4636 NE 42nd Ave Suite A, Portland, OR 97218, USA
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Yonder blends Pacific Northwest cuisine and delectable Southern sensibilities seamlessly, offering award-winning fried chicken and other hearty goodies alongside fresh and inventive local vegetable dishes, heirloom starches and whimsical snacks, all in our casually cozy and perfectly countrified haint-blue dining room.


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  • Posted by ch~~~@~~~ail.com May 2021

    I don't don't know what awards this chicken ever won, but based on my experience it was a DDDefinite Loser. I've had many better meals with The Colonel. Both the Chicken and the "Fresh" Biscuits were a DDDisappointment. My experience did not line up with their "story" of the experience that others have had there, they have a 4.4 Stars rating on Google.

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