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The Coffee Cup

512 Nevada Way Boulder City, NV 89005
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  • Posted by July 2020


  • Posted by Tim and Kristal March 2012

    WOW! My girlfriend and I were in Vegas for a few days. Been to Vegas one too many times to eat at another buffet again so we headed to beautiful Boulder City to try the World Famous Coffee Cup. The downtown setting of the diner is great. There was a long line to get in, but we choose to sit at the bar to get in immediately. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was inviting. After ordering a coffee each, I saw a sign for bloody mary's. Nothing beats a Vegas morning like a good bloody mary, and let me tell you, this was the absolute best bloody mary either of us have ever had. Made from scratch daily, not only was it potent and tasty, it was served with a thick slice of bacon....MMMMMMMM so yummy. The two of us couldn't decide on just two meals so we ordered three plates! We had the pork chili verde omelette, papas con Chili verde, and the Breakfast burrito #3. Wow! Each plate was absolutely amazing!!! The best chili verde I've ever had! It was so good, we came back the next day. The next morning we added a side of biscuits and gravy, which were outstanding as well. This is by far my favorite breakfast diner. On morning two, we sat at the full service bar and spoke with the owner's son while we waited for our table.....sipping on bloody mary's ;) He was a great guy and easy to talk to and he remembered us from the previous morning. If you are in Vegas, planning on visiting Vegas or headed to see Hoover Dam, you MUST stop and eat here!!!!!!!

  • Posted by Dave March 2012

    Food was adequate, nothing special.  Service was disgusting, girl had an attitude and just threw the plates at us during breas=kfast service. Went back a second time, food sucked as dd the service. Poor service make sit difficult to enjoy your food.. Obviously the owner allows this behavior frm his servers... Don't waste your time or your money. When ya spend your money, you expect quality service and quality food, especially frm DDD.. not here!

  • Posted by Dustin December 2011

    One of my favorite DDD stops. Don't understand the mixed reviews given by others. The service was great, talked to the one owner at cash register for awhile while was paying when done, and she was very nice. I had the pork chile verde omlet which was very good. But growing up in ND this was my first experience with chile verde, so not much to compare to. Also got the penut butter waffle, which is hands down best waffle I've ever had. And one of best things I've ever ate period. I would have this as dessert for my last meal, I liked it that much.

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    My son and I ate here on a recent visit to Vegas.  He had the French Toast and I had an egg white veggie omelet!  Great breakfast, great people!  I would certainly go back!

  • Posted by Me October 2011

    My husband and I love this place. The food is very good. You can taste the homemade quality. We have gone two weekends in a row and have not had to wait more than 10 minutes to sit down and eat. The service is good, coffee is good, food is delicious!!! Of course, we had to try the green chile dishes. 

  • Posted by guest June 2011

    I work in Boulder City. Guy attended the Univ of Nevada Las Vegas & obviously discovered The Coffee Cup back then. He visited it in his first season (or 2nd?) and his choices definitely got better as the show took off in popularity. The Coffee Cup has fun ambience but the food is mediocre. Why the bikers line up outside on weekends and wait an hour to get in is beyond me. Food is very average and uninspired. The green chile verde (touted by Guy) is one of the better things on the menu. But I don't go there anymore because Milo's Wine Bar, just a few doors down, is vastly superior -- great salads, sandwiches and fabulous soups. Haven't had a bad meal there in 4 years. A tad more $$ than the Coffee Cup but worth it.

  • Posted by Pat April 2011

    Hello-we were just in Boulder City and had lunch at the Coffee Cup. Everything was just great. We did have to wait, but everyone was very pleasant. The food was wonderful, I just wish the cafe was closer to Idaho.

  • Posted by Mary S. March 2011

    Every time we go to Vegas, the Coffee Cup is a must stop for breakfast/brunch.  We usually go during the week as it is soo busy on the weekend.  Very innovative, great food.

