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Prince Lebanese Grill in Arlington, TX
9 yrs ago 15 Comments

Prince Lebanese Grill

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502 W Randol Mill Road  ArlingtonTX 

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Prince Lebanese Grill in Arlington, TX 
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Prince Lebanese Grill in Arlington, TX 
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  1. anonymous
    1/24/2013 12:54:50 AM
    Used to eat eat here all the time but I live in Dallas now, boo! Drove the 40 minutes for Chicken Shawarma yesterday and I'm so glad I did. Freakin delicious. And oh my, the hummus is dreamy. We always get friendly attentive service and the prices are so reasonable. Prince, I miss you so!
  2. anonymous
    6/3/2012 10:22:37 PM
    this place is filled with friendly people and even better food! the gyro plate is absolutely delicious and the owner Francis is the sweetest man in the world! you will defintely become a repeat customer I promise :]
  3. anonymous
    5/20/2012 12:30:52 AM
    The food is fair to mediocre for something featured on D,D&D. The picture of Guy on the wall is semi frightening. The BYOB is a pain and the "wine glasses" we were brought were knock off paper Dixie cups.  If Dee-andra is your server you might as well get up and leave. We spent more time watching her talk to the kitchen staff and a table of guys then having her once check our meals or ask how we were doing. If the service wasn't so poor we'd probably go back since my bf and I go to UTA and live right there, but I wouldn't take a chance until i found out this crummy server was gone. She ruined our meal and irritated my bf and I.
  4. anonymous
    4/27/2012 8:28:35 AM
    The best!! The food is excellent!! The chicken Schwarma is out of site! Francis and his staff are really good. Fast service. You won't be disappointed.
  5. anonymous
    1/7/2012 11:31:27 AM
    Best place ever. Food is awesome...everything on the menu. People are great...they support our troops. I visit every time I'm in Arlington.
  6. anonymous
    9/30/2011 2:16:42 PM
    My favorite place.
  7. anonymous
    9/30/2011 2:15:51 PM
    Wonderful. I have taken a bunch of my frends there and will continue. :)
  8. anonymous
    9/19/2011 9:41:09 PM
    I crave this place so so much. it NEVER gets old! So much food, all delicious and absolutely perfect every single time. I've never been disappointed.
  9. anonymous
    7/23/2011 6:23:15 PM
    YUM!!!  We live about 10 minutes from this restaurant and wouldn't have known about it without DDD.  We LOVE it!  No liquor license, so it's nice to bring your own bottle of wine.  :)   The prices are good and the portions are huge.  Definitely worth visiting.
  10. anonymous
    2/20/2011 12:01:59 AM
    Wow thanks for all the good feedback!!! Going to try it! I always read th comments than I go!! lol
  11. anonymous
    1/22/2011 1:07:31 AM
    WTG Guy!!  Another home run!!  This place was staffed with friendly helpful personnel and the food was absolutely outstanding and very affordable.  We can always count on you to point us in the right direction for an excellent meal while we are out and about!! 
  12. anonymous
    10/29/2010 9:57:10 AM
  13. anonymous
    11/3/2009 2:06:11 PM
    friendly family with good food!  The sample plate was a winner! Spent 18 years in the business both in the states & in Europe this is the real thing 
  14. anonymous
    9/7/2009 7:12:52 PM
    great great food.  step outside the box, the "burger and fries and chicken fried steak" gotta eat this food at least once a week if not twice.
  15. anonymous
    8/25/2009 11:30:28 AM
    I am so lucky to live about a mile away from this place. It's Awesome!

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