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2824 E Indian Road Phoenix, AZ 85016
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We totally missed this one in 2023 but not because we thought it was low on the list but because we just couldn't eat so much anymore. There are so many TripleD restaurants to visit in AZ so it's on our list for next time for sure so when in Phoenix, the sun isn't the only thing that sizzles—so does the Italian fare at Giuseppe's! It's a place where every dish tells a story, and it's no surprise that Guy Fieri decided to roll up in his red Camaro to feature this local jewel on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." It's here that you'll find a piece of Italy nestled in the Valley of the Sun, a true mom-and-pop operation that has stolen the hearts of families and foodies alike.

Giuseppe's is where the magic happens in the kitchen and where every patron leaves with a full belly and a happy heart. The air buzzes with anticipation as plates piled high with pasta, and family recipes are passed from the bustling kitchen to eager tables. As Guy Fieri proclaimed, stepping into Giuseppe’s is like being transported to Flavortown International Airport, with a one-way ticket to Italy.

The moment you walk in, you're greeted with the warmth that only a family-run restaurant can offer. The smells of simmering marinara sauce, fresh basil, and hand-tossed dough are the first to welcome you into this Phoenix treasure. The laughter and chatter of content diners create a symphony that harmonizes with the clinking of wine glasses, as older men and women toast to good health and great food.

Giuseppe’s menu reads like an ode to Italian classics—each dish, from the robust lasagna to the delicate cannoli, is crafted with the pride and passion that can only come from a lineage of Italian cooks. And while the spotlight may have been cast by Guy Fieri and the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives crew, it's the local patrons and families who plan their trips around meals at Giuseppe’s that are the real stars of the show.

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Reviews (14)

  • Posted by Dusty Traveller July 2012

    This place was great to a point. Excellent food, and the owner was friendly enough. We traveled a long way to finally visit a Triple D location and the food didn't disappoint. But the server we had, definitely did. He (very obviously) didn't really care to listen to us, and sure enough got one order wrong. He really ruined the experience. I hope the owner reads these comments because eventually, this will affect his business. The other server seemed great, and I'm pretty sure the positive wait staff comments previously stated are about him, and not the guy we had.

  • Posted by Pciolino May 2012

    I travel extesively and I found this place on Diner's, Dive's & Drive In's. We showed up without a reservation and then owner seated us within 10 min's even though there were at least 15 people milling around. BTW the owner was gracious and charming even for a New Yorker. Let me say this about the food. It was oringinal, fresh and excellent. If I lived here I would try and eat here once a week.The portions were perfect. It was seasoned perfectly. It's a nice menu without too much fanfare. I cannot say enough good things about this place. If we had payed double what they charge it would have been well worth it. Don't miss this joint. It's the bomb.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    The food was actually really really good, it was just too bad that the owner was so rude and they forgot the basics and didn't provide fresh parm or fresh cracked pepper.

  • Posted by Liz McCartney March 2012

    forgot to rate this place, five stars! Whoever posted that the staff wasn't nice must be crazy, the owner even came out ot talk to us and he was great. Our waiter, Patrick, a sweetie with a passion for the food!

  • Posted by Liz McCartney March 2012

    Amazing, the best Italian food I've had in twenty years!  Including New York! I didn't have the bolganese but now I wish I had!  Next time!'s incredible!

  • Posted by Robert Hunter February 2012

    I went to this place for dinner and it was awesome!! great food, great people. I had what Guy had and it was delicious!!

  • Posted by scott p (kansas) January 2012

    food was amazing the pasta is so fresh. will definitely go back whenever get back to the area

  • Posted by absbrooks November 2011

    Unbelievable!  I can't say enough about this place.  Owner and wait staff were terrific.  Food was so fabulous we went back a second time during our short week's vacation in Phoenix.  Only regret was that we didn't have time to visit a 3rd time.  If you're lucky enough to have it on the menu when you go, th butternut squash tortellini was decadent - could have been a dessert.  Had six meals between the 3 of us and every one was superb.  Can't wait to go back to Phoenix....Tip: get there early!

  • Posted by JD February 2011

    As Italians, we rarely eat Italian food out...Giuseppe's was of the best meals we've ever eaten out. The wait staff and the owner, Rich, were so wonderful. Next time in Phoenix, we'll dine there again.

  • Posted by Cathy and Matthew November 2010

    All of our food was great.  The owner was a kick.  We loved it.  We are heading back soon.

  • Posted by Lin July 2010

    I have been here several times. Have not had the problems with the staff that others have had. Has been excellent everytime I was there

  • Posted by Fuy Gieri January 2010

    This place sucked!  Food was average but nothing special.  The owner and staff are not very pleasant and kinda ruined the experience.  I wouldn't recommend visiting this place.

  • Posted by El Franko January 2010

    This place was terrific. It is close to the Biltmore area, in the back of a strip center on Indian School Road. We had the ragout, tortellini, meatball sandwich, flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. We were eating off of each others' plates, fawning over the food.  Very attentive service, big steaming pot of red sauce on the stove, fresh ingredients, delicate hand made pasta. BYOB, great little place, old school Italian. Run, don't walk, to this place. Disregard the other reviews, this is the real deal. 

  • Posted by DD&Dive's Fan June 2009

    I was underwhelmed by the food, and the owener and his staff were not very nice.  This is not a place I would go back to. 

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