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Bartley's Burger Cottage in Cambridge, MA
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Bartley's Burger Cottage

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1246 Massachusetts Ave  CambridgeMA 

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Creating a Dramatic Entryway | The Cambridge House, Episode 10 (2005)

Bartley's Burger Cottage in Cambridge, MA 
Host Kevin O'Connor and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey stop in at Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage, a neighborhood institution. Master carpenter N...  [...]

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Bartley's Burger Cottage in Cambridge, MA 
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Bartley's Burger Cottage in Cambridge, MA 
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Bartley's Burger Cottage in Cambridge, MA 
Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage 1246 Mass. Avenue Cambridge, Mass.  [...]

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  1. Gravatar image
    8/4/2013 7:21:24 PM
    Great Burger combinations if I can tolerate standing in line.
  2. anonymous
    1/16/2012 8:29:05 PM
    Good food. Make sure you don't have to take a leak. Is that legal----no restrooms?
  3. anonymous
    6/13/2011 10:37:33 PM
    Amazing burgers!  We went at 12:10pm and there was no wait but it got really busy about 15 minutes later.  Amazing burgers, I got the Tom Brady with guacamole and muenster cheese.  So great!  French fries were perfect and my mom got mac and cheese which might have been the best m&c I've ever had.  Probably good we don't live closer, it was a fantastic place ot eat!
  4. anonymous
    5/24/2011 2:52:03 PM
    cant wait to eat here
  5. anonymous
    4/4/2011 5:07:43 PM
    The burgers were great!   Just make sure you don't have to use the restroom because they don't have one!!!   Be dressed appropriately as you may have to wait outside until a table is ready.  It's small, crowded, loud but amazingly efficient.  The wait staff is great, lots to look at, clientele are great - everyone is there for a fast, great burger!   It's pricy, but worth it.  AND if you want to have that beer or glass of wine - head down the street somewhere after.  The Rickys are what you drink wih the burger
  6. anonymous
    8/24/2010 7:00:25 PM
    the burgers were great but the onion rings were very dry and chalky, go or the burger and chips, save the money from the fries or onion rings.The frappes were also good, but not worth $5
  7. anonymous
    6/1/2010 2:24:58 PM
    Great burgers. BIg line-up, but service was quick and efficient. Really a very unique place, with a great feel to it. Great sandwich names and toppings. Would definitely go back again!
  8. anonymous
    1/20/2010 10:37:32 AM
    Bartleys is a great place to get a burger.  Yes, it is very touristy and there is NO PARKING (its in Harvard Square) but the place lives up to its name with quality burgers and good no frills service. 

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