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Melt Bar and Grilled

14718 Detroit Ave Lakewood, OH
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  • Posted by I Eat For Fun July 2012

    Since we live by the Football Hall of Fame we decided to drive up to Cleveland and give Melt a try a few months ago. The crab cake melt was really good. Great portions for the price. Service was slow for the amount of customers in the place. i suspect I'm a little older than their target group. We might go back, but Cleveland/Ohio have many other DDD places to try out.

  • Posted by Scott July 2012

    Excellent food, fun atmosphere, great place to go out with friends. You will wait a while and the majority of the customers stick out the pretty long wait, so that should tell you something. Very fun and creative menu and very large portions.

  • Posted by Laura May 2012

    Melt is truly my favorite place to eat. I live close to Dayton and have only been able to eat there two times... in the last 6 months :) I dream about the Porky Cheese (literally) and could eat one every day! Plan on coming back!

  • Posted by Tickle April 2012

    Got the big popper ..defiantly the bomb. Great place great food very friendly people

  • Posted by netdogca January 2012

    This is for the original melt I am from out of town and come to Cleveland a lot for work. I heard about Melt so I decided to give it a go one Friday evening. Craziest idea is to go out on a Friday but I figured if I wanted to see how this place really works in the heat of it, Friday is best. I got there and the guy said a 1.5-2 hour wait but I could probably just nestle up to the bar and get service there if I can find a seat. So I did, and I did. To start, the atmosphere. It is a great joint. You will sit close to your neighbors so don't be shy. Lots of good energy. I definately like the vibe. A little rock and roll without the screaming. The bartenders were fantastic. really knew the various brews and other drinks. Great selection of draughts (drafts). Real friendly. The food. Very good. I would say the week point would be the fries. Just average. However, that is well overshadowed by the sandwhiches. Excellent food and flavor. I have been there a few times now and tried a couple different ones. All very good, fresh  and hot. Be prepared to bring stuff home. They feed you at Melt. Between the food, the service and the atmosphere I give Melt all stars. You just have to understand that you will most likely wait for a table.

  • Posted by Hammah January 2012

    Hey Guest....You need to live around diverse crowd of in your embryo need to get out more

  • Posted by H & R December 2011

    Disgusting!!! We were so excited to go here, then the wait was so SLOW.....and the service sucked. They sat us in the front window with the sun shining in our eyes, and because there apparently were no tables available? However, there were three around us. Atmosphere was LOUD and too hot, but that was probably because we were tanning in the window? The food was awful! TOO MUCH CARAWAY! Don't like caraway, and it didn't say it was literally in everything! Couldn't even eat my food because it was like the bottle dumped on my food. Perogis, nasty! Too expensive! Will never go again and definitely not recommend this place!

  • Posted by JohnJohn November 2011

    I fly to Cleavland often for work. It's not my favorite town in the US. Melt might single handedly change that. I have been to both the original and the locations, and the one in the cleavland heights locations. The original is obviously way better, but the second location produced food just as fantastic. I never leave Cleavland without stopping. I normally sit at the bar for seating sooner, and the wait staff at both locations were friendly even though busy.

  • Posted by ohlacosteman August 2011

    Sunday afternoon, 2.5 hour wait. Holy cow! The atmosphere was eclectic and a nice change. The dining area is in the bar or at the outdor patio, and not very big. Glad to see an entrepenuer excell in Cleveland. The sandwiches are pretty darn good, the cole slaw is "spicy hot" and the fries are really really good, but heavy on the salt. It was a nice change. The bread was grilled wonderfully and the cheese and chicken were good, could'a maybe ued a little more chicken though, I'd order double meat next time. Plenty to share with another person so you have room for one of the 200 or so beers they carry. I thought about trying one each of all of the beers, but my wife had bvetter idea's for me on that one! defiinately will go again.

  • Posted by Michigan Wolverine August 2011

    The food was great however the service was extremely slow.  40 minutes to get a seat and then another hour before we left.  Had the Monte Cristo and it was awesome.  The kids had a Kindergarten.  I would recommend doubling the cheese because seemed like too much bread but it was still good.  Just make sure you have the time!

  • Posted by doreen4 June 2011

    Food was awesome, but the 2 hour wait sucked. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Try to visit on off-peak hours. It's worth the trip.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    Sorry, been to Cali - all you have there is crazies and weirdos - and no, your food blows and is totally overpriced.

  • Posted by Martin and Carrie Kirsch March 2011

    I had an hour lunch, I waited for 45 minutes for an order of 1 sandwhich. Drove with the sandwhich for about 20 minutes. Then I finally got to eat it and I was glad I was still sitting in my car. It was knee buckling good! I highly recommend the rueben melt!

  • Posted by Scott Robertson March 2011

    We went there for lunch today.... we had to wait 45 minutes for a table, but it was worth every minute of the wait. We had the Tokyo Tuna Melt, and a Chorizo and Potato sandwich. I upgraded to Ultimate fries, and we had vegetarian goulash and the roasted pepper and tomato soup. Everything we had was delicious, so I cannot wait to go back to Cleveland for another turn at Melt!!!

