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Sonny's Famous Steak Hoagies

1857 NW 66TH Ave Hollywood, FL 33024
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Reviews (24)

  • Posted by December 2017

    Was great food super small dining area only accept cash. Kids loved the steak and cheese was dripping into baskets. ham and cheese was good to. Bread was soft had great texture for the filling of sandwich also held together from a dripping hogie sauce was ok glad was on side kind of plain

  • Posted by nick July 2014

    Whenever my flight touches down in MIA or FLL Sonnys is my first stop! Make sure you bring cash! No credit cards allowed!!!

  • Posted by DDDfanatis October 2012

    What a great place to visit! I got the steak hoagie with onions, mushrooms and provalone. The cherry peppers were great with the sandwich. My husband got the steak hoagie with sauce and onions with mozzerella. He love it as well. Was super fun talking to the waitress who told us all about Guy being there. Loved the food and the total experience!

  • Posted by EVAN R September 2012


  • Posted by Mike July 2012

    Overall ok had better but worth the try. Would go back if in the area

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2012

    great Hoagies I had 2!

  • Posted by Guest March 2012

    Best steak hoagies people were great. Highly recommend it !!

  • Posted by seeoh January 2012

    Drove here twice from sw fl worth the trip 2 1/2 hrs great steaks and nice people

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    I went to this place twice in just three days they have the best steak hoagies! Go try it

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    Awesome steak hogies!! 

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2011

    John's home made rolls are off the hook!  He's a nice guy too!

  • Posted by Jim Metts August 2011

    Best steak sandwich in the World!

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    Average.  Had the steak hoagie with provolone and mushrooms.  Bread was pretty good, steak was ok, dripping with butter, but the mushrooms were fresh out of a CAN.  C'mon.  No fries? C'mon.  I did like the cherry peppers, though.    

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2011

    Huge disappointment.  Tried the steak hoagie and the meatball.  Steak was dry and tasteless.  Meatball was OK but sauce was right out of the can.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    I love everything about this place.It has the freshest food

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    Awesome - go for the steak sandwich. The hot cherry peppers add a great flavour to the sandwich.

  • Posted by Jimmy B July 2010

    Best Cheese steak and ravoli & meatballs you'll ever put in your mouth !!!

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2010

    This place was yummy!  As  I was waiting for my hoagie....I was thinking that this is a place for Triple D.  How ironic that Guy was there.   This is a little hole in the wall with fantastic food.

  • Posted by --Lisa May 2010

    We love this place!  Simple food, done extremely well.  No fries, as someone mentioned, but wonderful garlic rolls!

  • Posted by Steve April 2010

    great steak ive ever had and the sauce was a nice bonus but i have to agree they are lacking on the side items.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2010

    Nothing great, meatballs were pretty good with their homemade sauce. Dining room was not so clean, place empty. They have sandwiches and steaks but no fries. What's up with that.  Wouldn't go out of my way to go there again.  Disappointed..

  • Posted by David & Miriam Talley March 2010

    Dropped in while waiting to go on our Dave Koz Smooth Jazz Cruise, January 2010.  Guy was right on.  This Philly Steak Hoagie was as good or better than in Philly.  We both enjoyed  the food and the service.  Highly recommend this "Dive".

  • Posted by jenn s December 2009

    excellent hoagies! the best!

  • Posted by JOHN G September 2009


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