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J.J. McBrewster's American Smokehouse CLOSED

3101 Clays Mill Road Lexington, KY 40503
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  • Posted by Amandalunsford7 July 2014

    Visiting J.J. McBrewster's was the best experience I've had in a long time! This place has it all! Amazing food and wonderful service. Their menu has something for everyone. The Pizzarette, which is an awesome appetizer to share, has a crispy flatbread topped with their delicious pulled pork or chicken, cheese, smoked bacon, and an amazing sauce you have to come in and experience! They have very unique salads and all homemade dressings. Their pulled pork plate is my personal favorite. Big portion sizes and it comes with two sides. My favorite being their homemade angel hair slaw. This slaw is vinegar based sweet and very satisfying. Their Mac & cheese is the I've ever tasted. Definitely homemade and creamy! They have a great kids menu and also offer ribs, fried chicken, brisket, salmon, turkey breast, mutton, and smoked sausage. Their lunch menu is incredibly cheap for the amount of food! Awesome place for lunch and dinner. I will definitely be back until I try everything. Then I'll be returning to try it all again. Amazing place!!!

  • Posted by April 2014

    This place is absolutely terrible!! First of all, the food was ICE COLD! All of our sides were almost uneatable. The mashed potatoes and mac n cheese tasted very sour like they had been left out or something. We tried the pork and brisket dinners and both were very dry and lacked any smokey flavor at all. Brisket was also very fatty and came with a weird runny sauce, almost like watered-down A-1. Each dinner comes with your choice of bread, which were both completely stale. After trying all of their sauces, there was only one that I could even stand to eat. Our server rarely checked on us even though the place was absolutely dead and when he did, he reeked of cigarettes. My 40 bucks could have been spent elsewhere that's for sure. I honestly don't see how it was on Triple D.

  • Posted by December 2013

    My husband and I stopped here on our way to Nashville and were very disappointed. The place was absolutely DEAD for one thing and does not look like your typical BBQ place. We ordered the pulled pork plate and the brisket and both were mediocre, not to mention all of our side items were ice cold and nothing special. Even after the waitress told the owner our sides were cold they didn't even come over to the table to apologize. They just sat back in the corner of the restaurant on their computer. Not worth your time.

  • Posted by May 2013

    After reading all the reviews, I note that there have only been 7 or 8 reviews in the past 2 years. I'm guessing this was the ONLY bad food, bad service, don't- make-the-guest-happy day they've ever had. Either that, or others who have had the same experience just didn't want to waste their time on this overrated, overpriced, customer-comes-last, past-their-prime-and-resting-on-their-laurels worthless destination. That said, we traveled out of our way to add another DDD to our list (74 DDD's). Willie Diegel would have loved to get his hands on this one... The restaurant was nearly empty (at 1:20) and we felt like we were asking something special to get service. The brisket was dry and "room temp". We had tries to get the 3-meat combo, but they were out of goat... and would not substitute brisket "because it's more expensive". We asked if it could be substituted even if we got a smaller portion and were told that the management just doesn't allow it. The ciabatta roll was SERIOUSLY stale, mutton was great, melon sauce unusual,, but stay with the Kentucky sauce for meat. We were asked 3 times if we wanted desserts ... but they seemed unable to attend to the front of the restaurant and bring the bill.

  • Posted by I eat for fun April 2013

    We chose to drive home from Nashville via Lexington today just to eat at JJ McBrewster's. I'm glad we did; we had the pulled pork, goat and mutton. The flavors were right on the mark. Their sauces are top notch also. Priced right, the staff is very friendly, and we will be back.

  • Posted by Lalel February 2013

    My family & I stopped in here after our daughters archery tournament. The food was awesome and the service was top notch!! They give you so much food for the money, that if you leave there hungry, it's your own fault! We will definitely be going back!

  • Posted by Bill Samson September 2012

    Excellent food and service. Brisket was superb

  • Posted by Starfox August 2012

    Phenomenal food and service. The western sauce on the pork was great. It is worth the stop 100%.

