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Tee Off Bar and Grill

3129 Clement Street San Francisco, CA
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Reviews (11)

  • Posted by Niki April 2012

    It is so gross inside. There were bunch of flys everywhere! NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN

  • Posted by Celeste Clupny July 2011

    This is my cousin's restaurant in San Fran. I 'd really like to go try it out. I remember he made Gumbo for us once, it was good.

  • Posted by WB June 2011

    I think we tried everything guy recommended, but to be honest it was OK. The pork chop was OK little dry in places, relish was OK, Corn wasn't as good as I hoped ( though Ive never had deep fried corn) it's actually better off the BBQ. I was really looking forward to the Mac'n Cheese, it was good but I really expected MORE Cheese. BTW, buffalo wing don't have BBQ sauce and I would expect them to have some real heat for the beer to quench. BTW The beer was great! The service was GREAT! Atmosphere is awesome, definate dive bar! The waitress are hot! I'd go again. BTW What happened to the kangaroo entre

  • Posted by Low Brow April 2011

    The worst surroundings with the best food I've ever had - cheeseburger, fries, buffalo wings were beyond excellent.  Worth the Trip!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    just seen on tripple d looking foward to heading up in few weeks double cut looks so great

  • Posted by Larry Cole October 2010

    Best double cut Pork Chop of my entire life...... 5 Stars

  • Posted by Kevin October 2010

    Fantastic fish and chips, great mac and cheese. Don't expect fancy surroundings. This place is an absolute DIVE but SO wonderful. Enjoy it!

  • Posted by Ba Ba Booey September 2010

    This is the best Mac and Cheese I ever had. The pulled pork was also awesome

  • Posted by Barb in Oklahoma August 2010

    1 word: WOW! Now for the details:  It cost us $20 in cab fare (one way!) to get to the TEE OFF B&G from our downtown hotel, but it was worth Every Penny!  We had the mac & cheese dish and the pork chop dish that Guy featured on his show & both were TO DIE FOR!!!  The prices were GREAT, too, which helped offset the cab fare! ha ha It's the BEST '5 Star Dive Bar' we've ever been to & probably every will! DO NOT Miss This Awesome Adventure the next time you go to SF!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    The best and I mean BEST mac and cheese you ever tasted!!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2010

    Former 4-star sous chef in Hawaii opened this bar with his wife. He changes up the menu. I've had the seered kanagaroo and it's awesome!

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