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Benny's Seafood CLOSED

2500 SW 107th Avenue South Miami, FL 33165
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  • Posted by December 2017

    Could not find this place not sure if closed need to update site

  • Posted by Sat Night Foodies May 2012

    We love this place and have eaten here twice.  Check out our blog post at: 

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    Soooo wrong!!! You have 0% taste buds!!! I don't want to eat what YOU consider to be tasteful. This was an awesome restaurant and "el mofongo" was flavorful. It mist be dull having your taste buds!!

  • Posted by JDS April 2012

    True taste of home...the mofongo is hands down THE BEST I've ever eaten. Puerto Rican food is a rare find in's surrounded by all the 1000+ Cuban restaurants :) which are super yummy too. Love this place!

  • Posted by Vacation in Florida January 2012

    Well I have to say I agree with the folks from Vermont and guest.  If you like dry tasteless food that is expensive then this is the place.  There were three of us who went here just for the mofongo and it was not good.  BellaLee I understand what you are saying about the broth but the whole dish was not to our liking, it seemed to be very overcooked.  We also had the pork and tried dipping in the broth but it did not help.  Very disappointed and will not go back. 

  • Posted by BellaLee June 2011

    Was there in April and wanted to say that the mofongo was DE-licious.  My family is originally from Puerto Rico but growing up in Michigna doesn't leave us with many options for cooking mofongo at home (good plaintains are hard to come by as is the tocino).  So when I saw the feature on Triple D, I knew that if I ever was in the area I was going to beeline it.  I agree with jsillart that people may have found it dry because they weren't eating it right.  The broth is provided to dip the mofongo.  I ordered it with the pork and it was insane.  I was rocking back and forth in my chair it was so good.  As for the portion size...I got the smaller one and it was too much for me to finish.   That being said I was not as thrilled with the alcapurias or the arroz con gandules...but that might be because I can get those at home and my mom is an excellent cook.  Either way, my expectations were exceeded and I would go again for the mofongo.

  • Posted by April 2011

    Guest should stick to 7-11 or Taco Bell.  Its obvious he has no idea what he is eating or how to eat it. The folks from Vermont. Mofongo is usually dried and the sauce on the side is for making the mofongo more moist to your liking. I have been eating mofongo for over 40 years and can honestly say that this is the real deal.  They have been in business a long time and the place was super busy and I am sure they were not Triple D fans but locals. We have been there twice and will definitely go back again.

  • Posted by Dan and family from Vermont April 2011

    My wife and I ate here while on vacation and were not impressed.  The mofongo was VERY dry and tasteless, and beyond that VERY expensive for what you get.  The server was great so they get a 2.  The food a 1.  We will not go there again.  

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2010

    funny you say that, its like when he went to Tap Tap in Miami Beach. notice there were like 2 Haitians and the rest were white people? Not being racist but as a Haitian myself I've been to many of our restaurants (MOST OF THEM IN LITTLE HAITI, might I add) and they are always jam-packed. 1st off Tap Tap will run you off at least 15bucks where real haitian restaurants are like 5-7 (unless you're being extravagant with it) and it's so much that you gotta stop eating for a while and come back to the plate. 2ndly b/c although Tap Tap tastes good, the REAL haitian places taste out of this world. maybe Guy does go to dying places if paid enough.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2010

    guy fietti can choke on their dry tasteless bland expensive mofongo. dont go here.  I think they pay him to drum up buisness. no way he liked it as much as he claimed, or at all. this show is fake. possibly he finds resturants that are going out of buisness. buy a stake in them then puts them on his show to make money??? why else would this place be on the show. they have better food at 7-11. just grab a taquito and save $54. or maybe taco bell.

  • Posted by JB February 2010

    My husband and i went here last year sometime shortly after the showed aired and I wasnt impressed.

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