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South 21 Drive-In

3101 E Independence Blvd Charlotte, NC 28205
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  • Posted by David28377 January 2014

    Onion rings are awesome. Classic burger joint. Fried chicken is good also. A very solid DDD.

  • Posted by dandmshort January 2014

    We had never been to Charlotte before and were excited to see the town and hit some DD&D spots this past weekend (Jan. 25-26, 2014). South 21 was our Saturday lunch. My wife and I both ordered the super boy, one with onion rings one with fries. The great: Our service was really good. It may have helped that we gave our server a 5$ tip, but he returned several times to our car to ask if everything was okay and if we needed anything else. He was very friendly. As far as the meal is concerned: We both felt that the meal was okay but nothing to write home about. Neither of us get what the big deal is with the onion rings- they were kind of bland for our taste- your average generic onion ring. The burgers were good and we were satisfied with them- but, honestly, we could have gone to any number of other burger joints and felt equally satisfied. I'm sure if you are a local, this place probably has some sentimental value that makes everything taste better, but being visitors, we weren't too sure what the fuss was about.

  • Posted by April 2013

    The onion rings really were the best I have had. I had the super boy, and it was solid, but not spectacular. The nostalgia and the onion rings were the main reasons to go to this place, as it was a first time experience of a true drive-in for myself and my son.

  • Posted by Cheryl Rhodes Rainey September 2011

    The best onion rings ever made. Goes great with the filet of trout dinner! My family has been eating there for about 45 yrs. 

  • Posted by Dianne September 2011

    Terrific place and wonderful food!  Highly recommend it.  The onion rings are to die for and the fried chicken was worth the 29 minute wait.  Fun experience and overall superb.  We'll be back.

  • Posted by Big Tool June 2011

    My wife and I each ordered a Super Boy with rings.  The burgers were surprisingly good but the onion rings were phenomenal! I whole-heartedly agree wiith some of the other reviewers that these rings are some of the best. The South 21 was the best of four DDD stops we meade on this trip and the best DDD drive-in, so far, that we've visited. The only reason why I might not stop here during my next trip through Charlotte is that there are so many other DDD sites in town needing my attention. (Afterwards we drove past the Penguin Drive-in and Dish, which are just a few blocks west of the South 21 off of Central.) A word of warning: South 21 can only be accessed by west-bound traffic on the Andy Jackson Highway (US 74). That makes this business difficult to find, especially if you're an out-of-towner unfamiliar with the local roads.

  • Posted by Andrea Leigh Watson March 2011

    Mom & I ordered the Super Boy and onion rings. The burger was better than I expected as were the fries. The onion rings were perfect. Probably some of the best I've ever eaten. (Light batter, crisp, hot & fresh!) Wish we could have eaten more but we were stuffed. Return trip is planned to try the fried trout. :)

  • Posted by Chris Doering August 2010

    Our fourth Triple-D vacation stop was a true Drive-In.  The novelty of a drive-in has not changed over the years.  While growing up both of our parents took us to drive-in’s and this one brought back some great family memories. Now our family has more memories to take home from this trip.  The onion rings are famous for a reason, they were hot, crispy, and had great flavor.  Our order of onion rings once again passed all the Guy tests from the “By Request, Episode DV0806”.  The fries were hot and cooked to perfection.  The milk shakes were thick and creamy.  The burgers, B.B.Q. pork sandwich, and deserts were standard drive-in quality but nothing exceptional.  My wife, wrapped up her meal with a piece of strawberry pie and enjoyed each bite.  The service was fast and friendly.  The menu is reasonably priced for the food portions.

  • Posted by Susan July 2010

    Burger was average - noyhing special.  Onion rings were good.  Ones served with my burger were col and we each got all of 4 rings :(   We ordered some rings to go and the to go batch was much better- hot and crispy!  Good, bit not going to go out oy my way to stop in. 

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