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The Little Depot Diner

1 Railroad Avenue Peabody, MA 01961
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Reviews (6)

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    has re-opened from 7am-1pm weekends only

  • Posted by June 2011


  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    I've been looking for this show for so long I have to make your beans Thanks Jcw from new York o

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    I'm from BC too! Here for the game, gonna check it out!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011

    I'd like the recipe for the baked beans.  Loved your place and wish I could go there.  I'm in B.C. canada.

  • Posted by Caye February 2011

    Wow this Diner sure made my day.  The Groton and Baked Beans could almost be tasted from my easy chair watching this show.  Thanks Judy and Bill for keeping these foods alive for those of us who left the ole homesteads.  I'm originally from Lawrence and my folks always made these two receipes.  They've since past on but I have my Dad's old bean pot.  It's mostly used as a display in our home but it's had many a baking done in it when Dad was alive.  Thanks again.   Caye

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