  • Posted by Big Tool August 2012

    My wife loved the brisket and I'm a fan of the turkey. The melon bbq sauce is a must with turkey. I regret not trying the mutton or goat but I will have one or the other the next time we pass through Lexington. Of the four DDD venues around Lexington, this is the best one for food. And the service was very good. The strip mall store front atmosphere (yes... its in a strip mall store front) was the only negative.

  • Posted by teamdcsunshine July 2012

    This was our 3rd triple D adventure and it was wonderful!!! The atmosphere was wonderful, the staff was really friendly and good at their job, and then there was the was sooooooo great. The Brisket is absoutly the best!!! Thanks Guy for another wonderful adventure!! A 4 star restaurant if there ever was one!!!

  • Posted by Maggie June 2012

    OK. I grew up in Eddyville KY and I have never had goat bbq. I don't even know where to get goat bbq, it's pretty much all pulled pork. So I don't really get all the western KY references. I'll have to find this place and try it.

  • Posted by R. Spivey June 2012

    I crave their turkey. Just love going there.

  • Posted by Ermcgill May 2012

    A friend and I stopped there for dinner and it was wonderful. The waitress suggested the beef brisket and it was tender,moist and very flavorful. She also gave us a sample of mutton which I had never tried and it was also very good but because she had suggested the beef I went with that suggestion.  If it was only closer I would be going there frequently! I really enjoyed this place that Guy recommended. The only down side was that they gave a container of oleo instead of butter for the bread. I was surprised by that.

  • Posted by Homewoodalabama May 2012

    If there were a sixth star, I'd give it. Ho-ly-sheep that mutton was good!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    JJ's is definitely worth stopping in. Food was great and so was the service! We tried all the sauces and loved them all.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2011

    Fantabulous........Gonna be our new favorite spot whenever we are in Lexington.  Great food and great people, service, you name it they got it going on.

  • Posted by IT GUY August 2011 have to try the goat... and it is different in a good way...I used the Melon sauce on it. But for dinner...I selected the brisket.... Move over Famous Dave's .... this is really a great menu item.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    Our first stop at a DDD place.  Way to start us off!  The food was amazing and the staff was awesome!  The owner was a super nice guy too!  We loved this place and highly recommend it.  You won't be sorry!

  • Posted by Sarah & Jason Crain July 2011

    My husband and I have been to 15 Triple D's and JJ's is one of our favorite!! The brisket was wonderful and the staff is super friendly!! Go and try this one!! :)

  • Posted by Big Dog May 2011

    Not your typical Triple D, but pulled pork wash very good. Service and staff were great, Saturday night, and they took time to talk to all of their customers. This is a gem in a little shopping center, worth the trip!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Okay for Lexington. There is no good BBQ in Lexington. Wouldn't know ribs if it hit them in their face. The staff is very tense, like they are scared the owner is going to yell at them. The TV is always on the Food Network!!! What a great atmosphere! Joking! They play jazz at a rib joint. The one guy is right you have to tip in cash! I have eaten at over 1,000 restaurants and have NEVER seen that. Either the owner doesn't like paying a percentage charged on the credit cards or she doesn't like to give the full tip to the wait staff. So, if you don't happen to have cash for the tip the poor wait gets NO TIP! CRUEL! All I can say is please relax the atmosphere in there, it's a rib joint. The service is excellent though!

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2010

    JJ McBrewsters had the best BBQ I have ever tasted!  We live 10 minutes from the restaurant and didn't know it existed until seeing it on DDD.  We went there Friday night for dinner and are returning again on Sunday night.  We will be back there many, many more times!!!

  • Posted by DDDFanBill November 2010

    What a WONDERFUL place!  This was my 5th DDD stop on a 6-stop trip (and was the best of the bunch - by far).  5th most have been an omen, as I gladly give JJ's the 5-Star rating above!  From the time I walked in the door on Friday afternoon, until I left, there wasn't a thing I didn't like about the place (or is that palace?)  The atmosphere (TV was on the Food Network), cleanliness, the staff, the menu choices, the servings, the prices, AND the wonderful personalities of Susan and Med. JJ's is not a stop-over... this is a destination!  I will gladly make the 3.5+ hour trip from home back here! I had the goat AND the mutton... far better than I expected - never having had either before.  Wouldn't hesitate to order either one again.  Med told me "wait 'till you try the pork..."  Well - It won't be soon enough!  Ah - and the "rich mahogany" sauce (FKA melon) is to die for! KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!! P.S. - Thank you for the directions Med - worked out perfectly!

