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Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine

1910 Hollywood Blvd #B, Hollywood, FL 33020, USA
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Our story began with a chance meeting in Bali during a life long dream vacation to Indonesia. I went, not knowing I would ever return and said yes to everything. I wanted the whole experience. And wow did I get it all. First and foremost the food was out of this world. Nothing I had ever had before. I was in heaven. I was welcomed everywhere I stayed and was introduced to all kinds of food. We wanted people to have an experience too, a little escape to “Bali” if you will. After searching for a while, we found such a place at the Yellow Green Market in Hollywood Florida. We set up our space with many of our Indonesian pieces to hopefully reflect a warm and inviting space to have a special meal. So in the summer of 2014 we opened. We began by just offering samples. We needed people to try the food. At the beginning we had no idea that it would ever take off. We thought maybe it would last a couple of months and that would be it. Well a couple of months are now almost 4 years ago and two locations later offering more and more delicious food to our growing patronage.

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