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Kenny and Ziggy's Deli

1743 Post Oak Blvd Houston, TX 77056
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Houston's home for sky-scraping sandwiches, traditional Jewish food and all things deli from the Deli Man himself, Ziggy Gruber! Dine-in, curbside pick-up or delivery.

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Guy Fieri Eats (3)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • Matza Ball Soup
  • Pastrami Sandwich
  • Rueben Sandwich

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (10)

  • Posted by April 2022

    it's a Jewish Delicatessen

  • Posted by Gene Kurtz August 2012

    The food was delicious but the service was absolutely HORRIBLE! When we arrived we stood at the hostess podium for 10 minutes while the hostess, 4 servers and 2 bus persons stood 20 ft away chit chatting about their evening. No one said ANYTHING to us for this 10 minutes. It was like they were saying "we will get to you when we feel like it". Once we were finally seated our waitress was horrible and was not properly servicing our needs...instead choosing social time again. When I posted on their Facebook page about this experience all they could say was "sorry...we will look into it" and then removed the post from their Facebook page. I will never return. I can go to Katz's!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    Good food, great atmosphere, high prices. Equals a three star. I'll go back only if I'm in the area, no special trips being planned.

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    You are comparing it to the Carnegie Deli in NYC?  You are crazy!  And the prices in NY are so much higher for everything (rent, meats, produce, etc) so only being 25% less than one of the best in the country when they are in such a low cost area of the country is absurd. I will stick with Katz's near Montrose...

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

       I'm from NY and now live in Houston, I went to this place with great expectations because I am used to great diners and delis and have missed them here in Texas. Well, I was disappointed. I tried the stuffed cabbage and it was not very good. The sauce was bland (like tomato sauce out of the can), the stuffing was not authentic (my mom used to make this dish, so I have a good idea) and the cabbage was overcooked. From what I've seen of the cold cuts, they are not top shelf brands so they are overpriced for what you are getting. The worst part is the bread.....not even a Good Jewish Rye...OY!

  • Posted by just an average Jo! November 2011

    Okay I came, I saw, and got sticker shocked................It's a decent sandwich, but I could have saved the drive  from Katy to the Galleria and just went to Jason's Deli. which is just as good and a third of the price!  I'm not cheap but $54 for 2 sandwhiches,2 drinks and a peice of cheesecake is enough to make me lose my appetite,oh not including tip!  And if you are going to make a sandwich that big Please but it on a large enough plate! ;)

  • Posted by Jon Battle April 2011

    Great Jewish Deli food. I read about this place in the book "Save the Deli"...drove to Houston to try it. Food NOT overpriced as some have said - the pastrami sandwich is 25% less than same sandwich at Carnegie Deli in NYC. The rarity of good deli (especially in TX)  makes this place a "find" and a joy at any price

  • Posted by Kahlolily June 2010

    The diner was clean, interesting NY decor however the food was overpriced.  We tried of variety of foods to give a fair rating but I have to say that I have had better sandwiches and desserts elsewhere.  Service was o.k. the waiter was a little condescending when we ordered since we were ordering all kinds of different foods.  He thought we didn't know what we were doing.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2010

    Waay overpriced.  Food just OK, not outstanding

  • Posted by snowflake January 2010

    Biggest sandwich ever.  Cheesecake was enough for three! Best bread in Houston!  Service a tad slow whe we went. Not a busy day either.  Definetly worth it.  

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