  • Posted by Ron and Meredith October 2010

    While on our honeymoon driving to Savannah, we stopped by as many DDD spots we could find on our route to and from. JJ Mc Brewster's was our fourth stop and the best of the lot. The food was excellent. Meredith had the ribs and I had the goat. Both were well prepared, good portions, and fairly priced. The side dishes were tasty as well and the sauces couldn't be beat. Definitely worth the trip.

  • Posted by Rob October 2010

    Great BBQ! You owe it to yourself to check this place out. JJ's has got the 3 best BBQ sandwiches around in The Dip, The Pig Bark, and The Slider. If you've never tried mutton before, you've got to try JJ's. Its the best around. The brisket is awesome, tender and smoky and complemented well with the Daviess County Dip sauce .  Their sauces on the side are great complements to the pork, chicken, turkey, brisket, and salmon. Excellent sides are offered to accompany the BBQ of choice. Wonderful desserts to finish of your meal are available also.  Very friendly staff and the owners Susan and Med are great people to make your dining experience a pleasant one. Being a BBQ fan from Owensboro, this place is a destination of choice  to satisfy my craving of good BBQ. JJ's is definitely SMOKIN'! 603e46a8-330c-4146-bf5b-b6eeb382f3181.03.01

  • Posted by Randall October 2010

    The best BBQ in KY without a doubt. I recomend it to anyone interested in great food and atmosphere.

  • Posted by Derek October 2010

    Great BBQ, Great Staff, Great EVERYTHING! There is no doubt that I will be back very soon.  Honestly, I liked it so much I may even become a weekly regular!

  • Posted by Bonnie T October 2010

    I am a Californian and I thought the food was extremely delicious and well thought of. I had the smoked salmon dinner and it tasted wonderfully different.  I hope the owners open a branch  in California!!! :)

  • Posted by Christy October 2010

    I was passing through town and stopped into JJ McBrewsters after seeing it was going to be featured on DDD.  The moment I stepped through the door I could SMELL that I made the right decision! The food was fabulous, I had the Phat Spud with Pork, as suggested by the extremely helpful and polite waitress.  The pork was tender & didn't have a single ounce of fat on it, not to mention the Western Sauce topped it off with perfection! For dessert I had the Pig Pickin Pie, a peanut butter mousse with fudge, that was so delicous it was sinful! My thanks go out to the kitchen for the great food and the staff for making me feel right at home! Will definately stop in again the next time I travel through Lexington. :-D

  • Posted by Doug September 2010

    I was traveling in the Lexington area on business and saw that they were going to be on DDD and had to try it.  What can I say, it was fabulous.  The BBQ sauces were amazing, especially the melon one.  Brisket so moist it melted in your mouth.  Delicious desserts and service that was out of this world. On my first visit the waitress and I talked about the show and what Guy liked.  The next week I came back and she remembered my name and where I was from.  The owner and I talked about the show and the whole DDD experience.  On my last visit she greeted me by name.  Friendly people doing BBQ the right way. My only regret is that I won't be traveling through Lexington anytime soon.

  • Posted by Nicole and Steve September 2010

    Excellent service! Friendly service and extremely clean. The Pig Bark Pannini is a must.

  • Posted by Jon September 2010

    What a wonderful place, first walk in & your greeted right away. The staff is very friendly & Susan was fun to share some stories with. I have been to about 13 DDD spots so far & this is definatly one of the top places. The BBQ was awsome & i really enjoyed all the sauces. The deserts were fabulous, i had the candy bar cake. I left there stuffed & really didnt have any room for the desert but after trying the BBQ i felt i needed to try it anyway. I'm glad i did, if anybody is in the Lexington area you really need to try this place. I will be back....thank you staff & Susan for making me feel at home.