  • Posted by LS February 2011

    Stopped here for breakfast.  Service was friendly and reasonably efficient.  We had the Chili Verde omelet, Huevos Rancheros and Chicken fried steak.  All were good but none were exceptional.  The chili verde sauce was spicy but not as flavorful as we'd expected and hoped for.  All in all, a good experience but not a memorable one.  We'd recommend if you're passing through but it wouldn't be worth going out of your way to stop.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2010

    If you're within 300 miles of this place, you have no excuse to not get there at least once.

  • Posted by JD September 2010

    I'd like to say this we had a pleasant visit to the Coffee Cup, but nothing could be further from the truth. Three friends and I had ridden early in the morning in August from Los Angeles to the Hoover Dam and stopped for a late-morning breakfast at the Coffe Cup on our way back from the Dam. We entered from the sweltering heat and were greeted pleasantly by the young lady at the counter to whom we gave our name. She said that it would be about ten minutes and, if we would like, we could wait outside and we would hear our name called over the speaker there. However, as hot as it was, we were very much enjoying the airconditioning inside and opted to wait there. The lobby is not large and there are few seats for waiting that were taken up by other guests, so we did our best to stand to the side and were sure to stay out of the way of other guests and staff as they passed. After about 2 minutes of waiting, a man who worked there, whose job was not apparent as he seemed to pass from place to place without any purpose but to talk with patrons (manager? owner?), passed by and also said we could wait outside and would hear our party called there. Still recovering from the hot ride, we again opted to remain inside. About two minutes later, a couple of ladies entered and added their names to the waiting list. At this point, the same man stopped by and said again that we could wait outside. The ladies asked if they were supposed to wait outside (as in, is that where people are supposed to wait to be seated?) and he replied, "No, you can wait inside, we just need to get these guys outside." One of our party asked what the issue was - are people supposed to wait outside or is it acceptable to wait inside - to which this now surly man replied, "I just need you guys to go outside and wait!" Now bear in mind that we are perfectly amenable people happy to help where we can; and, had he approached us and said, "Hey guys, it's a little crowded in here, would you mind waiting outside until your table is called - I'd really appreciate it," we would have happily complied. But at this point, having received the treatment we had, we opted to just walk out and discuss our dining options. Not willing to let it go, he followed us out the door and in a rather brusque manner said, "You don't have to make an issue out of it, if you don't like it why don't you just go some other f*$&#ing place to eat!" Having been given a proper invitation to leave, that's what we did. The ladies who entered behind us opted to leave also, saying, "That wasn't very pleasant!" So - no review of the food, but I can tell you that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. If you choose to dine here, keep an eye out for the aging, balding, surly looking guy wandering around and you'll hopefully have a better experience than we did. Vegas has plenty of good restaurants at which one can eat to go out of the way to stop here and be treated this way.

  • Posted by Bob September 2010

    My wife and I visited The Coffee Cup yesterday...not good at all!  I don't think Guy gave an honest opinion of this place.  The Chili Verde was probably the worst I have had.  The Chicken Fried Steak was aweful...I never saw anyone ruin it like this place did.  Everything was bland (except for the weird taste of the Chicken Fried Steak).  The Pork Chop special was a nice sized plate...but tasteless.  Nice job on the Hash Browns (nicely browned) though.  The only good thing we have to say about this place is the service was very good.

  • Posted by Smokehouse April 2010

    The Pork Chile Verde Omelet was huge.  It was mighty tasty too.

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2009

    thank you fo rthe photos, much help.

  • Posted by Jason Iehl April 2009

    Stopped into The Coffee Cup yesterday as the last stop on a Triple D 24 hour road trip.  OVer the food was good.  We had the Pork Chili Verde Omelett and Fresh Strawberry Waffle.  The Chili verde is one of the better ones I have had but not the best.  People there were very friendly and it was worth going to.    I am not sure that we woud drive the extra 25 miles out of Vegas to get there in the future but we did have a good time!

  • Posted by lisakat April 2009

    I traveled to Vegas several times several years back to visit friends.  We would ALWAYS have breakfast at Coffee Cup.  The early morning drive over the dam with the destination being the Coffee Cup was always such a treat for me.

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