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Liberty Elm Diner CLOSED

777 Elmwood Ave Providence, RI
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  • Posted by John & Kierston July 2012

    Anyone who has tried to follows Guys voyage, knows that ot doesnt always look, taste, or smell as cool as it does on tv. The Liberty Elm is one of those places that doesnt match the hype. We ordered the Monte Christo and the turkey sandwich on a Sunday afternoon. The food was on par with what we could have scratched up in oir own kitchen. The turkey was dry and hidden under globs of mayo. It didnt taste roasted. The monte cristo was ok but nothing worthy of tv. The best part was the maple syrup. The worst part was tje service...

  • Posted by Justmares November 2011

    My husband and I tried to go to breakfast at this diner in Sept 2011, but it was closed / all boarded up etc...we were so disappointed since the website was up and running. 

  • Posted by Rod October 2011

    9/21/11, stop for Lunch, since we had flown into Providence, from Florida, on a short vaction to CT. This a place you would not stop at, unless you had seen it on DDD, due to location and  looks. Wife is from Providence, and had the Johnny cakes. She said they were OK. I thought they were pretty good with extra Maple Syrup. I had the Guy Turkey Sandwich special. The sandwich was very tasty, and a nice portion, but not overly big. I marked the Diner off as part of my DDD travels, but would not go back. The Diner was not busy as there were only four other customers at another table. Owner and server were very friendly. Place is more Dive thn Diner.

  • Posted by David August 2011

    Stopped with family while on vacation trip to Rhode Island and enjoyed the food at this place. Small local diner , but special omlette I had was worth the wait! Excellent! Would go back if I were in the arae again.

  • Posted by Dave August 2011

    They committed the worst restaurant sin which is allowing a customer to leave hungry. My wife and I ordered the Johnny cakes. We got 3 half dollar size pancakes. At first I laughed but then I realized I paid $7 for it. Value for money in this place sucks. Only DDD location, of 40 we've been to, would we never go back to.

  • Posted by Vic July 2011

    Great Service, eclectic ambiance and food will knock your socks off. Ditto Johnny cakes....great. Ditto the turkey sandwich. Really - when in Providence, a must stop.

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    We had the Johnny cakes, loved them. Also had the turkey sandwich and it was amazing. Worth the trip

  • Posted by WMM March 2011

    We went for breakfast last week. My wife ordered blueberry pancakes and they were HUGE. They were almost the same size as the plate and were light and delicious. I ventured the johnnycakes and thought they were great. I tried them with maple syrup and raspberry jelly (brought by our server as the other suggested way). Yes they were denser than a pancake, but I enjoyed that quality and the crispiness of the outside too. The place is definitely in the "dive" category. The kitchen tables and chairs with the chrome legs and red plastic covering dating back to the 1960's was reminiscent of my own childhood, so it was fun. Some interesting art on the wall as well, so it all added up to a great funky little place to eat and a great value. If I lived closer, I would return frequently to try the rest of the menu. 

  • Posted by guest March 2011

    The johnnycakes were not very good - very dense and heavy. They should be light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    They're known for their johnnycakes, a RI specialty-- cornmeal pancakes. And coffee milk also. That's milk blended with just enough coffee to give the drink a distinct coffee flavor.

  • Posted by Big Tool August 2010

    FYI- we're Johnnycake fans now. We loved the place-- the atmosphere, the food, the service. The wait staff was cheerful and attentive. The portions were large. And did I mention that we really liked the Johnnycakes? 

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