Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant in Lynnwood, WA
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Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant

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Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant

Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant  [...]

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Bobby's Hawaiian

Sampler with the Spam Sushi Roll next to it.  [...]

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Bobby's Hawaiian

Shuttered up old location.  [...]

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14626 Hwy 99  LynnwoodWA  98087

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    [email protected]
    Monday, December 22, 2008
    Just a heads up, they moved. We went to old location thinking they closed down. No sign on door saying to go to new place either, just the shuttered building. Thank goodness for smartphones though as this place is not to be missed. Looked it up and found new location. Too bad took us about 20 min. backwards from our overall destination for day and then put us smack into rush hour when leaving. But food was really good. My first Hawaiian food experience.



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