Geraci's Restaurant in Cleveland, OH

Geraci's Restaurant

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2266 Warrensville Center Road Cleveland, OH


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    [email protected]
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Drove up to Cleveland today 12/7/2014 for lunch. Service was great, the waitress started everything was made from scratch which is why service can be slow. I thought the prices were reasonable. We started with the Calamari Fritti, it was a meal in itself very large portion; cooked perfectly. They even served the tentacles which is the best part. Tried a meatball in sauce and it was very good. I ordered the Original Geraci's Toasted Meat Ravioli and my wife had the Baked Lasagna. Both were great! Next time we'll try the pizza.
  2. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Was in the Cleveland area over the weekend and we just happened to see this episode run the night before. We drove 8 miles in a snow storm from downtown Cleveland to get there. Can't say I would do it again. Pizza was good, but not fantastic. Seating is very cramped. I felt like our waiter was falling short compared to others around us. Since we were so close we could hear how other tables were being taken care of. They were out of stuffed peppers on a Saturday night at dinner time. Should of just ordered pizza delivered to the hotel. And whoever the older woman is that was micro managing her staff should step back and let them do their jobs.
  3. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    THIS IS IMPORTANT: 1) The pepperoni is slightly crispy and charred around the upper edges. BEST peperoni you'll ever have anywhere, period. I'm actually having trouble typing thinking about it. So order at least a small pepperoni pizza with your dinner just for the flavor. 2) ORDER a side of MEAT SAUCE with your pizza and dip the crust in it - indescribably unbelievably delicious. 3) They serve HOT (delicious) italian bread (with a sprinkling of sesame on the crust) when you sit down - this is the cardinal rule to being the 'real deal'. 4) Their salad has grated (a pile) of mozzarella cheese on it. Who cares about the salad. Order Blue cheese crumbles on top of that and cover it all with French (or Thousand Island) dressing. 5) Sugar Balls (deep fried pizza dough covered in a sugary cinnamon). You'd never die of a heart attack eating these, because your body wouldn't let you...they're that good. 6) Delicious Coca-Cola refills in a big glass filled with ice....keep em' coming... 7) Veal Parmesian....get it with the meat sauce...half way a slice of peperoni pizza and a bite of italian sausage link (covered in sauce) - then resume Veal Parm. Conclusion: These are some fundamental secrets I'm revealing to you about Geraci's. There's much more...a p-l-e-t-h-o-r-a of satisfaction. To those of you who say Geraci's is just o.k...OMG you so missed those people who go to college and say it was boring. I love the people there....but quite honestly...if they were rude and spat in my food - I'd still eat it -'s that good.
  4. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Service was great!
    Food was decent. You get your money's worth.
    Pizza is filling. Their homeade sauce is good...Not great.
    I would eat there again.
    Sit in Carla's section.
  5. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Pizza is really really great. And the stuffed hot pepper appitizer
  6. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Ehhhh. It was ok but nothing spectacular. I was dissapointed since ddd recommended it, I would of thought it was going to be amazing. Server had a great personality but never checked on us other then delivering the food and drinks.
  7. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Was not impressed at all!  First the service was bad.  We had a couple of questions about the food and the waitess simply stated she didn't know.  Didn't even think about going to find out.  We had to ask for drink refills and bread during our meal. We sat near the front door so we noticed the hostess texting on her phone for minutes at a time instead of helping the waitresses.  When we were done eating, the waitress (which we didn't see that often) asked if there wss anything else we wanted while our empty plates sat in front of us.  The food wasn't much better.  None of our party of 5 liked the food, however we were able to eat it.  My toasted ravioli was hard and reminded me of something that you buy in the frozen food section of a grocery store.  A couple of us tried their famous meatballs and we both thought they were very bland and dry.  I was looking forward to some Tiramisu until I found out that it was deliever to the restarurant frozen and not made there.  Guy, you steered me wrong this time!  I can't believe you featured this place on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!  On second thought, I should have rated it one star instead of two.
  8. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    my family always orders from and eats here! i have a cousin that lives out of state and when he comes to town they make pizzas for him that he can freeze and he drives them home so him and his family can eat their favorite pizza all year long
  9. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Went there a few months ago and the pizza was good.  Nothing spectacular but good enough that I would eat there again.  However, the actual restaurant environment was unattractive.  We sat at a table near the back of the restaurant and there was this faint cat pee smell that really turned us off to the place.  Don't think I will go there again just because of that.  The place looked kind of dingy too and the service was not fast. 
  10. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Went to Geraci's this week after seeing them on food network---I had the chicken parm and my wife had the veal parm and both were outstanding......We also took home a pizza for the kids which was very good....The service was outstanding--our server Mike (Case Western) was on top of his game and very personable.....I will definitly return soon..