  • Posted by Scott August 2010

    Wow! A business acquaintence referred me to JJ's for some good barbeque. I love good bbq and try to find it during my business travels throughout the southeast. JJ's certainly did impress me. Was greeted by a friendly waitress upon entering and immediately the place just "felt right". Menu selection was nice, not too overwhelming. I chose The Dip, a huge grilled panini stuffed with lean, smokey, and tangy mutton and provolone. Served up hot with some very tasty sides.     I'm a big brisket fan, so I tried their brisket and can honestly say that was the best I've eaten in years! Very tender,juicy, and just the right amount of smokiness. Awesome!    Their sides were very nice, but a little on the small side for me. I'm a big eater so I just needed more. First thought the prices were a little high but after eating I felt they were worth evey penny. My waiter Ross was very helpful in my selection and kept my drinks refreshed perfectly. I've marked JJ's location on my GPS and definitely will return. keep up the good work JJ"s! You're Smokin"!

  • Posted by Linda August 2010

    Such a great place to eat and hang out.  Excellent BBQ, I had the pulled pork platter.  Loved the sauces and sides as well.  The owner sat down with us and she was wonderful, so personable and friendly and the service was excellent also.  I would highly recommend.

  • Posted by BBQ fan August 2010

    In Lexington for business and searched my IPhone for BBQ and this was the only one in the area that had 5 stars so we decided to try it. It was awesome. The ribs were fabulous. Ordered a full rack but could only eat half. Very meaty and the sauce selection was tasty. Great hospitality also.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Our softball travels all over the country.  We have been in 26 states.  Wherever we go, we look for a restaurant that lets us experience "local" cuisine,  We traveled to Lexington, KY and found JJ McBrewsters.  What a find.  We walked in with 18 hungry softball players and walked out with 18 happy and full players.  The service was spectacular.  The server described the menus and sauses.  We enjoyed the many varieties of meats.  The pork was moist, tender, and delious.  The portion of brisket was generous.  The ribs were off the bone.  Although goat and mutton are not familiar to our NJ menus, we enjoyed them.  Finally, the sides were mouth watering. If you're on the West Coast, stop by Adam's Ribs in Oregon,  Our team voted JJ McBrewsters one of the best BBQ on the East Coast.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Our softball travels all over the country.  We have been in 26 states.  Wherever we go, we look for a restaurant that lets us experience "local" cuisine,  We traveled to Lexington, KY and found JJ McBrewsters.  What a find.  We walked in with 18 hungry softball players and walked out with 18 happy and full players.  The service was spectacular.  The server described the menus and sauses.  We enjoyed the many varieties of meats.  The pork was moist, tender, and delious.  The portion of brisket was generous.  The ribs were off the bone.  Although goat and mutton are not familiar to our NJ menus, we enjoyed them.  Finally, the sides were mouth watering. If you're on the West Coast, stop by Adam's Ribs in Oregon,  Our team voted JJ McBrewsters one of the best BBQ on the East Coast.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    When I heard that JJ's was going to be on Triple D, I just had to try it out.  Overall I was disappointed.  The BBQ meat was good, but I was not impressed with the sides.  I also was not a fan of the sauces. I could see how others might like the food, but it just wasn't for me.

  • Posted by Guest July 2010

    I was attempting to give constructive criticism while I was at the ESTABLISHMENT, unfortuanly I truly felt I wasn't being sent away without my opinion being heard.  That is ultimatly why things got out of control from both parties.

  • Posted by vicki July 2010

    We drove to Lexington to try this place because we heard Guy visited. I have to say it was a big disappointment. I have to agree with the guest who called it J.J. Mcrapsters. I did like the corn muffin, but the bbq was nothing special. We went on July 23rd and the date on the bottom of the dessert was July 16th. The dessert certainly was over priced and in a plastic container. I don't see what the big hype is.  By the way my husband said the cole slaw was awful also.

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2010

    Obnoxious, Rude, Disrespectful and Malicious comments not to mention Loud while dining at our restaurant were the reasons that you were asked to leave our establishment.

