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At Last Cafe CLOSED

204 Orange Ave Long Beach, CA 90802
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  • Posted by February 2020

    CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED looks like it's been closed since 2018, here's an article about the closing

  • Posted by DevHalo January 2020

    At Last Cafe closed in 2017.

  • Posted by July 2015

    Went back for a return visit this past weekend. What a complete 180 from the past experience. First I waited over 25 minutes at my table while I was completely ignored by the staff. I finally had to ask a different waiter if I was going to allowed to place an order. I mean geez, come on guys it wasn't like there was a crowd, just four other tables total, that's complete BS. Ordered the polenta app and it was excellent again. Yum Then came the stuffed pork chop. I noticed that the bottom seemed much dryer than the top. my second bite pinpointed the problem. the bottom was charred black and inedible. After notifying the wait staff they took it away and tried to offer a replacement meal. I had had enough frustration by now and the offer was declined. To my amazement when the check arrived the waiter had the gall to charge me for approx 80% of the entree. Really? Since I was paying in cash out came the cell phone calculator to figure out what I was going to leave for the meal. Just then the head waiter noticed this and comped the entire entree. Diners beware.....I'll never go back.

  • Posted by Nancy Sypniewski February 2013

    Food was off the charts fabulous. Really! Cooked perfectly, seasoned to perfection and portions that you can almost share. We came for lunch shortly after 1:00, were seated promptly and our server was polite and attentive. Read the other reviews and decided to go just for the food but were pleasantly surprised by the staff. We give the place a huge thumbs up all the way around and will definitely go back when in the Long Beach area.

  • Posted by Sven29 June 2012

    My wife and i have been to 14 places from DDD and this has to be the worst. The food was good with large portions but the sevice was terrible and the wait staff was rude. They spent most of their time behind the soda machine eating and talking to other workers while our we sat with empty glasses. It was obvious when a local would walk in because they would spring into action and greet them then run back to the soda machine and drink and eat while we sat with nothing.

  • Posted by Stacy Ledbetter May 2012

    Food was good but service was the worst, also our server was rude.  I'll never return.

  • Posted by Stacy Ledbetter May 2012

    The food was fantastic but the service was the worst and I will never return.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    My wife and I went here on Saturday.  We drove 1 hour to get here and it was well worth it.  I had the pork belly (comes with potatos and vegetables).  It was great!  My wife had the mussels and linguine.  She liked hers alot as well.  The portions were large and we only paid $$.  Well worth the money.  We will be coming back to try something new off the menu.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2011

    Well...after traveling 4 hours to visit this 3D was one huge disappointment!!!!! Burger was dressed with the root end of an onion, dry beef paddy and stale bun. Also ordered the beet salad, beets were dehydrated from over the point of rotten. The greens were slimy...boy this was a huge waste of time and $$$$$$

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    Great food!! I loved the meatloaf and my wife loved the stuffed pork chop.

  • Posted by Mimi T August 2011

    Went here from Colorado..I had the salmon. special of the was FAB, others had reg.fare and they went nuts..they are in the restaurant business Did not have reservations but they made up a table on the sidewalk and we ate out there..we got lucky..the food was great...the servicwe was outstanding. can't wait to visit Costa Mesa again so I can go back. YUMMY!!!!!

  • Posted by daveandloriclapton April 2011

    John Rocks! He's Clapton in the kitchen. At Last has superior food, kind and totally cool help, and an IPOD to die for. Order from the specials menu and you won't be disappointed, ever!

  • Posted by ctman4fun March 2011

    good food   tough to find parking      closes early

  • Posted by Mr. Compression July 2010

    I'd love to see the video clip of this one.

  • Posted by FlavortownUSA March 2010

    Chandra Clewley does a review of this place on her blog, check it out at she says At Last Cafe is open Tues-Sat from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and serves beer and wine. Reservations are highly recommended.

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