  • Posted by Jessica January 2011

    I tried Melt with a few friends on a Saturday night. We were prepared for a long wait since another friend gave us a heads up beforehand. We had a 2 hour wait estimate, but a trip to the bar made it go by quickly. We actually only ended up waiting about 1 hour and were seated at one of the more private booths in the joint. We didn't bother with appetizers knowing how big the sandwiches are. I ordered the Parmageddon (pierogis, vodka kraut, griled onions, chedder cheese). It was ah-maz-ing. Worth every single minute of wait time! My friend got the Big Popper with added bacon and it was just as incredible. A HUGE sandwich DEEP FRIED and served with berry preserves dipping sauce. Wow. The hardest part of going to Melt is picking a sandwich off the menu! The frieds and cole slaw are alright.. not as spectacular as the sandwiches. Word to the wise, be prepared to wait! I believe you can call ahead with your name and party size (no actual reservations though).. but be prepared that the wait will not take as long since groups tend to bail. The bar is fantastic.. huuuuge list of beers. Bottom line, every time I visit Cleveland, it will be on my MUST GO TO list of restaurants.

  • Posted by November 2010

    Ok let me start by saying that my husband and I travel ALOT we are actually on the road more than at home. We always try to go to a few places from Triple DDD in every new city we go to. I was looking forward to going to Melt Bar & Grilled when I saw it on the this website. It was a cute place lots of things to keep your interest while you wait 45-1hr....... very crowded place and when we were sat we were at a table that felt like we were sitting at ONE BIG table with the  people sitting next to us on both sides. I could see the food coming out of the kitchen and it looked very good, HUGE portions. We decided to order a couple appetizers to start so we ordered the Melt Pierogi and the Ultimate Fries...... :/ not very excited when we tried them. The Pierogi was very very blan but now I know what a Pierogi tastes like not doing that one again no reason too. The Ultimate Fries were very so so.... Then I decided to order The Godfather which was a 3 cheese lasagna, spicy red sauce, garlic spiked bread with provolone. Looked great on the plate I was excited to try it. My husband decided to order the Tokyo Tuna Melt -asian marinated yellowfin steak, ginger wasabi dressing, lettuce, tomatoe and muenster. Ok so I'll start with his sandwich since he ended up with mine lol.......... we are both big sushi fans so we both thought he would like his. So when our food came he tried his and by the look on his face I could tell he didn't care for it, so I asked "Well?" he says "not very good" he said it tasted very fishy and couldn't taste the ginger wasabi at all. My sandwich was OK.......... so I gave him half of mine. The people next to us had the Crab cakes and they didn't look overly excited about those either so we asked "what do you think?" they said "well they are OK". So I'll give the place points for being an interesting place, nice servers and I'm glad I tried it so now I know I had it and I'm not missing a thing............. guess maybe to be fair here to is we are from Southern California and honestly we have all of the best of foods there. :)           

  • Posted by Big Tool August 2010

    Melt is one of the few Triple D places that I've been to where the place actually looks like its a restuarant that serves really good food (see my review of Amato's in Omaha). However, I suspect that Melt is becoming victim of its own sucess as my edxperience with a long wait seems common amongst the reviewers. Perhaps it was a bad day for Melt but the wait was so obnoxious and excessive that not even ambrosia would have been worth that wait. And the service was mixed. The host was good at only one thing-- getting the customers upset over his wildly innaccurate wait time estimates. I overheard another customer complaining about the host's broken seating promises, and saw at least two other parties give up and walk out. Our waitress, though, was much better. In fairness, when I got around to eating it 1 hour 15 minutes later, my sandwich was excellent and big on flavor. The sandwich dishes are huge and don't leave room for desert. Hence, Melt earns 4 stars but could have gotten 5 stars.

  • Posted by jim August 2010

    love the food , the staff , and the atmosphere  we will be back and great tats 

  • Posted by Sarah August 2010

    Had lunch(ish) at 2 with my husband while visiting Ohio. We were told the wait would be 45min to an hour. An hour later we were still waiting, but 2 seats opened at the bar so we took them. The bartender was great and so was the beer. I got the winter chicken grilled cheese and it was delicious. I also loved the fries (the were not soggy and soft like another review mentioned). My husband got the potato chorizo grilled cheese and I cannot describe how amazing it was. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now. Would go back in a heartbeat, even with the wait. Just have patience when you go, they are VERY small and SUPER busy after being on DDD.

  • Posted by Ranta July 2010

    Food was great, atmosphere was great and was all worth the wait. 2 hour wait at the original with a 1 hour wait (before 5pm!!) for take out, had us drive over to Melt 2. Waited an hour for a table. We were not dissappointed. Sandwiches were huge and so was the flavor. Wish they had a mini sampler offering of several of the sandwiches. Wait staff was friendly and helpful. Can't wait to visit Cleveland again.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2010

    Had breakfast here.  Was seated as we walked in.  Waited for the coffee, finally got to order and waited at least one hour for the food.  When it arrived, it was not that good. Sorry, Guy, I was sick al the way home.

  • Posted by Mike Arrrr February 2010

    Overall, I liked the place. I drove 2 hours to check it out and I was pleased. I will be back. And not just for the cute female bartender!!!

  • Posted by Mike Arrrr February 2010

    Great Sanwhiches!! Long wait on Saturday evening. Perogi's are to die for!!! Service tries hard and are very polite even though they are SUPER BUSY. Great beer selection. Good crowd lot of people laughing and having fun. Bar tenders are fast and polite. Only complaint is that the french fries were soft,soggy, and a complete after thought.

  • Posted by Guest January 2010

    Cool place.  I went here before I knew it was on DDD.  Don't go if you have ANY cholesteral issues.  Butter, cheese and more butter!  Yum!!

  • Posted by Mark K August 2009

    A fantastic restaurant.  A big menu that serves all tastes, large portions and amazing sandwhiches.  The atmosphere is very cool as well.  The only problem is getting a seat!  Come hungry, leave totally satisfied.

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