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Paul's Coffee Shop

16947 Bushard Street Fountain Valley CA 92708
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  • Posted by CalifBeachbum October 2012

    I went to Paul's for the first time this morning. The owner, Phil Martinez was just bringing the day's restock from Smart & Final. He was friendly and personable, greeting everyone he met and hugging a couple of the regulars. One of us ordered the pork steak featured on the Triple-D show and the other ordered their french toast combo. The pork steak was huge, but missed the mark flavor-wise. It was pretty bland without much real pork flavor and a bit too fatty. The French-toast combo was great w/ the French (Texas) toast cooked just right and full of flavor. If I go back, I'll try the chicken fried steak or one of their 1/2 lb burgers.

  • Posted by Michael Solarez October 2012

    It was my first time here. I enjoyed the Marine Corps theme and the atmosphere was great. The service was spectacular and very friendly. The food was just okay (I had the pork chop breakfast plate) on this trip. I will come back and try again for an outstanding experience, it's my duty :-)

  • Posted by tfierro July 2012

    We decided to drive about 45 minutes to try Paul's Coffee Shop. We had the Chicken fried steak and SOS. Both dishes were great, we will be coming back. Glad we decided to make the trip.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    This was the 3rd time I've been there.  All three times I ordered their pork steak and eggs breakfast.  The first time was the day after they were on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives show.  They  had shown the pork steak preparation on TV.  The first two times I loved the pork steak. Unfortunately, today the steak was overcooked, dry, tasteless, felt like old pork jerky. The worst thing was, when I complained and asked the waitress if they changed the recipe or the cook.  She said let me check.  She came back said nothing, she was the one that greeted us at the entrance, she was our waitress and she was the cashier.  She saw us all those times and did not have the courtesy of responding.  Maybe she had a bad day and served me the leftover from this morning, dried up, overcooked and almost burned.  I do hope they improve upon this attitude and be more consistent in their recipes, processes and cooking.

  • Posted by Andrew Gillette February 2012

    Awesome food!  The pork steak was out of this world.  My dad got the SOS, and it was awesome as well.  Unfortunately it appeared that the owner was going through the initial vocal stages of a nasty divorce.  I would love to come back the next time I am in Cali.  I recommend 1000%

  • Posted by Brian Parks February 2012

    Not a bad spot at all, not the best but for a nice diner feel with pretty good food for the price I'd say go for it if you're in the area. If you like cream with your coffee sorry the only have the non dairy liquid creamer which was a shock being its "PAUL'S COFFEE SHOP." Ha a coffee shop that chimps of the coffee GREAT HUH? The owner should really change this, let's be honest all want real cream with coffee unless lactose intolerant. I posted a YouTube video about a min long with me and my fiancée eating two other entrées. Over all I would give it a try.

  • Posted by Nick January 2012

    This was the best breakfast ever and Paul is soo nice, he came to our table and said hi and even brought the Special of the Day board to our table.

  • Posted by Fishdog November 2011

    Chicken fried steak is DA BOMB! Huge and so good.

  • Posted by jojo August 2010

    I live right across from pauls coffee shop and usually go their every other weekend. the people are so friendly,and the busiicits and gravy rock !(:

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    I have been going to Pauls Coffee Shop for years. Pauls coffee shop has the best diner food which is hard to find in Orange County. Everytime i go in there I feel right at home and everyone is so nice. Everyone there is super friendly. It is a great experiance from the food to the atmosphere (even the customers its like a huge family breakfast). If you was a great homesytle meal and friendly people I would say go to Pauls any day. Everyone who goes loves it there.

  • Posted by Saturday Night Foodies April 2010

    Thanks for getting this on the list.  We checked it out recently and the food rocked!!  Here is the review:

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