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Southern Soul BBQ

2020 Demere Road St Simons GA 31522
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  • Posted by April 2013

    Place was really busy in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, but they did move people through pretty quickly. The pulled pork was excellent, as were the ribs. Would not recommend the brisket, especially compared to the other (2) dishes. Get the baked beans as one of your sides, they were really good. This was a bit out of the way, but worth the drive and would go back if I was in the area.

  • Posted by Jo Hill January 2013

    Travelled over from the UK and made a visit to SSBBQ part of our road trip - so worth it, amazing!

  • Posted by Highwaytohair May 2012

    Pork sanwich was off the chain, sauses were wonderful and WOW at the size. I also highley recamend the fried green beans will defintley be back

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2012

    I live 1/2 hr from here, was looking for some good BBQ, AWESOME, Big Portions and Amazing taste we had the 1/2 slab of ribs with Slaw, will be going back.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    The best!  Took me 7 hours to get there for lunch and cannot wait to get back.  Definitely worth the trip.  Don't just stop by, make it a point to get there.  Best Pulled-Pork ever had.  Ribs were beautiful to look at and the flavor was wonderful. 

  • Posted by Dr Mongoose April 2012

    wow, this place was awesome!!! the stew is incredible, the ribs were excellent, and the pulled pork was wonderful. the sauces were good and the georgia soul was my favorite.  i will be going back before we leave here!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    Detoured into Southern Soul BBQ on my way to Charlestown and boy was it worth it! I could smell the smoker before I found the place. Once I got inside the staff was super nice (and helpful). I had a pulled pork sandwich. Which is my "go to" sandwich and I have to say this was possibly THE BEST pulled pork sandwich I have ever had. My only regret is that I didn't buy some of their signature BBQ sauce to take home.

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    We made a detour on our way to Florida just to try Southern Soul. Friendly service and amazing food. You can tell they treat their food with love and respect. It wasn't drowned in sauce, which I appreciated. Different sauces to chose from but honestly the cole slaw on top complimented the pork, so sauce wasn't necessary. Fabulous! We also had the Mac and cheese. Perfect!

  • Posted by Maumees January 2012

    We made a point to visit and were not disappointed. The ribs were wonderful and the burnt ends beef brisket was amazing. My son (8) asked to meet the owners to tell them this was his favorite restaurant ever. The owners weren't there but they told us if we came back in the morning they would be there. Sure enough 9:30 the next morning the one owner (Harrison) was there and the other owner (Griffin)autographed a menu for my son - his brother was kind enough to get Griffins autograph for him since he wouldn't be there in the am. True southern hospitality. Very friendly staff, wonderful barbecue, st Simon island is beautiful....

  • Posted by Angie July 2011

    I have eaten in a lot of places in GA and found the food here absoloutly incredible. From the sweet tea to the pulled pork, slaw and mac & cheese. Well worth the drive, the portions are huge. Only down side to the experience was that the female staff out front were rude and the place was empty at the time. Everyone is entitled to a bad day but I have to say it is my first experience of rude service in GA. The guys were nice and cordial which made up for the experience.

  • Posted by Shane Hall June 2011

    The Best BBQ I have ever had period.  Anytime Im within 100 miles I will make the effort to go again. Everything was great the best triple D joint I have visited.

  • Posted by guest May 2011

    me and my mom had seen this place on the show many times. we were in the area and figured why not stop and see if it lived up too the hype. i ordered the beef brisket, mac n cheese, collards. my mom order a sampler with pulled pork n brunswick stew. she is not really a fan of brunswick stew....oh my god she is now! southern soul is very worth the drive we had to drive. the smell of the meat cooking when you pulled up and the ole time feel of this place is amazing! if you are in the area it is well worth the time to stop in and try! EXCELLLENT FOOOD!!!

  • Posted by Bill April 2011

    The wife & I ate here first week of March & it's simply the best bbq in the southeast period!! Friendly staff, fast service, and not hard to get to. Pulled pork w/ beans is money! The Brunswick stew is awesome. If ever in the area, do yourself and your stomach a favor and drop in,you won't regret it. Will definitely go back again!!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    Took a chance when visiting in the area.  Looked interesting as it was an old gas station with outside grills and wood piled up where the pumps used to be.  All I can say is it was Awesome.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2010

    My husband & I ate at Southern Soul in August 2010 when they were serving out of a trailer in front of their recently burned down storefront. They had picnic tables set up next to the parking lot, so after waiting in a long line (okay, I sat - he waited) to get our food - we chowed down. The BBQ meat was amazing (we had pork spareribs and chopped pork) & there was so much food it was ridiculous. We are hearty eaters & we could have very easily ordered 1 dinner instead of 2 & shared. I'm not a big sauce fan, but when I do use it - I always go with a mustard sauce: theirs was amazing - not too vinegary tangy & just right. My husband tried all the other sauces (we had to ask our picnic table neighbors to pass it down because they had it huddled around their plates!) & he preferred the sweet sauce. Okay, so the sides: 2 came with each meal & their were 4 choices so we got one of each. For authentic Brunswick Stew, it was a bit of a minor miss - same goes for the Black-Eyed Peas, they werenn't bad, but they weren't memorable either. However, the collards were wonderful - not overcooked & mushy like most southern cooks handle them, but it was almost as if they sauteed them & gave them a light steam afterwards. DEF sprinkle on the pepper sauce, though, to finish them off. Okay, for the 4th side - this is such a random observation - but I can't stop thinking about the Mac'N'Cheese. I wasn't even planning on taking a bite, but I was waiting on my husband to finish so we could jump back into the car so I just grabbed a quick bite of it in a sheer act of boredom...OMGosh - it was SOOOOOOO amazingly awesome! I swear, their secret HAS to be that they cook the Mac in the smoker for a bit - it had this undeniably smoky flavor just behind the traditional flavors of a southern style Mac'N'Cheese. The top was kinda crisped know what - I can't even talk about it anymore it was so flipping good! Anyway, we had never seen the episode where Guy visited Souther Soul, we just heard about the tragic total-loss fire a few weeks after his visit. I hear they are back open, thank goodness, so we will be making another trip soon!

  • Posted by Virginia April 2010

    They have opened back up right on the ocean!! yay!

  • Posted by Ed April 2010

    Outstanding Southern BBQ

  • Posted by Buck March 2010

    The best bbq i have found

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