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Landmark Restaurant Diner in Charlotte, NC
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Landmark Restaurant Diner

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4429 Central Ave  CharlotteNC  28205

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Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich at the Landmark Diner in Charlotte, NC.  [...]

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A Boise landmark restaurant closes its doors

Landmark Restaurant Diner in Charlotte, NC 
Angel's restaurant calling it quits after more than 30 years.  [...]

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Dinner Club with Jim White at the Warwick Melrose Hotel Landmark Restaurant.m4v

Landmark Restaurant Diner in Charlotte, NC 
See highlights of a "Summer Sparkler Spectacular" at the latest "Dinner Club with Jim White" special event at the Warwick Melrose Hotel in Dallas. Executive ...  [...]

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Landmark Diner Ossining NY

Landmark Restaurant Diner in Charlotte, NC 
Come to Landmark Diner and enjoy some outstanding food. 265 South Highland Avenue Ossining, NY 10562-6103 (914) 762-7700 If you're starting your day or endin...  [...]

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Landmark Diner at Food Network

Landmark Restaurant Diner in Charlotte, NC 
The Landmark Restaurant is featured in an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives show hosted by Guy Fieri.  [...]

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    [email protected]
    2/9/2015 6:32:56 AM
  2. Gravatar image
    [email protected]
    2/9/2015 5:57:04 AM
    Super Reuben sandwich. Staff was fast and friendly. Parking is a little tough. Not too expensive either.
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    [email protected]
    6/8/2014 7:54:38 AM
    Used to be good .. Went yesterday bad experience.
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    [email protected]
    6/8/2014 7:21:03 AM
    Had a very bad experience. Not only waitress was rude, took my wife's order wrong, took longer on purpose to bring our food out. After Manager was called he was careless to turn our bad experience around. But quick to overcharge for items that were never brought to the table. Name of the waitress?? Dee NO CLASS OR MANERS for working @ this place.
  5. anonymous
    7/15/2012 10:43:40 PM
    I wanted this to be slightly better than it was. I order the fried chicken and was impressed with the presentation and taste. My mashed potatoes and green beans were well flavored. On the other hand, the amount of meat that my husband received on his gyro plate seemed a little on the small side (only three pieces of meat). I would still recommend to stop by if you're in town, but not necessarily to go out of the way for it.
  6. anonymous
    4/8/2012 10:10:38 AM
    I'm a Liver and Onions girl...yes I know but what can I say. Love it!! This was my first visit to the Landmark and you guessed it I ordered my favorite, it was EXCELLENT!! Not overdone and rubbery but tender and juicy...My honey had the grilled pork chops with mashed potatoes and broccoli. He ate it ALL. This is a man who always has a take home container but there was nothing left on his plate. Need I say more? Go and enjoy you will not regret it.
  7. anonymous
    1/23/2012 9:45:59 PM
    Visited Landmark in December.  Absolutely amazing!!  The service was wonderful and the food was mind blowing!!  Had the pork chops and Greek green beans... simply addictive and you can't beat the price!  Made the ultimate "sacrifice" and had dessert... the baklava and coconut pineapple cake were stupendous!!  
  8. anonymous
    10/1/2011 7:42:15 PM
    Visited Landmark yesterday. The food and the Service was top notch. You get alot of food for your money that is great on flavor and cooked to profection. Will go back next time I am in the Charlotte area. Also don't leave without getting one of their great deserts.
  9. anonymous
    6/12/2011 11:53:59 PM
    We visited the Landmark recently on a trip through North Carolina and South Carolna. The food was delicious. I had the Spanakovita that Guy tried on the show and it was fabulous. My husband had the grilled beef tips and we shared the tuxedo chocolate cake for dessert. It was all outstanding. We will definitely go back there if we are ever in that part of the country again!
  10. anonymous
    3/31/2011 1:20:15 PM
    GREAT food, portions, prices, service and armosphere!!  GO THERE AFTER YOU HAVE FASTED FOR ABOUT 3 DAYS!!  I visited on a Sunday at around noon - minimal wait - but the place was very bust (and much larger than most DDD spots.  The bakery case looked VERY tempting!  To the best of my knowledge this is the ONLY DDD place in the Charlotte area that is open on Sunday.  Would go back without question.
  11. anonymous
    1/2/2011 12:57:46 AM
    This restaurant offers an abundant assortment of greek pastries that have been supersized compared to what you might get at your typical greek festival. Further, Landmark has fantastic challah french toast.  It's great with syrup, but I really like it with the orange marmalade that's already on the table.

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