time.  My son had the Bad Ass Burger and I had the peppercorn.  Great place to visit while in Dallas!!!!! :-P

  • Posted by Schoon September 2010

    Best burger I have had in my life.  Everything seemed to be great, service and food.  Oh, and the sauces for dipping are awesome!

  • Posted by Deniece September 2010

    WOW! WOW! WOW!  Best burger I've ever had in my entire life!  :-D   This is a picture of me and my friends at the Twister Root Burger Company!  It was such a great atmosphere too!

  • Posted by rmtcc3206 August 2010

    What a fun place to go   the hamburger was wow wow wow. Took the grandkids and set on the deck they enjoyed the adventure throughly! Was close the the Dallas Aquarium was a great day of memories.

  • Posted by Lauren May 2010

    this place was amazing! great atmosphere! the homemade rootbeer was great as well as the sweet potato chips! burgers were fantastic! cant wait to go back

  • Posted by snowflake January 2010

    Burgers are huge and A-OK.  Staff friendly. Root beer very good.  Fried green beans my fav while hubby liked the fried pickles the best. Got the "fried ride" enuff for several.  Best of all the to go boxes can be recycled. Cups are made from corn, the forks/spoons/knives are made of peanuts!

  • Posted by Jason January 2010

    Best burger in Dallas hands down!!!!! Fried Pickles are great too. I highly recommend this joint! Sofa King Good

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2010

    Fantastic burgers and root beer!  The best burger I have ever had.  The home made condiments were also great.  However, the side items we tried left a lot to be desired.  The breading on the fried pickles wasn't crunchy at all, they weren't terrible, but I wouldn't order them again.  The sweet potato chips were just a little too sweet to be a good combo with the burger.  The curly fries weren't bad, but definately weren't anything special.  Tasted to me like Arby's curly fries.  Guess I should have tried the fried green beans, but as big as the burgers are, you really don't need a side item to be stuffed when you leave!

  • Posted by LD December 2009

    This is a great burger place. And the fried green beans....oh my goodness..Love that everything is fresh and homemade. My favorit is the homemade rootbeer but do not like when they start messing it up wtih other flavors...Love the character of the place as well......The burgers are the best! My husband and I have also tried Cowboy Chow right down the street from the Deep Elem location. This place is unique and great meals ad well and is sister property to Twisted root so you know it will be good.

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2009

    We found this place a few years before Triple D did when taking a wrong turn away from the Dallas Farmer's Market and have gone back ever since. Great burgers, milkshakes so thick your straw should really be the diameter of a quarter, fried pickles, house-made condiments, and the Twisted Root Beer is never the same flavor twice in a row, I don't think. My favorites are the Banana Nut and the Caramel... yum. THey also serve watermelon iced tea which is tasty. Go for the burger with the bacon and the fried onion strings on it- yum.

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    They have great burger "choices" but since the masses have begun flocking to it (BECAUSE OF TRIP D), they cook the burgers 1 way - well done.  My burger was well overdone and dry - but good taste.

  • Posted by amaron August 2009

    Delicious, but a bit pricy. It IS worth the money you will be spending, so don't worry.

  • Posted by Putt July 2009

    Great selection to choose from.  Bring your appetite.  Don't be surprised if you have to wait in line to get in the door, but don't let that stop you from checking this place out.   

  • Posted by Baylorbb July 2009

    Unbelievable variety - I loved the Buffalo Burger while my wife really liked the Western Burger.  Great curly fries & their own twisted root - root beer was great!  You are given a name to pick up your order - a classic was "Bob Barker ... come on down!" Fun place to get a burger!

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