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We offer a fast-casual dining experience with a customizable menu. We strive to highlight the benefits of our plant-based Earth menu selections, which are healthy, sustainable, and compassionate. We are inclusive of everyone’s dietary choices, but aim to introduce omnivores to the benefits of plant-based eating by showing them how delicious it can be.


Guy Fieri Eats (2)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • - Grandma's Boy: fried oyster mushroom, red cabbage, pickles, vegan pepper jack, chipotle mayo + horseradish sauce - "Turkey" Club. Multigrain Bread, House Made Vegan Turkey, vegan bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and mayo.
  • shout outs are black bean burger, bbq ranch turkey burger

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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