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Sophia Restaurant in Buffalo, NY
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Sophia Restaurant

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749 Military Road  BuffaloNY 

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Sophia and Mitch - Celebration Pavilion and Rainflower Restaurant Wedding .mp4

Sophia Restaurant in Buffalo, NY 
Vancouver Wedding Photographers Chris and Heather Davies or Spark Photography captured the wedding of Sophia and Mitch. Photography began with the bride and ...  [...]

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sophia at restaurant

Sophia Restaurant in Buffalo, NY 
no description available  [...]

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Dirty Dining Sophia's Restaurant and Pizza

Sophia Restaurant in Buffalo, NY 
I worked here for a little while, it was worse then they ever showed it on here. I am glad they are closed now. She cheated me out of money, however she chea...  [...]

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Sophia's Restaurant

Sophia Restaurant in Buffalo, NY 
Sophia serves her customers...  [...]

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  1. anonymous
    10/11/2012 11:29:33 PM
    Visited on 9/24/11 with my niece who attends SUNY Buffalo. She had the Breakfast Burrito and it was so big she had about half left to take back to her dorm. It was " The Bomb". I had french toast it was OK, but the apple cinnamon walnut pancakes were money. Would definitely recommend.. Got a fried baloney sandwich to go and it was huge. We shared it at Niagara Falls. The bread was great and the onions went well with the baloney.
    Definitely well worth a visit.
  2. anonymous
    9/22/2012 4:09:27 PM
    Stopped by for breakfast on our way thru Buffalo. Don't know which was better the Giambotta (Egg, onion, pepper sausage) with mozzarella or the Apple Cinnamon Walnut pancakes. I am glad my wife agreed to share.
  3. anonymous
    3/31/2012 5:38:23 PM
    WoW is the best I can describe this place.    I ordered the Chicken Souvaki breakfast and my wife ordered one of the daily specials, breaded Haddock.   The chicken souvlaki was really flavourful and the home fries were amazing.   The toast was made from homemade bread.   The haddock filet was huge.   It surprised us when the meals were served at the table.  We never saw such beautiful platters.   Prices were $9 or less.
  4. anonymous
    11/16/2011 1:09:13 PM
    I have been gong to Sophies for a long time, it is some of the best food you can find in Buffalo. For all of those who said the had to wait for thier food remember that it is just a mom and pop operation usally with just Sam cooking and with all the influcts of customers it is hard some times for him to keep up, but you will never be disappointed and if there is a mistake with your order they will fix it right away. The staff has always been very friendly like family and it is a great place for kids. With regard to the hours of operation they can be a little scary some times he is usally open 7-3 Tuesday - Sunday however he has closed his doors early because he has sold out.Prices are excellent especially if you are from Canada wwhich my family is. So go to Sophies and have a great time
  5. anonymous
    11/2/2011 8:35:18 AM
    was there this past weekend, had the open faced chicken.  pops had a burger. burger was a third pounder and huge.  chicken was top shelf (could have used another piece but then again I was hungry)...the restaurant, the people, everything.  the staff and the guy Sam(?) - you couldn't fake that warmth and friendliness - just so genuinely nice and friendly and happy. I saw him treat a local like it was his own dad. I wish we had places like this in TO.  This just solidifies that TO is a joke of a town, more fancy of itself than substance.
  6. anonymous
    8/18/2011 9:43:27 PM
    My wife and I stooped by from Pickering Ontario Canada on Tuesday Augest 16th for an early dinner it was closed due to a power outage in area >:o . We will try again another day.
  7. anonymous
    7/30/2011 6:08:00 AM
    going there later today. can't wait!
  8. anonymous
    7/5/2011 10:35:50 PM
    We ate there with our family. It was my second time . This time with kids. The food was excellent. The only problem was the service was slow to the point of us just about to eave without our food. They were super nice, but it literally took 55 minutes to get our food. In the meantime others people were sat and fed and left . I do not recommend taking kids to this restaurant. I you are not in a hurry, you will not fond a better meal than this place though.
  9. anonymous
    6/29/2011 1:54:56 PM
    Just ate at Sophias. We had the best lunch at an affordable price. The service was wonderful. Portions were really big. We wish we had found it earlier in our stay. Highly recommend it!
  10. anonymous
    5/11/2011 2:30:09 PM
    This place was great.  Stopped last summer for a DDD tour from Syracuse to Milwaukee.  This was our first stop and it was the best.  Just great food, great people in an unasuming setting.  My wife and I both had custom omelettes and they were fast and fantastic.  Then someone recommedned that we go to Paula's donoughts just down the road.  These were hands down the best we have ever had.  What a great Saturday.   Way to go Sophia's!!!  If you are anywhere close to Buffalo and you don't go to this place, then you simply don't like food.
  11. anonymous
    5/5/2011 7:40:57 PM
    Awesome, quality food at great prices. Not sure what the last reviewer said about them being closed down... but they are remodeling, so maybe he got the wrong place. Was there last week-- they are definitely open.
  12. anonymous
    4/7/2011 1:28:03 PM
