Rainbow Drive-In

3308 Kanaina Ave Honolulu, HI
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  • Posted by tshuee October 2014

    FANTASTIC FOOD! Great Prices! 4 of us ate for $30 with drinks.... Next time i'm in Hawaii I'll be hitting this up again... I had the pork loin an d gravy and I crave it now.....

  • Posted by kawai1383 November 2012

    Husband and I just had lunch here. He had chili dog plate and I had mahi mahi plate. Paid 18 bucks for both with large drinks. Chili and mac salad are amazing. Mahi was good too. Will definately come back!!

  • Posted by snowflakey June 2012

    Couldnt even get close enough to park the car.  Must be good will try next trip

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    Fantastic! Definitely too much food though for so cheap. We had dinner for two with drinks and it cost us only $17.00 and half of it got thrown out :/ very filling! Tasted pretty good! 

  • Posted by Steve Hagar from Fairbanks Alaska! February 2011

    OK place, but the quality is marginal. If you want great local food, then you head to the North Show . However if you wanna hang loose and enjoy an outdoor burger place off the beach well this is your place!

  • Posted by Nat Cohen, Plano Texas March 2010

    This is a great spot to meet and talk to locals. Night we were there, we were probably the only tourists. In a residential neighborhood but well worth the drive. Hawaiian drive in type food. We found it by asking a local where he eats. That's how we find many local favorites.

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