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Daybird Los Angeles

240 N Virgil Ave Suite 5, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA
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Los Angeles is home to an incredible food scene with new restaurants popping up constantly. One spot that has been garnering attention is Daybird, which was recently featured on the popular show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. This innovative restaurant located in the Arts District aims to "reimagine what a diner can be" by offering playful twists on classic diner fare.

Stepping into Daybird, you immediately notice the retro-modern aesthetic. The dining room is filled with polished steel, neon lighting, and pops of color. Even the uniforms worn by the staff add to the funky diner vibe. According to owner Grant Smillie, the inspiration for the restaurant came from diners, drive-ins, burger joints, and sandwich shops of the 1950s.

The menu at Daybird certainly puts a creative spin on diner classics. Dishes like the baked potato pancakes with crème fraîche and caviar and the duck Reuben with house-made pastrami show how they are elevating comfort food using high quality ingredients. Fieri especially loved the pressed duck leg mortadella sandwich with arugula, pickled shallots, and Sichuan peppercorns. The mortadella which takes three days to make in-house was boldly flavored and paired nicely with the peppery arugula.

One of the standout dishes at Daybird is the baked eggs dish called "Egg in a Hole." A hollowed-out brioche loaf is filled with a ragu of braised short rib and sunny-side up egg creating a rich, savory bread bowl. It's a fun play on eggs and toast. For dessert, the malted chocolate chip ice cream sandwich with marshmallow creme puts a spin on the ice cream sandwich by frying the cookies until crisp.

Daybird is breathing new life into diner food and creating dishes you won't find anywhere else. The restaurant has already developed a loyal following of customers since opening last year. Next time you find yourself craving diner food in LA, skip the traditional greasy spoon and head to Daybird for an elevated yet playful experience. It's no surprise Fieri added this spot to his list of go-to LA restaurants.

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