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Nic's Grill

1201 N Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73107
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  • Posted by May 2021

    Stopped in 5/27. The burger was amazing, a little over cooked, I asked for rare and it was MR, no big deal. A line formed behind me to get in, only seats 18-20 max. Well worth the wait. They understand how to move traffic, they had the grill full before they opened the doors so when you ordered they quickly put the burger and fries in front of you. HIGHLY recommend Nic's. I was in line with and sat next to a gentleman who was on the show that originally aired, how ironic. He said he eats there 3 times a week. If it is all about the burger to you, this place is worth the stop.

  • Posted by crzynett04 July 2014

    I absolutely love nic's ! Its the BEST Burger I've ever had! Been there several times! I make trips to okc from Tulsa just for Nic's all the time!

  • Posted by December 2013

    Worth the wait best best burger ever Drove 200 miles to eat and it was great! Can't wait to eat it again

  • Posted by MarkT August 2013

    Drove from Ontario to see family in OKC. Went in and had the best burger EVER. Thinking of driving back just for the burger.

  • Posted by Hip July 2012

    Classic triple D joint! Great friendly service. They make you feel like a local. Chs Burger was awesome. Get a spot at the counter if you can find a seat (only has 9 seats at the counter). A MUST when in OK.

  • Posted by Shannon July 2012

    One of the best burgers I've ever eaten! The service is great and very friendly. It's an extremely small space though, and watch out bc it's only open on weekdays, and they lock the doors at 2. Definitely stop by if you're in the Oklahoma city area!

  • Posted by Todd Kennedy July 2012

    Me and my kids went there for lunch the other day, no doubt that's the BEST Burger I've ever had!!! We'll be going back soon.

  • Posted by Pattystewart June 2012

    We had breakfast and what can I say but absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! If you are ever in Oklahoma City and not eat at Nic's, you missed a treat....

  • Posted by CC May 2012

    What episode was nic's on? Anybody?

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    Never seen so many people eating cheeseburgers at 10:30am!  We got there early to beat the crowd, only had to wait a few minutes for a seat.  If it's not the best burger you've ever had, it has to be darn close.  Cheeseburger, fries and drink for $8...and you won't be hungry again for hours and hours. 

  • Posted by Mary jackson December 2011

    Best burger I have ever put my mouth on!!!! All the way from East Texas and well worth the drive! I can't say enough good things about the food or the friendly service.

  • Posted by Chris March 2011

    They are only open Monday - Friday from 7am - 2pm

  • Posted by Lin Buford February 2011

    This is the best hamburger EVER!  And Nic is genuinly nice.  He greets everyone that walks in the door.  The hamburger is so big I couldn't hold it with both hands.  Wish he lived in Grand Junction.

  • Posted by Sam January 2011

    That is funny... the map is of Kansas... regardless what it says when you click the red ! dot. It's a rural location in Kansas near Missouri and Arkansas.

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2010

    Closed on Mondays... I drove from Dallas....

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2010

    He serves breakfast too. Large portions, great price, taste fantastic!

  • Posted by terry February 2010

    Nic does burgers right, fantastic burgers, fries, fried yardbird, chops. It's all good. The wait is the only downside.

  • Posted by Jason January 2010

    You have to wait but it is worth it. Big Burger done right!!!!!

  • Posted by T-Bone December 2009

    Best burgers ever!!!  On the downside, the crowd and wait sucks.

  • Posted by cyd shaw November 2009

    I have never really been a burger lover but this one I drive from fort worth to eat.  I can't find another hamburger that compares!  Our mouth starts to water two days before we get here!

  • Posted by cool cat November 2009

    This place is GREAT! Vary small place but good service and delicious food! Wish they would open later than their normal hours.

  • Posted by Stoney October 2009

    AWESOME burger

  • Posted by Nancy in OKC October 2009

    Just FYI...this map on this page is NOT in Oklahoma City. 

  • Posted by Mr. Dynamo August 2009

    Nic's makes me want to throw my slaw at you.  My friend, Jarbi McTaco and I love to be eating the ground meat hamwich is for lunch where is the beef?!  Haha!  Toon in to the next show whens Guy and Jarbi arguments having said face to face where they go last yesterday on the greatest road to hell.  Pajama me banjo and tie me kangaroo down!  Haha!

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