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Lake Effect Diner

3165 Main Street Buffalo, NY
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All bread is baked fresh in-house daily and we hand-dip over 20 flavors of milkshakes, done the old-fashioned way. It was saved from demolition and moved from Wayne, Pennsylvania to Buffalo in 2001. Restored and equipped with a modern state-of-the-art kitchen and knowledgeable and passionate staff, the Lake Effect continues to humbly serve wholesome and fresh locally procured ingredients prepared the way they should be…..from scratch!

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Reviews (24)

  • Posted by theagta March 2016

    I went down to this past weekend for the first time (I'm in Toronto, CAN) and it was delicious! The service was quick and friendly; the place was authentic and super shiny clean, and the food was fresh. I had the BLT on rye and the bacon was so good I took 2 lbs home! I shared a blueberry pancake with my friend, which was fantastic. The homemade blueberry topping with sweet butter was so good; it almost didn't need the maple syrup! Two thumbs up!!

  • Posted by Paul and Chantal February 2013

    My wife and I finally got to eat there. My wife had the Meatloaf Bomber and really liked it. Could barely finish it. I had the meatlovers omelette and found not only it but the hash browns really, really tasty. Classic old dining car. Great service. Nice and quick and never saw the bottom of my coffee cup. The place could be a bit cleaner, but for a mom and pop place, what the heck.
    We enjoyed not only that but a victory by my Rochester Knighthawks over the hometown Buffalo Bandits. What a great day.
    Paul and Chantal.
    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

  • Posted by I Eat For Fun July 2012

    We were in Buffalo and stopped in just because the place looked cool and discovered it was on Triple-D. We love the show. The fish platter was almost, and I mean almost to big to eat. Man was it good. Luckily we only ordered one ice cream sundae. It had to have a good quart of ice cream. Great prices also. Many more places to eat at.

  • Posted by penjo dutch March 2012

    Classic diner building and atmosphere. We detoured from Toronto on a trip to Erie PA - well worth the trip. Wife is a lifelong vegetarian and the vegan burger was the best veggie-burger she had ever tasted. Daughter (8), son (11) and I shared two meals among the three of us and it was still too much food. Roast Beef was a 9 and the ham dinner was an 8. Get the mac and cheese side (make sure they grill it). Daughter (13), also a vegetarian, had an all-day breakfast and polished off a huge plate even though she's 67 lbs.  All five of us can't wait to go back - even the two vegetarians - strong praise. No bad smells and no problems in the washrooms from our perspective. The five of us sat at the counter (recommended) and the only drawback was our order sat a few minutes extra for pickup as the manager was also working the counter and the front door. His friendliness more than made up for a short delay. Have also been to the Truckee (CA) Diner, also a DDD, which I loved, but this was a 1/2 point better.

  • Posted by jasminder March 2012

    I think it was very fun to go there and i hope i can go again. I had the roast beef dinner and the ham dinner they were really good but it took a long time to get the food.             i hope i can come agian!!!!!!!        jasminder age 8

  • Posted by Michelle PensaBranco January 2012

    Went for dinner with the kids - very tasty, ham was delicious and husband's turkey dinner was good too. Service was a little slow for a quiet night though and the bathrooms... well, yes, they need some renovating :) . Worth the visit.

  • Posted by Chris December 2011

    Went there on a Saturday morning for breakfast -- Had the Red Eye special with the ham and it was delicious -- Ham was thinner cut but the red eye gravy was splashed all over it -- Service was great since I needed about 3 or 4 coffee refills after a late night before -- The fresh orange juice put me in a happy place as well -- Didn't smell any cleansers or anything out of the ordinary except some food cooking in the back -- Total for 4 of us was around 50 but will definetly go back....

  • Posted by bruspell November 2011

    We love this place.  Terrific, authentic  diner, and the food is always good. Close by the Main Street Campus of the University at Buffalo it is nicely tucked in along Main Street, and across from Parkside Candy - a no miss it stop for ice cream.

  • Posted by Todd Burse November 2011

    Visited this establishment with friends on Saturday, November, 5th. First impressions were; "How unique!", as I, for one, had never eaten in a Diner Style Car, and they has quite an extensive menu selection. Nice! The place was quiet (around 5pm), the server was prompt and courteous, had our drinks made and back in a flash and then took our orders. Again, nice! Two, from our party of four, used the washroom facilities and found them less than stellar. I couldn't help but notice there was food stuff strew on the floor. Perhaps a busboy is in order for a little bit of necessary clean up? The food took a liitle longer than expected as we were the only people dining in there except for two awaiting a take out order. We ordered the Steak sandwich w/ O-rings, Buffalo Chicken wrap w/ fries & gravy, Hamburger w/ O-rings & the Fish sandwich w/ fries & gravy. The food was nicely presented on the plates however we all had issue with the length of time that the fries & O-rings were cooked. Perhaps a minute or two longer and a touch of seasoning salt or S&P would have helped the fries? The gravy was bland at best and lumpy? Perhaps some beef stock is required then strained? The steak sandwich, while on a nicely toasted garlic bun, had a obvious piece of grizzle that, maybe next time, should be removed before serving? The buffalo chicken wrap, while presented nicely, fell apart when bit into. Maybe a little less on the  ingredients and a tighter wrapping in future would solve that issue? No future visits are planned for this place.

