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Rick's White Light Diner

114 Bridge Street Frankfort, KY 40601
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  • Posted by January 2015

    My son and I ate here today. Just happened to find by chance! The food was excellent! Not quite understanding some of the reviews! The comments from franbow here on sight are a little confusing as the food is cooked right in front of you, so definitely not from the day before! You don't have to agree with all of Rick's views, but I found it refreshing in this day and age to have someone tell you exactly how they feel! The whole experience was wonderful! Will definitely go back when in the area! By the way, no it is not cheap, but I walked away feeling it was well worth the price!

  • Posted by GeekyExplorers October 2014

    We didn't read any reviews before stopping in but that may have helped us in making a different decision. While by no means was it horrible, it wasn't Cajun food we are used to getting when visiting Louisiana. If you visit & eat there - think of the dishes as interpretations. We did love the funky location but the price for the portion size was a bit much. I get capitalizing on DDD fame, but $15 for a sandwich is a lot for a town like Frankfort.

  • Posted by April 2014

    I visited this place a few months ago... I would advise anyone not to go.. Very very dirty, so small, 3 tables, a few stools that were nasty. The food was really bad, taste like it was warmed up from the day before. Very small portions, the when you get the bill you feel like you just been screwed. I couldn't believe guy would endorse this place.. Very very disappointed

  • Posted by rshifflett February 2013

    Won't be patronizing a place owned by an individual with such anti-American views. I'll trust my cajun meals to the experts on the gulf, thanks.

  • Posted by Romy Kettlewell October 2012

    Agreed. His views give me indigestion.

  • Posted by Dave D July 2012

    Was planning on going there. But after reading the owners views. (They are all reviews?) Just gonna pass this place by.

  • Posted by melissa June 2012

    My husband and i plan on giving rick a visit this summer!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    The above reference to my bankruptcy was made by my dear frien Fluck Biggs, he is so funny. He eats here frequently. For the record, I did file bankruptcy in 2005 and have been doing well. chef Rick Paul P.S. I do have some thoughts on the tea party. 8-)

  • Posted by Rick paul January 2012

    What can I say, oh, I know----cheers to all! 8-)

  • Posted by Caily January 2012

    Rick is hilarious and you have to try the poboy and bleu cheese mac n cheese. The place may look little but it is just right. Although, when I asked to go to the bathroom you have to go downstairs, where it looks like a dungeon that was badly dressed up. Rick also had some funny comments about my parents that I found funny. 

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2011

                  Sorry to say but was very disappointed!!!!!!!!   My mom and I were on a road trip back in June 2011, and i was all excited we were going to stop at places on the dinner drive -inn and dive.  When we got to Kentucky I took my aunt and uncle to Rick white lighting dinner.  The food was much overpriced, quality of the food was nasty and the portion will put it this why it made a chain restaurant look good. 


  • Posted by Anonymous September 2011

    This place was great! The fried green tomatoes were over the top,  the best I've ever eaten. Rick in addition to being a great chef is an amazing person. I can't wait to go back and try some more food!

  • Posted by Rick Howard June 2011


  • Posted by Bill June 2011

    Lost a customer before i even go maybe owner should keep his politacal views to his self. I dont care how good the food is.

  • Posted by Gladys June 2011

    This place was awesome.  The owner is a hoot.  Would definietly recommend it.  It is very small, so don't bring too many people

  • Posted by Guest May 2011

    Just be sure to go there on a day when Rick's ranting about the TEA party and the Republicans and all the other things that he hates, which will really do a lot to season your experience. He's a good cook but a terrible hypocrite who's cheated his creditors by taking bankruptcy to get out of his bad management decisions. Good food, maybe, but not much of a person, only interested in hearing his own hot air.

  • Posted by teddy tickles May 2011

    This place is exactly as the DDD clip describes it . . . and more. Food is amazing, while you eat you can be sure that Rick will impart some sage wisdom. Pulled pork, oysters crawfish pie, and the best key lime pie i have ever tasted (seriously). Ran into some fellow Canadians that were on a DDD roadtrip too and this was their second time at the White Light in as many days, it is that good.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    Cajun burger is GREAT

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    Awesome! We drove from Northern KY to check it out because we love Guy.  Cant wait to go back, Rick has a great personality and makes the experience even better.

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    It's hard to pass up the pulled pork and ribs at Ricks, but if you can, you'll discover: andouille sausage sandwiches, and crawfish pie. For sides mac & bleu cheese, garlic potatoes, greens, or fresh broccoli can't be beat.

  • Posted by DBinGA January 2011

    Fabulous lunch .... me, wife, and neighbor from Fankfort (who is one of Rick's suppliers - grows veggies in summer) stopped for afternoon feed ..    BIG WOW ... loved it will go back  next time in Frankfort ... meantime, we're sending other friends!!

  • Posted by DDDFanBill November 2010

    What a GREAT place!!  I stopped in for breakfast - it was great!!  Rick and his staff were wonderful!!  Been there - bought the t-shirt - WILL be back!!

  • Posted by GEO August 2010

    Great food. Rick was a hoot. Will be back son

  • Posted by Tim, Jack and Jenna August 2010

    Rick's was GREAT! If you are in the area, do not pass up a chance to enjoy their menu and get a awesome picture of the State Capitol. Don't forget to put a push pin by your home town!

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Great time!!

  • Posted by Guest June 2010

    The White Light Diner is known for it's Cajun food----Crawfish pie, Oyster Po-boys, Shrimp Po-boys, Muffaletta, also we smoke pork, chicken and ribs all Memphis style. We are Frankfort's oldest restaurant. We buy local products, organic beef and eggs and as much from farmers market as we can. We are also known for our lively conversation. Rick Paul, owner

  • Posted by Guest June 2010

    Rick's White Light Diner is known for the amazing Cajun and Barbecue food. Also it is known for the crazy Chef Rick Paul. Also, the website you have is is now: Please change it so people can find us once we aire on DDD! Thank you!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    Rick Paul, White Light Diner, Frankfort, Ky----our new website is, if you would change it, I would appreciate it. Call me for info confirmation at 502-330-4262

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2010

    We are known for Memphis style pulled pork barbecue, baby back ribs, Cajun food (oyster po-boys, craw fish pie, Muffaletta) eggs Benedict. We use organic meat, country eggs, real butter and real maple syrup. I use as much local product as I can. Chef Rick Paul, White Light Diner, Frankfort Kentucky

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