    you are probally jewish thats why.
  13. anonymous
    4/7/2011 9:04:53 AM
    I walked 1 mile though bitter cold in January to check this place out and it was closed. Not wrong hours but closed down. Not sure how below posters ate there in March. 
  14. anonymous
    3/21/2011 10:55:17 PM
    are you kidding me?  was it your first time eating out?  perhaps you would have better luck with a chain restaurant.  if the place is out of blue cheese, its out of blue cheese!  gimme a break
  15. anonymous
    3/7/2011 3:50:11 PM
    We actually gave it a 5 stars you can't get that kind of homemade goodness and fresh food for such a low price anywhere else,our breakfast at a chain restaurant cost more that a meal for 4 and we were not as satisfied, you have to try it
  16. anonymous
    3/7/2011 3:46:48 PM
    We went on Friday march 4th,2011 for Lunch just amazing how it was tasty and for such a low price, we had seen it drive-ins, diners, and dives on a snow day and my daughter said since we are in that area for a hockey tournament can we go, so we put in the addresson the GPS and we brougth along another family along, when we drove up looks can be deceiving if you didn't know about the place you wouldn't go, but we all loved it the bigest dissapointment was we didn't have a chance to go back. Hockey families from Canada
  17. anonymous
    11/29/2010 6:11:43 PM
    while in buffalo i went to sophias   I went 2 times.          I will go there every time im in buffalo......  good food         good people Steve
  18. anonymous
    11/21/2010 1:28:37 PM
    Sophia, Visit my website. I just made it but I want your advice. The address is There is no www in front of it and you have to type it in on the top bar. Leave a comment in the Chatter Box if you go there please!!!
  19. anonymous
    11/21/2010 1:25:41 PM
    Oh My Gosh!!! I want to visit Sophia's now!
  20. anonymous
    11/14/2010 7:56:03 AM
    I visited on a Friday afternoon just past the lunch rush. I was able to order a 1/2 order of the goulash and I was still stuffed.  When I work in the Buffalo area again, I would like to return for the breakfast which looked awesome!
  21. anonymous
    10/17/2010 9:54:54 AM
    Unfortunately my husband and I had a not so pleasant experience. The service was extremely cold as was the temperature inside the restaurant. While freezing for our food to arrive about 10-15 minutes of waiting I was told there was no blue cheese for my burger so I had to reorder. To top it off my husband never received his fries. We were very disappointed with our diner's drive in and dive stop, but it wont keep us from trying other restaurants featured on the show.
  22. anonymous
    10/9/2010 8:02:57 PM
    LOVED it -- both the food and the service! I had the giambotta plate and my gosh! It arrived with steam rising from the food, and every bite was packed with flavor -- wish I could stay in Buffalo longer to try out more of their menu. You won't be disappointed, folks!
  23. anonymous
    9/18/2010 10:04:34 PM
    You HAVE to go!   Really, you must if you can.  AWESOME food, AWESOME service. GO!!!!    recommend it 1000%  (not a typo, a thousand percent!)
  24. anonymous
    8/25/2010 11:26:59 AM
    Th3e best in Buffalo NY period!!
  25. anonymous
    8/10/2010 12:54:00 AM
    Had lunch shortly after noon on a weekday. Not crowded. Food was great and service better! Met Sophia and think this is the best of 15 or so DDD locations we have visited. Don't skip desesert! We had the chicken souvlakia and recommend it. Other two dishes were also worth eating. Will visit again if/when we are in the area.
  26. anonymous
    7/10/2010 11:30:17 AM
    Excellent diner.  Four of us stopped in about a week ago and did some damage to the menu.  With the exception of the corned beef hash which appeared to be from a can, the entire meal was a success.  Really quite good!  The owner, Sam, was cooking away and the walls were covered in gear from Guy Fieri.  I would like to visit this spot again for lunch sometime and pick up the fried bologna sandwich or any of the other items that looked really interesting.  For my full review of this restaurant, please follow this to TheChubbyCook or click here: Let me know what you think as well! 
  27. anonymous
    6/11/2010 1:35:40 PM
    Visited this place all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada!  I was vistiing my sister in Ottawa and we went to a concert in Toronto and decided to drive back to Ottawa through the US.  I love DDD's so I decided to check out this site and see if there were any places we could eat.  I'm sure glad we found Sophia's! :)   I of course had to have the fried balogna sandwich with the home fries which was incredible and my sister had a breakfast skillet with lots of veggies and cheese that was serverd on what could have easily passed as a turkey platter.  She had to take half of it with her for another day.  We couldn't have been happier with our choice of breakfast that morning and if we're ever in the area again we'll certainly be back!
  28. anonymous
    5/1/2010 10:55:09 PM
    I live in Rome, Ga but was in Rochester for work.  Drove to Buffalo to eat at Sophias and it was well worth it.  I had the Bologna sandwich with onions and it was better than the show portrayed.  The atmosphere is excellent and the employees make you feel very welcome.  Worth every penny spent and every mile driven.  Go Sammy!!
  29. anonymous
    1/19/2010 1:16:03 PM
    I know the owners of Saphias and ive had their food and I can tell you first hand everything is so GOOD!!! They are very nice people too.
  30. anonymous
    11/1/2009 11:58:15 AM
    Home made bread toast, pepperoni omelete, good food, fast service, like sittin' at home!

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