    We always strive to provide the best food and service as all the other comments on this website indicate. We also welcome any constructive criticism but we sure do not have time for your type of inappropriate comments and behavior.

    Your rude and inappropriate comments on this website are indicative as to why BOTH the owners asked you to leave while you dined here.

  • Posted by Guest July 2010

    The food was BLAH!  OVER-PRICED

  • Posted by Guest July 2010

    Not sure which J.J. McCrapster's you guys visited...but the one in Lexington, KY off Clays Mill Road was HORRIBLE.  Not only was that the WORST selection of BBQ sauces ever, the cole slaw was garbage (meaning they pulled it right from their waste basket), the service was slow, the Mashed Potatoes were hot (but not in a good way), and the Owner/Employees treated me worse than I have ever been treated at a place of business.  The BBQ itself was okay...but NOT worth the money.  Sorry "WE DON'T TAKE TIPS ON CREDIT CARDS"...what the crap; are we living in the 1900's? I went up to the counter to ask for a comment card, because I felt my opinion needed to be heard.  Apparently, it didn't.  I was told that I was "causing a scene" and then the Waitress told the owner to ESCORT me out.  Yes that is correct!  The waitress was yelling at the customer with the OWNER standing right there.  She also said that "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT I THOUGHT ABOUT THE FOOD OR THE SERVICE.  GET OUT OF HERE!" HANDS DOWN...the worst service and food I have ever had at a BBQ restaurant.  I have eaten BBQ in atleast 10 states and at numerous restaurants.  I know BBQ...and this WASN'T it.

  • Posted by Bob L July 2010

    While in the area on a family vacation we stopped in here becuase of the listing on Flavor Town USA and I'm VERY glad we did!  I had the pulled pork and tried all of the sauces.  I try pulled pork everywhere I can and this was the BEST I've ever had!  All of the sauces were excellent as well.  Nice clean atmosphere and good prices.  I only wish I lived closer! This is a must-taste if you are within a 10 hour drive. =)  Do yourself a favor and stop in!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    I went out of my way on a road trip to try this place out and boy was it worth it.  I got a to go plate for the road because the sauce was so good on the pork.  The staff were super friendly and the candy bar cake for dessert is to die for!!! You should definitely stop by and check them out if you get a chance.

  • Posted by Jason June 2010

    Was in the Lexington area on a motorcycle trip and stopped in at JJ's Mcbrewsters and had a wonderful meal.  The owner took great care of us and recommended the pig bark sandwich which was awesome.  We liked it so much that we returned the next day with family that we were staying with.  The owner remembered us and gave us the same great service that we received the day before.  This time we had the pulled pork plate which was equaly delicious.  Will return everytime I am in the Lexington area.  Must try!!!

  • Posted by Tim June 2010

    Spent a few days in the Kentucky area with my family to see the horse country and visited J.J. McBrewster's for dinner.  I had the pulled pork plate and it was unbelievable.  Very moist and delicous!  Our waiter was very good and had good recommendations. The owner caught us and talked with us before we left and was very friendly as well.  The best pulled pork I've ever had, hands down.  Great food, great price and excellent experience.  Check it out!

  • Posted by From Wisconsin June 2010

    We wanted to try a Diners Drive-ins and Dive's Restaurant while we were there. It's true you just have to try it to believe how good it is. We all agreed the service was great, friendly, clean, super good food. I had a Pig Bark Panani.

  • Posted by Rich May 2010

    I have lived in lexington for over 12 years and I have never heard of this place.  im going to have to find it and try it.

  • Posted by Jackie O May 2010

    You Just Gotta try it to believe it !!!!!!!

  • Posted by John and Kay Sutherland May 2010

    Hi Leslie, Thanks for getting back to us. I am so glad he enjoyed the pulled pork. Watch for us to air soon! :)

  • Posted by Leslie May 2010

    Hey Susan!  My boyfriend said "Wow, this is pretty damn good!  It's awesome!"  We can't wait for the opportunity to buy your bbq online and have it shipped to MO.  It was great to meet you and your husband last week.  Keep up the great work!