  • Posted by Derek and Gilly October 2011

    One of our favorite triple d's.  Went there for breakfast and the hash browns were incredible.  Everyone with us enjoyed their food very much.  The service was fine and it had the feel of what a triple d should. 

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2011

    Last time I ate there (and the last time I will eat there) the place smelled like disinfectant and it was dirty.  Also, the service was terrible and it wasn't busy at all. The food was mediocre.   Big disappointment, and I live in Buffalo.

  • Posted by IT GUY August 2011

    I have dined at the Lake Effect several times while in Buffalo and the breakfast menu was always to my liking and as it featured the items I find comforting in a diner atmosphere. The restaurant looks and feels like a 50's diner... prices are on par with the area.

  • Posted by Guest July 2011

    Disappointed, as soon as you open the door it smelled like a bathroom. After being seated we started to look around and it wasn't clean at all. Which, is not very appetizing to say the least. We thought the food would make up for it, it did not. Had the reuben and fries. The sandwich had little flavor and the fries were tiny one inch pieces that had no crisp to them at all.

  • Posted by CanadErik July 2011

    Our first DDD stop! I had the meatloaf bomber sandwich with grilled mac'n'cheese.  It was really good, but not great.  My gf had the crabby patty (crabcake sandwich), and her mother had the turkey stuffed potato pancakes.  We all enjoyed our meals, and we'd go back.

  • Posted by P youse July 2011

    We went there on our vacation to niagara fall trip we stop in for breakfast it was very good the sausage was very good you could tellnit was fresh nothing like I have every had the service was good we really enjoyed our visit here :)

  • Posted by Linda Wilson July 2011

    Went to see Wicked in Buffalo and thought it would be fun to go to one of Guy's Triple D restaurants. OMG!! This place not only had delicious food, all six of us had a great dish, but the price was definitely right. One of our friends wanted to pick up the tab and we all thought that was too generous..but the bill was only $60.00!!! And the food was out of this world. Just great comfort food. Can't wait to go again. My fiance' and I are planning our honeymoon traveling to Triple D restaraunts and The Lake Effect Diner will be on our itinerary!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    It's a gorgouse real old fashioned diner. All shiny and in top condition. I got the name from you to start off with. It has no liquer lisence. I had a hamburger and my friend had a smoked turkey wrap.. The hamburger was uge and was very nice. Not the best I ever had but pretty good. it came with a piece of letuce, tomatoe and sliced red onion and apiece of pickle. Unfortunately the pickle was quqtered so I could not put it on the hamburger wich is what I like to do. But it was deffinitely an above average hamburger. There were no sides with the hamburger.  My friend said that the turkey wrap was first class but that it was too big for her to eat. However she liked it so much she did eat the whole thing. It has an interesting diner menu and really reasonable prices. I jst wish I could have has a beer with dinner. There is a stke hous across the parking lot owned by the same owner, but it is a real rough - sawdust on the floor place. not wellcoming at all. As fo you, i wish you coud repeat the name of every place you go into slowly and clearly at the end of each restaurant segment. Alo I have been watching your show for at least it must be three years and you say your name so fast that I can't catch it. I only found out what it was when I googled this web site. Cheers

  • Posted by Bizzer January 2011

    4 of us ate here Jan. 08/11 we were all extremely dissapointed. All of us had different meals and all of them were way to salty. My wife didn't eat hardly anything including her fries. I had the Smoked ham and found it very dry. Our friend on ate half of her Ruben which she found to be greasy. We have really enjoyed Mullberry's, Grovers and the Blackthorn, but I would skip this place.

  • Posted by JillAndrea November 2010

    Service was anything but friendly, food was just OK.  I wouldn't return or recommend based on my visit.

  • Posted by Jah Erts June 2010

    Service could have been better. Waited for our food way longer than expected. Smoke ham and griddled mac n cheese were way too salty. It was disappointing. :(

  • Posted by Steve Osuch Prekob February 2010

    check it out

  • Posted by NOTAGAIN February 2010

    Horrible breakfast, greasy home fries, scant serving of ham, cold toast, potatoe pancake egg dish was like cardboard, wonder if ownership changed.  $23 tab for two.

  • Posted by Josh December 2009

    The food was extremely incredible. Service was great. Thumbs up!

  • Posted by somebody November 2009

    The service and food were both a big disappointment, will never go there again.

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