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Cempazuchi CLOSED

1205 E Brady Street Milwaukee, WI
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  • Posted by Big Tool September 2012

    This was one of the best restaurants we've tried of the DDD venues, But Cempazuchi isn't a diner, drive-in or a dive. In fact, it looks exactly like you expect a very good Mexican restaurant in a trendy, upper-scale urban neighborhood to look like, both inside and out.

    We got there on a weekday just as they opened for lunch, so there were no problems with a wait. I knew the main meal was going to be a treat as soon as I tried the peanut-cinnamon salsa that came with the chips (along with a more conventional red, garlicky-peppery salsa). The taste of the peanut was really unexpected, very much like pumpkin. For lunch I had suiza enchiladas with potato, mushroom, zucchini and a creamy poblano sauce and my wife had steak tacos. We thought everything tasted great and we both saw a lot of menu items that we'd like to try on repeat visits.

  • Posted by Mike July 2012

    Saw the restaurant on one of the Diner Drive in and Dive episodes and decided to stop in and try it today. The salsa and chips were good, but we were served a second serving, because our food was taking a long time. We waited an hour for our food. I had the Cuban sandwich, the meat was dry and bland. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant.

  • Posted by Mike July 2012

    Saw this restaurant highlighted on a DDD series and thought I would check it out today. The salsa and chips were good, but we were served a second helping because it was taking a really long time for our food. We waited an hour before we were served our food. I had the pulled cuban sandwich and the meat was dry and bland. I wouldn't recommend the restaurant.

  • Posted by TIMBO April 2011

    This is a nice place not really a DIner Drive in or Dive ... Just an excellent restaurant with good food

  • Posted by guest March 2011

    I was not impressed.  The service was good and the staff friendly, however, I did not find anything extraordinary in the food.  We had the steak burrito, duck fajita, and steak fajita.  The combination of the meat and beans made the dish dry, very small portions of the duck fajita.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011

    hands down the best mexican food in milwaukee...and we've tried them all!

  • Posted by Robb August 2010

    Driving back from Minn, I'm trying to hit as many Triple D restaurants as possible. I happened to stop at Cempazuchi on the day of the Brady Street Festival, and that was awesome!  As for the food, I had the Turkey Mole that was featured on the show and it was GREAT. I had a killer margarita to go along with it. 

  • Posted by Lucy March 2010

    I love their spicy corn soup (Sopa Milpada)- it is a seasonal winter soup.  It is best when you order the seafood ceviche and slowly add the cool citrusy seafood as you eat the hot and spicy soup!!!!!!!!!!  To die for!

  • Posted by Phil November 2009

    Cempazuchi (Cem-pa-zu-chi) is a great authentic mexican restaurant on Milwaukee's fashionable Brady St. Brady Street has dozens of bars and lots of great restaurants from Mexican to Greek and everything in between. I've had multiple items at Cempazuchi including the "Enchilada Oaxaquenas" which they showed on DDD (they didn't show him making it). That's one of my favorites.  Three tortillas stacked with filling & a mild red chile salsa, served with a side salad.  Your choice of  steak, chicken,  pork, or spicy chicken and pork. I get the cheese and onion as I'm a vegetarian. Another favorite is the Enchilada Suiza A veggie enchilada with spinach, potato, mushroom and zucchini.  Chile poblano cream sauce with cheese, crema, onion and cilantro. Cempazuchi has more than your average mexican restaurant's vegetarian options and you won't leave hungry! The portions are the right size, the chips and salsa are never ending and the salsas are homeade! And if you're a DDD fan from out of town, Comet Cafe, the other DDD from Milwaukee, is within walking distance and amazing as well!

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