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Boondocks BBQ and Grill

4653 Ohio 60 McConnelsville, OH 43756
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  • Posted by November 2021

    Robert Leighton Burdette, Jr., was a loving husband, uncle, brother, and son. Chef Bobby as he was known to many for his famous restaurant, The Boondocks BBQ & Grill, has owned and operated it with his wife Maria for the last 13 years.

  • Posted by I eat for fun November 2014

    Great BBQ. Great service. Great Prices. Both the rack of ribs (meat just fell off the bones) and the pulled pork sandwich were flavorful and tender. The Chocolate Waffle Sundae was very good also.

  • Posted by May 2014

    Rode 200 miles to try this place... I'm glad it was a good ride because the food was a let down... they were out of ribs (what he heck?) so I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and the meat was under-seasoned with no hint of smoke flavor... the sides are very small portions and seem like they were purchased in the frozen foods section of a grocery store... they were also out of cheesecake =( On an up note the service was good... the owner even offered to drive out and show us the way when Google maps led us the middle of nowhere =)

  • Posted by albert&pam May 2014

    5/26/14, Food good & cheap, ordered a pulled pork sandwich covered with cole slaw, 2 onion rings & 1 side for $6.99. I got a slab of ribs for 16.99 w/2 sides. All was good, Now for the only issue, my slab came with only 8 bones (instead of the norn of 12-13), so I asked the server and she said it looked a little small since it usually hangs over the plate, so I asked to speak to Mgr, she came out and said that they just changed over to a “NEW” style of ribs and they are only 8, but meatier. HA HA, WHO are you trying to kid?? So I asked her to show me a PIG that has only 8 ribs! She said I was right, but that is what they are serving now (but all pictures on table & menu show full slabs), so to make me a little happier, she gave me 1 more rib. ALSO, the slab is cut in 1/2, 4 bones each and 1 side were real long & skinny bones and the other side were short & fat bones, SO, she did not serve a continuous portion Not sorry to say, WILL NOT be back.

  • Posted by slab December 2012

    Ive given this place three chances to impress me and it failed every time. The appetizers taste like the frozen food stuff from a grocery store. And my food was always over cooked. But the sweet tea wasnt terrible. Overall, a disappointing experience

  • Posted by otis October 2012

    We stopped there after driving 500 miles and was very disappointed nothing was fresh , Will never go again !!!

  • Posted by Bob October 2012

    Stumbled upon Boondocks BBQ and Grill while enjoying Hocking Hills. This BBQ is easily on par with some of the top notch places in Nashville, Memphis, or any part of Texas. Pulled pork was melt in your mouth and ribs were fantastic. Service was great and prices were very reasonable. Like I needed another excuse to drive route 78.

  • Posted by Jeff August 2012

    I have traveled the world with the privilege of visiting many extraordinary restaurants, but Boondocks always feels like home. Almost always a large, friendly, local crowd. The service is top-notch, and as repeat guests we've been impressed that they remember us. It's unusual to find such a high-quality place with such a talented chef in a location like this, but it's what keeps us going back. Near enough to Athens, Ohio and the Hocking Hills area to make it worth a special trip to go to McConnellsville and the Boondocks!

  • Posted by Rinkermandy May 2012

    Stopped at Boondocks just today. Busy busy place! Excellent pulled pork sandwich, the sweet potato fries were delicious!! Service was wonderful, clean friendly place at very reasonablr prices! Will definately go back!! :)

  • Posted by Grizzhd May 2012

    Bill W
    Stop there on my way to Virginia Great food and great serves . Well stop again .

  • Posted by Craig T. January 2012

    The Boondocker burger was totally awesome with onion rings. This is an excellent place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, enjoy the food. Former Ohioian now Phoenician.

  • Posted by Lori January 2012

    Went there new years eve...ribs must have been left over from the night before.  Meat quality was poor and there wasn't a hint of smoke flavor.  Perhaps we should give it  another chance but it's a little tough to find and not worth the drive.

