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Q Restaurant CLOSED

225 Clement Street San Francisco, CA 94118
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Reviews (10)

  • Posted by ddogddog August 2014

    Web site said it closed on June 29, 2014.

  • Posted by May 2014

    We were very disappointed in this place. It was practically empty when we stopped in for lunch one day, but for some reason the service and food were VERY slow. When the food finally arrived at the table, it was just okay. I thought it was way overpriced for such poor quality and quantity. I ordered the mac & cheese tater tots. It was so small--like a side dish. I left hungry. We will not eat here again.

  • Posted by January 2014

    I enjoyed Q in November 2012. The place was cute and clean. I had the duck confit and it was amazing! Unlike my dinner, my companion had the mac and tater tots and was very disappointed. While I enjoyed every bite she was unable to get past the soggy noodles, runny sauce, and texture of granulated/powdered cheese. I also had the brussel sprout appetizer. This dish was very good, however overly salty. Definitely worth trying but avoid the mac and tots.

  • Posted by Lisa August 2011

    LOVED the duck - it was absolutely divine!  Everything we had was excellent (esp. the fish tacos as an appetizer.)  Favorite DDD place - will definitely go back!

  • Posted by herzc July 2011

    Oh and i forgot to say that that the Duck was to sweet it should be sweet but not this sweet and Palenta eas not at all fresh like in the Video it was a Square that was previously cooked and then reheated by the Mexi "CHEF" again nothing against his race but homeboy was a Paisa from Home Depot no skills he might be great at something else but cooking is not his thing (Latinos know what i mean) very nasty looking in the middle not pink like it was in the Video there was absolutely no flavor to Pulled Pork...and just to say this I live in LA and i know Show Biz and my dear friend this DDD bull is all that its just some show wanting to get you to watch it probably the first few restaurants on DDD where real deal after that GUY just needs to keep getting paid since his Knives are not selling that fellow DDD lovers i am so disappointed in this Restaurant that notonly did i knead to write this review but i cant watch DDD any more how disgusted i am. 

  • Posted by herzc July 2011

    This place sucks big time...first of all this chef that is in the Video is the owner who is never there and when he is he is not cooking, nothing against Latinos but he has 3 latinos that don't speak english cooking a French dish for 20 Dollars a plate how about that for a Diner, yeah thats what i said then if you happen to show up at lunch time for a specialty of the house that was on DDD and you happen to be from New York or Sydney Australia they don't care they will turn you around and tell you to Ef off....who you say....since the owner is to cool to be there...besides why be there..he all ready paid of Guy Fiery to say how great his place is so you the sucker can spend you 50 $ there instead of getting a better meal at the KFC for 5 $ oh yeah i went there at this place is that BAD....waiters are the ones who tell you to Eff off until dinner when their Chef will warm up the duck no sooner then 5pm if you are lucky until then you can stand on your head as far as they are concerned they are not warming it up before...oh and did i mention the pulled Pork...disgusting to say the least i had better Mexican food from a Mexican selling food at the was cold and taste less also let me get back to the prize Waiters they are tatted up "COOL" people and you are a looser who they happen to have to efin serve ahh the Humanity ....if only everyone can be as cool and pierced up and tatted-up like they are whorl would be so much greater and better and free....Man i like all people Hippies, Republicans Democrats i don't care but don't be selling me some fake shit and dragging my ass to your sucky restaurant to waste my money on bad food and then you as a waiter is pretending to be so special and cool but you are insisting that i come back in 4 hours when your Mexican Chef can heat up a Duck...whats even sadder is that Mexican Chef fudged up Mexican Food as well....Go here if you want BAD FOOD with a side of BAD SERVICE...To The owner ANDREW i hope you go Bankrupt you faker. you should be ashamed of your self advertising food and giving people crap

  • Posted by Aline Farmer August 2010

    We went to Q Restaurant for lunch today . . . and we loved it.  I did have the pulled pork sandwich and it was well seasoned, abit messy (shouldn't it be?!) and well worth the trip.  My friends both had the salmon burger and raved about it.  We had a great waiter and the ambiance of the place was definitely funky San Francisco.  If we lived locally, we'd go back. 

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2010

    Great service! But, at last, the food was horrible. I had the macaroni and tater tots plate... the mac tasted like regurgitated pasta. My friend had the salmon burger, which I tried, it was mediocre. My roommate had the meatloaf plate... the loaf was too dry and it had the heavy taste of being seared too much. I also felt like the restaurant was meant to cater to the college crowd in the area. I guess for those who haven't yet developed a rounded palate. Prices too high for comfort food!

  • Posted by Ron May 2010

    This place was all you would expect watching DDD. Only disappointment was we came for lunch and the Duck Confit is only on the dinner menu.... OH, DARN, we were STUCK with the RIBS!!! OH, MY!!!!

  • Posted by Kate Sondgerath November 2009

    Every time I visit SF, I eat at this restaurant. I love the fact it is unpretentious and locally owned, it is a scrumptious atmosphere for delicious food. Highly recommend.

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