  11. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    I go to JCU, the university that is practically right across the street.  Geraci's is FABULOUS!  Not only is the pizza absolutely fantastic, but they give JCU students a discount on pizza with our IDs! The owners are really friendly, and while the service can be a bit slow, I find the delicious pepperoni to be completely worth it!
  12. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Went today the pizza was really good meatballs crazy good and people so nice great value great food great time. :)
  13. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Just had lunch at Geraci's today. It was worth the trip. I am an avid fan of DDD and always want to stop by places that are on the show when possible. I wonder if the people who wrote some of the previous comments went to the same place! The pies are very clearly priced. Yes there is a price for extra toppings but it's very clear it'll cost ya. We had great service (I am in the food service industry and I am picky about this). I would recommend a stop for those DDD fans out there. Enjoy!
  14. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    I'm laughing at this, I never saw this air on DDD.  I grew up around the corner from here and ate this swill on occasion.  Their veil parm is the only thing I might recommend, but the za is overpriced and underproduced.  Pizza is a very subjective taste, and nobody agrees on "the best", but I can assure you this isn't even the best pizza in a 5 block radius.  If you're Jewish and have no idea what good Italian food is like, then go for it (notice there are no identifiable Italians in there besides the owners).  Otherwise, I agree with the guy who said to stick with frozen pizza.
  15. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    We went to Geraci's on our way out East.  Of course we decided on this because of the Diners, Drive-in and Dive's recommendation.  The food was spectacular!  We loved it so much, we decided to stop again on our way back to Chicago.  Again, the food was absolutely delicious!  The owners were so friendly and the service was great too.   We met the owner and her son-in-law, can't remember their names.  They gave us a free dessert.  It was their Tiramusi.  That was delicious too!  We tried the Eggplant Parmesan and Meat Ravioli the first time.  On the 2nd round we had the Lasagna and Pasta Carbonara.  Every dish was cooked to perfection.  We will definitely make it a stop when we drive out East again!
  16. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Stopped in on this Saturday afternoon with my daughter from Nebraska. She seen the episode and couldn't wait to go. Only a few seated tables and the waitress was extremely slow and inattentive. Had to wait twice for drink refills. The pizza was deliscious but when I found out it was almost $60 for two pizzas and soft drinks it lost it's appeal. To add insult to injury, they added $4.50 for putting pepperocinis on one of the pizzas. Not sure if I will go back.
  17. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    worst pizza i ever had in my life.  frozen pizza is ten times better. the thin crust i ordered was thick, the sauce was like crushed tomatoes and they skimp on the cheese
  18. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    stopped there and got some pizza.  it was excellent
  19. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Visited this past Saturday for lunch.  Not a very large dining room and the place was packed.  Waitress told us it was because their episode re-ran the Monday before.  Prices were a little steep and service was very slow.  We overlooked the slowness due to them being so busy.  Waitress said our order was delayed because since the episode aired, everyone wanted to try their meatballs and they kept running out.  We started with a small sausage pizza which was wonderful.  Then ordered a chicken parm sandwich and an opened faced meatball sandwich.  They brought us a meatball sub instead after 30 minutes of waiting.  Waitress quickly exchanged for the correct sandwich, but I must say we didn't see what the big deal was about their meatballs that they brag about.  They were very plain.  Tasted like just a ball of ground beef, little to no spices.  Chicken parm sandwich was good thought.  We'd probably go back, if for nothing else than to have their pizza again.  Yummy!  (Didn't see Fran or her parents at all, but did see where Guy signed the wall and photos of his visit)
  20. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Stopped there on sat. night, 1/30/10. Had sausage pizza for app. Very good, Had the Veal Parm for main dish and friend had the Lasagna, Both meals very good. Would deffinately go back when in Cleveland
  21. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Fantastic Pizza and Frog Legs.  A little expensive but well worth the price and the wait.
  22. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Fantastic pepperoni pizza and eggplant parmesan. They make everything themselves. We enjoyed meeting Fran and it looks like it will be a fun show to watch when this one airs.
  23. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    hi we went to the restraurant last night with another couple because we saw it will be on dinnersdriveinsanddives it was monday night and we had to wait for a seat the menu is italian we asked cashier what was good ???? she said it all is-they make their own sauces................ we said we came from medina to try it and continued to ask more questions we had sausage & pep pizza for app.   good we each tried a different dish and shared    it was all good the owner heard we came there because of the show, she sat down and told us all about the experience.    we had a great meal and more thank you donna sue jim steve and dennis


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