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Four Sisters Owl Diner

244 Appleton Street Lowell, MA
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Reviews (9)

  • Posted by coke4life August 2013

    Is this place actually a 'Triple D' restaurant? I've search high and low all over the internet, and I've yet to find anything that links this place to 'DDD'. The closest thing I've been able to find was the comment left on this page that says they cancelled their planned shoot. In my opinion, if they didn't shoot there then it's not a true member of the 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' club.

  • Posted by OutOfGas September 2012

    My boyfriend and I went there during our Boston road trip (September 3, 2012). The food was absolutely AMAZING. It was by far, the best breakfast I have ever had. The only negative thing i can say has nothing to do with the dinner, but it has everything to do with the location (which is very run-down), we had gas siphoned out of our car, so out-of-towners beware.

  • Posted by Julia August 2012

    So yummy!! I live nearby and it's a favorite for breakfast... it's really popular around here. I love to order cantaloupe - anywhere else you'd get a small bowl of fruit, but they give you a whole half of one! It's a shame they're not open past 2pm - I'd go for dinner or a midnight snack!

  • Posted by Kris Karlstrand July 2012

    Not open on a monday? Place looked shut down.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2012

    Visited there yesterday. Was told that Triple D never showed up. They cancelled the shoot the day before or morning of the scheduled visit. Excellent diner food and atmosphere. Service could have been a little better.

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2010

    expensive, but tasty. great local politics

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2009

    I want to purchase a gift certificate... possible?  Please let me know!!! Sarah Madio [email protected]

  • Posted by Guy Fan November 2009

    Wow - I love the show and found this surfing.  This was a college hang-out for us; great breakfasts, cool place and great service.  I'd love to be able to check out this episode - anyone know how to do that?

  • Posted by Lance October 2009

    Great food, awsome ham steak.....a bit expensive but worth it!!

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