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The Red Lion Pub

2316 S Shepherd Drive Houston, TX 77019
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Reviews (13)

  • Posted by December 2019

    Amazing food. Best indian i have ever had.

  • Posted by July 2014

    Waitress was gorgeous. I got the quesadillas and they literally were the best I've ever had. Not really Mexican style, it was on a crusty bread pita type thing and the chicken was spiced with curry and other seasonings, fresh grated parm on top with fresh herbs. Huge portion. Loved it will go back for sure

  • Posted by Daniel baublis May 2012

    Not seeing the draw. Waittress was pleasant but somewhat disinterested. Fish and chips, a standard pub evaluation dish for me, was as described below, leaden, soggy, oily, and underseasoned. A side salad was fresh but the ranch dressing was bland. A triple D disappointment.

  • Posted by Oh Yeah April 2012

    This place is awesome yall ;)

  • Posted by Guest March 2012

    Its below Average for sure. There's much better places to eat n Houston

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    Great food every time I go!

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2011

    Food was amzing- chicken tikka masala and naan bread quesadillas flavorful!

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2011

    friendly service and good selection of wines, but the food was a DISSAPOINTMENT.... NOT BRITISH AT ALL!!!!!

  • Posted by Tex February 2011

    The shepherds pie was terrible - too much rosemary, the ground lamb was fishy (spolied?) and the mashed potato topping was too mushy! It did remind me of British pub grub - bad! But the Porter was good.

  • Posted by Kyle February 2011

    Had the spiciest curry they had on curry night.  Decent heat, but not a ton of flavour.  Very friendly staff, would go again to try a different dish.

  • Posted by Dean June 2010

    The food was ok. Service was friendly.

  • Posted by wanda May 2010

    was not impressed, food was greasy and over priced

  • Posted by katy April 2010

    Definitely a disappointment.  The coating on the fish was not at all crisp and it was dripping with grease.  They placed the fish on top of the french fries making the fries soggy and cold. We went way out of our way to find this place. Don't waste your time.

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