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Ingrid's Kitchen in Oklahoma City, OK
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Ingrid's Kitchen

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3701 N Youngs Blvd  Oklahoma CityOK  73112

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Ingrid's kitchen from 契爺契媽!

Ingrid's Kitchen in Oklahoma City, OK 
Ingrid was so excited about her big birthday gift!  [...]

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ingrids kitchen.wmv

Ingrid's Kitchen in Oklahoma City, OK 
Kitchen Remodel.  [...]

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Discover Oklahoma - Ingrid's Kitchen

Ingrid's Kitchen in Oklahoma City, OK 
Ingrid's Kitchen has been an Oklahoma City fixture for more than three decades... and it takes only one visit to figure out why...  [...]

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Diners, Drive-ins and Dives - Guy LOVES Rye!

Ingrid's Kitchen in Oklahoma City, OK 
How adorable is the old metal filing cabinet? How adorable is the baker? Plenty. Thanks Scripps & Page Productions for the joy that is accidentally vegan foo...  [...]

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  1. Gravatar image
    [email protected]
    5/10/2015 11:26:12 AM
    Mothers' Day Brunch is only available with reservations. I made reservations over a week in advance for four and guaranteed it with a credit card. When we arrived, we were informed they had no reservation for us. They asked us to stand off to the side, like kid sin timeout. They continued to seat people and no one spoke to us. I finally told the manager to seat us or we were leaving and that I had better not see a charge on my credit card if they do not seat us. He looked at, then looked away and spoke to the next person in line. We left. We will never go back. Mothers' Day brunch for my wife and adult daughters ruined due to their incompetence.
  2. anonymous
    11/29/2012 4:38:29 PM
    We had breakfast there this morning. Little pricey but good. No table service. Clean place with yummy bakery. 4th DDD. Thank you Guy!
  3. anonymous
    5/26/2012 10:04:28 PM
    This is a Great place to eat! Meal was wonderful, cake and cookies were a yummy suprise!! Will eat here again!!
  4. anonymous
    3/23/2012 4:57:49 PM
    The food was tasty however a tad bit expensive & the service below par. We ordered: The Braut plate, Reuben, Weinershnitzel sandwich. All were delicious especially the sauerkraut & cabbage. However the sandwiches were skimpy for the price. Also the gentleman taking the orders did little to hide his unhappy disposition at the lunch crowd. The overall experience left a lot to be desired.
  5. anonymous
    10/15/2011 10:54:37 AM
    This was my 2nd DDD stop from Birmingham to Los Angeles. It brought back memories of being in Germany. I had the Weiner Schnitzel and it was very good. I loved the sauerkraut, red cabbage, and potatoes. The slices of fresh home made bread were delish. I had the opportunity to speak with Maggie and she was so sweet and told me stories of other DDD followers that she keeps in touch with. So cool. Oh and before I left I had to get a few baked goods. To die for! Recommend others check it out.
  6. anonymous
    6/20/2011 2:22:56 PM
    This is our 2nd diner-di-dive stop on our way from Ponte Vedra, FL to Grand Canyon :) We loved this Deli...the kids meals include refillable drinks, chips, and cookie of choice!! Dad had a turkey and smoked Gouda, Sheldon won with his juicy Philly cheesesteak, and my Cobb salad with the raspberry vinegarette was delish!!!
  7. anonymous
    11/10/2010 8:34:18 PM
    We drove 280 miles for lunch at this place. We weren't dissapointed! Great sandwiches. Great desserts, just pick one. There's a little band on certain days, neat. We've been back several times, it's great.
  8. anonymous
    8/9/2010 3:52:27 PM
    Delicious!!!! I ordered the pastrami sandwich and my husband ordered the reuben. We also had to order the snickerdoodle cookies. The house smelt amazing and the restrooms were authentically german. Very nice staff and a very cool feel. 5 stars!
  9. anonymous
    7/10/2010 5:02:59 PM
    It's okc on Friday morning we are all at work by 8. Should have been by at 6:30
  10. anonymous
    2/2/2010 12:28:00 PM
    What an awesome restraunt to watch on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. My husband thinks we need to take a road trip fron upstate New York to Oklahoma City. And of course it is owned by my brother so we think its the most wonderful place. It all looked terrific
  11. anonymous
    11/27/2009 9:10:02 PM
    My wife and I stopped in for breakfast the day before Thanksgiving.  Really enjoyed the Farmer's Breakfast and the staff was exceedingly friendly.  They were preparing for their Thanksgiving Dinner and were pretty busy for a Wednesday mid-morning.  I even saw an employee carrying out three pies for a customer.  We decided to get a Pumpkin Pie for our dinner and it was among the best I have eaten.  If we are out that way again, we will definitely stop. 
  12. anonymous
    9/16/2009 10:49:58 AM
    We have been going to places where Guy has been all summer.  This is one of the top 5.  It is fantastic and the employees were among the friendliest we have ever had.  I had the schnitzel and my husband had Comb sandwich (German Bologna & salami).  Unbelievablely good......And the cakes were to die for.  A must to go to.......
  13. anonymous
    9/8/2009 1:07:18 PM
    Went by for breakfast at 8:30am this past Friday. Sign said open but looked closed. A motercycle out front was the only vehicle. We kept going.
  14. anonymous
    8/19/2009 5:24:35 PM
    Oh, my head is so hurting and now I am eating more pudding.  France doesn't know what hits it whiles Ingrid panzer-slaps baguette-loving fruitcake girlman in the lipstick mouth with her sausage-cannon.  Yah!  Load it up with saurkraut and FIRE!! FIRE AWAY der Gefreiter!!  Mein privates werden wie einen Flammenwerfer!  Put it out!  Put it out!

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