Momocho Mod Mex in Cleveland, OH

Momocho Mod Mex

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    [email protected]
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    3/2015 Drove up for dinner at Momocho--Mod Mex cuisine. We have been to all the "DDD" in Cleveland. We were very lucky to get the last two bar seats otherwise it was over 1-1/2 hour wait. If you go MAKE RESERVATIONS!! (I know it was a Saturday night) Started with both the smoked trout bacon w/chili poblano guacamole (Guy loved this) and traditional with chips. Both were really good. For the main course I tried the machaca (Guy had this) it started out great but toward the end it was vinegary bitter. My wife had the pork chop al carbon it was very tasty. Topped off the meal with their peanut & cornflake crusted fried ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and black truffle honey. The staff was fantastic, plenty to eat and the prices were OK. Did I mention if you go MAKE RESERVATIONS!!
  2. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    The hostess took the time to ask if we had resevations and when we said no she turned away. She turned back around and said all I have is the bar, not a very nice way to greet a guest. When the bartender brought us menus he did not return to take an order, had to say excuse me can we order some quac. He finally asked if we wanted to buy some salsa to go with it and we had to drag out the types they had from him. After ordering the quac we waited over 30 minutes when I asked about placing an order and the bartender was rude. It took 45 minutes to get the quac and sasla and wound up being a two hour dining experience, at the bar. The people that came in after us on each side were regulars and their food was delivered in no time and they were treated politely. I guess this bartender ruined the entire experience and should not work at a place where he only wants regular customers. After being on DDD he should be use to new customers. I did here one of the waiters being vey courteous to his tables. The brisket was exceptional but the bartender needs a new job.
  3. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    My new favorite restaurant!  Had the brisket taquitos and they were amazing.  The quacamole and chips were great and I loved the cool ambiance.  Our waiter was great, too.  Very accomodating to our many questions.  I wish I lived closer, we'd go all the time.  :)
  4. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    When we travel we stop at a lot of triple d's.  This one is a bit to fancy to qualify.  Open after 5:00, fancy decor and atmosphere and expensive.  The menu is difficult to read and food is not the typical mexican.  Higher end plus the chips and salsa were 3.50 when.  My meal was better than average but not what I was expecting.  The highlight was the fried ice cream enough for 4 people.  Plus the maragretta sample looked great
  5. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Cant wait to go back. Was in cleveland for the pats vs browns game and went to momocho it was amazing.
  6. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    OMG this place is AWSOME!!!! We are from Southern Calif and we were in Cleveland on business. Saw Momocho on DDD which we travel ALOT and always try to go to places that Guy visits and hands down this place is OUR FAVORITE thus far..... the smoked trout/bacon gauc was great, the machaca (coffee/beef brisket) oh man tha...t was yummy and my hubby had carna sada which had this AMAZING side sauce with it that was OUT OF THIS WORLD and to top it off which I wasn't sure was possible we ordered the mexican coffee (yum yum) along with the jalepeno bread pudding OMG I ate it so slow just to savor the flavors............ this is place is just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and the service was great, very friendly and very attentive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*
  7. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    went with my son and his family not realy for small kids but the cucumber margaritas were off the hook. definetly going back
  8. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Wonderful service.  Goat cheese guacamole was excellent.  Cucumber rita yummy...... Nice atmosphere. Not lit up very well outside, almost missed it. Glad I went here
  9. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    just go. it is awesome!!
  10. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Very yummy food. We had the smoked trout and bacon guacamole which was creamy and salty and oh so good (as were the warm chips). I had the pescado (amazing and flavorful, best fish taco's ive had) and my husband had the tinga(chicken), which was also very good. Our waitress wasn't the greatest. We were originally going to order the sampler of guacamole and she just looked at us and said "oh this is your first time. you've never been here." We felt uncomfortable liked we were being judged for being tourists and trying the restaraunt for the first time. The food is also a little pricey (about 50 bucks for the 2 of us). Would get the food again, but would prefer kinder service.
  11. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Went twice while visiting Cleveland. Guacamole is great. Tried the Crab, Smoked Trout and Bleu Cheese. Grilled Corn appetizer with Lime Butter was amazing. The carnitas and bistec taquitos were wonderful. The scallops were over the top. Cucumber margarita was refreshing and different. Wait staff was very accomodating, friendly and very knowledgable. Look forward to visiting Cleveland again.
  12. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    was there last week while on vacation, awsome place. We had goat cheese guac - Awsome !!! My fiance had the machaca and I had the tinga, both are very good, although I preferred the machaca. Tortillas are the best I've had and the Margarita was refreshing on the warm afternoon on the patio. Great times and great food!!
  13. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    wait staff where real friendly!!
  14. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Saturday night and they can surely draw up a crowd. There carnitas where amazing and there goat cheese gucamole was drop dead good. My parents liked their Dumplings that where filled with a smoked cheese. My father's wild boar was so good you won't think it was wild boar. My mother's Beet dishes with the dumplings was also great. Who knew a beet could be so filling. It was surley a dive but dont let it scare you away because you will difinatly missing something big.
  15. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Incredible food.  Kind of pricey, but if you go during happy hour (5-7) they have half price beer and taquitos. 
  16. Anonymous
    Friday, August 07, 2009
    Great Margaritas and the smoked trout and bacon guac- YUM


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