  • Posted by John and Kay Sutherland April 2010

    We always travel to Guy's BBQ pic's and this one is at the top of our list! Man was the pulled pig some of the best we have ever tried. We also tried the Mutton, we have never had Bar B Que'd Mutton and it was terrific. Each meat came with a different sauce which really enhanced the flavor of the meat. But the sauce that took us over the top was Mac's Mean Sauce. Not to hot, just right. Thanks again Guy for sending us to a place where the pigs definatley Bark and Fly over the top!

  • Posted by Mary Alice and John Logan April 2010

    J.J. McBrewster's absolutley has some of the best BBQ we have ever had. We travel all over the United States and eat BBQ every chance we get. The pulled pork and beef brisket was great! We were so impressed with the homemade sauces that we bought all 4 to take home with us. As Guy says in his poster "Keep Smokin" JJ McBrewster's! 

  • Posted by Ross Graham April 2010

    Hey this is the best QUE I have ever tasted!!! I am from western Kentucky and the Mutton, Goat and Pulled Pork are right on. The sauces are generations old and great with the meats. Mac's Mean Sauce was the best! I travel here often for business and I will definatley be back soon.

  • Posted by Claire and Ronnie McIntosh April 2010

    We traveled here with friends from Northern Kentucky to see the Bluegrass Stakes and of course we had to try one of Guy's Triple D pics. The Bar B Que was GREAT!!!!! We tried the Goat, Pulled Pork, Mutton and Ribs. Loved the Que but you have to try the corn off the cobb muffins and mac and cheese. Oh, and homemade lemon ice box pie. We will definatley be back. Thanks Guy you steared us in the right direction again! 

  • Posted by Jake April 2010

    J.J.'s is AWESOME! from Baltimore :)

  • Posted by Kevin March 2010

    Wow! This place was really great! The BBQ is the best I have ever had. We tried a variety but the pulled pork with the western sauce did it for me. My wife preffered the melon sauce. We travel through Kentucky from Florida often and this is our new hot spot to visit every time we travel this way.

  • Posted by Debbie Chisholm March 2010

    Great BBQ! I wasn't brave enough to try the BBQ mutton or goat like Guy, but the ribs and pulled pork were worth the trip from Baltimore! Interesting, delicious homemade sauces!

  • Posted by Candy March 2010

    Stopped here while traveling on Business from Chicago. I travel often and always frequent Triple D's pic's. This BBQ joint was worth every bite! We had the full rack of ribs and the pulled pork. The sauces, homemade sides and decadant desserts....needless to say Guy really knows how to pic the best places to eat!

  • Posted by Dione Oliver-Martinez March 2010

    OOPS....Our name is "MARTINEZ", not  Martines!  My excitment got the better of me while typing and reminiscing about the wonderful food!  LOL!!

  • Posted by Dione Oliver-Martinez March 2010

    Hey guys...J.J McBrewsters is the BOMB!  My husband and I threw down there just moments ago.  Well worth the drive!  The food was amazing and the people were friendly.  We enjoyed the Pulled Pork Panini and the Brisket with all of the special sauces. DELICOUS and we had left overs!  MONEY WELL SPENT! We especially loved the MAC-n-CHEESE and potato salad!  Susan adds her special touch to both of thse sides! YUMMY STUFF! Oh...and don't forget the homemade desserts!  I recommend the Chocolate Ganash with a scoop of icecream to cut the sweetness! KEEP ROCKIN' IT SUSAN AND GANG!! We will be back!  Luz and Dione Martines of FLINT, MI

  • Posted by Monty March 2010

    I brought my family here during our spring break travels and man was it worth the drive! I ate some of the best pulled pork I have ever tasted. They have four sauces to compliment the BBQ variety. They even offer BBQ'D Goat and Lamb. But for me it was the pork and western sauce that had me hooked from the first bite. We had ribs that fell off the bone and a variety of homemade sides. Last but not least we tried the homemade desserts. Was soooo ful when we left I will sleep the rest of the way.

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