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Cabo Fish Taco

3201 N Davidson Street Charlotte, NC 28205
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  • Fish Tacos

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Reviews (21)

  • Posted by December 2013

    My wife and visited tonight for the first time. It is a very casual and eclectic place. Our service was very good, waiter knew the menu and was very present. Food was brought out quick and was excellent. We will be back with friends.

  • Posted by adrienne hines April 2012

    so when i got sick and had to stay home i was able to catch up on a ddd marathon. i saw this episode and HAD to visit. so i rounded up some friends and went the following saturday. the food was EXCELLENT and the service was very nice. it was a nice day so windows and doors was open. it was really really nice. the manager came to make sure everything was to our liking. i would recommend this place to anyone!!! im just mad i am just now eating here and have lived her for eight years now!!!! i will be back again and again.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    this guy or girl has no clue and I bet never even at here

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    Visited here yesterday and had the Mahi Taco's - awesome!

  • Posted by Mo February 2012

    BBQ mahi tacos were awesome!

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    Huge disappointment.  Coming from SoCal I was so excited to hear about a place with good fish tacos - and it's not that they are simply different, they are simply bad.

  • Posted by Z October 2011

    Oh I looove Cabo fish taco!!! I saw this episode for the first time right after I moved to NC; my husband and I drove 5 hrs round trip to go for dinner & it was so worth it! (Admitidely, I have a strong affinity for fish tacos as it is) We've been back several times and it has never I'm craving BBQed mahi mahi! Go. Embrace it for what it is. And enjoy!

  • Posted by Dianne September 2011

    Had lunch at Cabo Fish Taco today.  Great tacos and sides.  The chips were cold/stale and the accompanying tomato and corn salsa was just okay.  Overall, I guess this would be catagorized as a dive becasue the place was dirty.  The service was pretty good.  Glad we went - it was fun.

  • Posted by scott evans July 2011

    All i can say is try one time and you will love it!!

  • Posted by kbradsher42 July 2011

    My wife and I have been to six different Dives, Diners and Drive Inn's.  We have enjoyed trying places like The Dish, Farmer Shed and others. Unfortunately, Cabo did not deliver.  This was one of the worse meals I have ever had in my life. I would say Cabo Fish Taco is a mixture between Taco Bell and Long John Silver but that would be an injustice to both fast restaurants. The chips they brought out tasted so stale, like a bag that had been opened a week ago and forgotten.  The fish taco tasted like a fish stick you had in elementary school. I know this all sounds harsh but we were left wondering what the big deal is.  

  • Posted by dddfanbill March 2011

    Had a nice lunch here - the tavarua tuna taco was very tasty.  Service was great - and they were very busy on a Friday at lunch time.  Prices were reasonable.  The salsa was - well - different.  The chips were stale.  Was disappointed with the fact they did NOT have any sign of DDD (that I saw) having been there.  DDD "put them on the map" - why not have a some mention thereof (at least one of Guy's nice posters - which would work well with the other "art" there)?

  • Posted by A Guest February 2011

    I've lived in NC my entire life and had never heard of this place until a dear friend of mine took me there yesterday for lunch.  I LOVE this place and plan on returning very frequently.  Anyone who has not tried it, TRY IT!!!  You will not be sorry.

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    Cabo Fish Taco is known for fish tacos done well. They take interesting flavor profiles and combine them with fresh, well-cooked fish for a dynamite combination.

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2010

    Our new favorite place to go on a road trip.  Tuna, scallops, mahi mahi on tacos or a buritto. Wow! Kids even love it.  8-)

  • Posted by Jason Berberich September 2010

    Tavarua Tuna Tacos are the bomb.  Just a slight spicy to them so for me could have been more spicy but great combination of flavors

  • Posted by Mary Graham August 2010

    Check this out Charlotte NC

  • Posted by Don June 2010

    Not that great.  Fish portions were small and the flavorings overpowered the fish.  To me if you have good fish you don't need much more in a fish taco.  I am used to a big hunk of fresh grilled fish.  This had small cubes of fish way to much seasoning and mounds of lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.  The guac needed salt and the chips were not hot and slightly stale.  This is probably the worst DDD place I have ever been.  Not to mention we drop $30 bucks for two people (2 orders of taco's and an order of guac, 2 drinks) with no alcohol. To see how fish tacos are done check out Blue Water in San Diego another DDD stop.

  • Posted by Michael Leeth June 2010

    Just had a late lunch there.  Had the Tuna Tacos with the honey wasabi.  Quite possibly the best fish taco I've ever had.  All the flavors were well balanced and it comes LOADED with tuna.  I was worried that two tacos with some rice and beans wouldn't fill me up, but I was wrong.  The compimentary corn salsa tasted extremely fresh and was also very good.  We had seconds!  My wife had the mexi-slaw as her side and thought it was kinda bland.  Good beer on tap.  If you love fish tacos you have to check this place out!

  • Posted by John and Kierston April 2010

    This was the second Triple D place we have tried in Charlotte on our permanent dream to visit and eat everything Guy has tried.  We got there right as they opened on a Saturday.  We sat out on the front deck and enjoyed a beautiful spring morning.  This place is unique and quirky.  Very artsy ambiance, waiters, and patrons.  Not sure if there is a college in the neighborhood, or even an art community, but that is the vibe.  Kind of place where the waiters have their own styles and neo-punk chic thing going on.  Our waitress was a very sweet and talkative young lady who seemed genuinely happy to be here.  The food is going for california-style fish with an organic influence.  Got to be honest, was a little disappointed.  From the beginning, the corn salsa that comes with the complimentary chips was very bland.  To the point where we added salt and pepper from the table.  We both ordered fish tacos San diego style.  I thought the fish was a little greasy, especially since they were attempting to be the healthy version.  It was just an OK experience.  I have been to a couple of hole-in-the-walls that have better fish tacos for alot less price.   I am not sure I would go back again unless I lived close by and had a severe craving for Fish.  To be fair, it may be an exellent scene at night and we just hit 'em at an early hour.  Also, I definitely felt appreciated and comfortable.  Food was just a little short for me.     

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2010

    us in front of cabo on hallween.awesome place, i luv the food.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2010

    there foods awesome!!!!!!! our friend works thre and the people that you meet there are so laid back and friendly , you feel like all the staff becomes your friend b4 you end your meal :)

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