  • Posted by Guy B. December 2011

    We stopped by the Boondock's BBQ & Grille today. They have a very diverse menu with something that should appeal to almost anybody. We had the Boondocker, a pulled pork and onion ring sandwich with BBQ sauce on it. For our side we chose the sweet potatoe fries. The meal was excellent. It had a wonderful flavor, was served with what appeared to be thin sliced homemade dill pickle slices, and topped off our meal with a slice of peach pie. We are only abour 45 minutes from here, so we will definitely be back to try some of the other entree's on their menu. I can wholeheartedly recommend this place to any DDD follower that is looking for an interesting place to eat. The facility was clean, well decorated, and the wait staff were friendly and very attentive. If your near the area check this place out. You won't be disappointed.  :)

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    Actually this sounds like what happens on a regular bases there. The last time I went there the food was just so so and the appertisers my dad and brother got tasted like they were store boughten frozen food section crap.... not Food Network quality, that's for sure. When I heard Guy had been there I laughed and said that I bet he walked away rolling his eyes. AND I have yet to see it on TV which says a lot about Guy and his true "taste". Good for you Guy! I wouldn't put "special" frozen food on my show either.

  • Posted by Terry Favreau May 2011

    Amazing food for minimal prices.!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    You are completely making this up!!! Ten bucks says you're someone from that dive bar Wingslinger up the road causing trouble again!!! get a life!!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    They were filmed by DDD -- have yet to be shown.  tHEY'VE ALSO WON COOKING COMPETITIONS AROUND THE mIDWEST and beyond.  Mcconnelsville is a sleepy little town like Mayberry.  Thats what makes it special.  People expect prime rib service & walk into a place like The Boondocks w/ bologna money and lunch meat attitude.  And out-of-towners?  The place is PACKED on the weekends.  The articles are on the bathrooms as part of the "funny" theme in the decour...maybe you should've dined at Ruth's Chris?  Or are they above your refined palettes as well?

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Wow.  You people are being a little harsh, dont you think?  I know thw owner personally, not sure he would ever tell anyone not to say anythikng bad b/c it was going to be on DDD... nice to see America still supports the little guy.

  • Posted by Guest March 2011

    Nothing special except in McConnelsville where there isn't much else.  Drove down from Columbus on a nice day wanting the drive - we were the only people in the place on a Saturday at lunch - Scary.  Food was good and service was service.  Classic BBQ.   If you are in the area, eat and enjoy but don't make a special trip - PS Hasn't been on DDD yet but they have been filmed and our hoping for the best - local news article to read on the wall in the bathroom - yes I said bathroom.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011

    Was this place really featured on DD&D? I cant find it on the episode list at all?

  • Posted by Tiny Tim February 2011

    Great little place to eat.  We had a great time and the food was fantastic!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    Boondocks is known for the bbq, cooking from scratch, low prices, and warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies for dessert

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Not a good experience AT ALL! Went on a Sunday afternoon. Hubby ordered the pulled pork sandwich (which WAS excellent) but so much else was just wrong, wrong, wrong. First off, found a shell in our crab cakes. Their flavor was excellent, so we just let it go. Next, side salad was a little lame: iceburg lettuce, one tomato slice, one crouton, one carrot slice, a plop of cheese, and bottled dressing. Nothing amazing, but, hey! main course was a comin'! I ordered "signature dish" sliced sirloin with red pepper butter, cooked medium, with sweet potato fries. What I got was basically beef tips: tough, flavorless, full of sinew, overdone, and cold. SP fries were OK. Hubby's potato wedge fries were incredibly greasy and undercooked, like the oil was not hot enough. Service was perfunctory, but not at all attentive. There were very few patrons in the place. We got there at 1:30, they were open until 3. When the waitress brought our ($30!) check, we mentioned the problems. I guess we could have forgiven it all and chalked it up as a lesson learned until the owner came out and challenged us. Now, we are NOT big complainers, and we are NOT picky eaters. This food was truly substandard. The owner then proceeded to tell us he was going to give us a "discount", but we told him repeatedly that we did not want one. He came back not with a refund, but a postcard worth 10% off our NEXT $15 purchase. AS IF! He told us we shouldn't say anything bad about him because he was on Food Network. Then he said he hated working on Sundays because he got nothing but complaints on Sundays, and if we were going to use our discount, we should do so soon because he was leaving McConnelsville because he couldn't make anyone happy here. He was taking his restaurant to Columbus where people appreciated good food. His arrogance was just astounding. I hope if you do go, you get good food and service. Just stick with the pulled pork.  :o/

  • Posted by DWetz July 2010

    We visited this Triple D stop when back in Ohio visiting family, Our family will definitly be back and happy we found it for them. We stop at alot of DDD places in our travels from Colorado and this one was great! The pulled pork was excellent along with tender fall off the bone ribs. Nice to have this one close to our old home town. My 7 year old son had the monster burger and it was also pretty good(I had to share it with him of coarse) We will see what we find on the way home to colorado.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2010

    Try the Brisket and Pork combo... Its breath taking

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