PizzalChik in Garden City, ID
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Guy Ate Here - PizzalChik

Guy Ate Here - PizzalChik  [...]

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Wild Forest Mist Pie - PizzalChik

The two jalapenos mark the difference between the spicy Elk and regular Elk.  [...]

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The House Salad- PizzalChik

Cant even explain this salad, they said it had multiple micro=salads on a bed of greens. It was insane looking but had some great flavors!  [...]

2 yrs ago by djscrazy8s 0 comments 611 views

Guy Ate Here at PizzalChik

Guy Ate Here at PizzalChik  [...]

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7330 W State St  Garden CityID  83714

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  1. Anonymous
    Saturday, July 11, 2009
    We had a family birthday party here and it was fantastic.  We happened to be at Pizzalchiks on a Wednesday, when they have Wandering Wednesday.  Every 10 minutes or so a new slice of pizza arrives, over and over again until you are stuffed.  I thought it was very creative.  Salmon and lemon pizza, basil and feta cheese, elk sausage and mushrooms, black eyed peas, the most unusual pizzas you've ever experienced.  The smoked salmon salad was great, andspeaking of salads, they are also very creative.  Many different salads all on one plate.  The side of chicken looked delicious.  This is a very fun, unusual place.  Made our birthday party a lot of fun.
  2. Anonymous
    Saturday, July 11, 2009
    We made a weekend trip to Boise to visit our Son and had to check out PizzalChik after seeing it on Dinners, Dive-Ins and Dives. Friday night was pretty busy but the crew did a great job answering questions and getting our order handled. They are a super friendly group that do a great job of making everyone feel welcome. We had the Mediterranian Madness & Wild Forest Mist pizzas with a 1/4 original chicken. Every bit of it was awesome. We'll be back again.



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