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The Parkette Drive-in CLOSED

1230 E. New Circle Road Lexington, Ky, 40505
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Reviews (16)

  • Posted by October 2015

    Vacation for us means looking for the nearest Triple - D at or on the way to our location; 20+ so far. Parke tte Drive In was a treat. Old diner with an add on 50's "garage." As always, we had what Guy ate and then some. The fried chicken was very good. I dipped mine in the side of milk gravy. The onion rings are worth the extra cost. The chili cheese dog tasted better than it looked :-) My husband liked "Road Flares" but wished he'd had an additional side of the hot sauce to dip them in. Finished with a vanilla malt with strawberries, which is NOT a strawberry malt, it was FABULOUS!! This is a must stop when in Lexington!

  • Posted by I eat for fun October 2015

    The Parkette has been on my food on TV bucket list for a while. The anticipation was great and we weren’t let down. Fantastic atmosphere, staff and food. Prices were cheap except for the buckets of chicken to go. Our server was a riot. We tried the Gone Fishin’ Seafood Combo and the Our Famous “poor boy”. Wife had a chocolate shake. That shake had a great chocolate flavor. The fish was very good, real fish fillets not pressed together. That biscuit had plenty of weight to it and melted in your mouth. The “poor boy” is a classic double decker burger. The tater tots are a great change to fries.

  • Posted by suzinshawn March 2015

    Definitely a must try! Good food, fun staff... and we waited less than 10 minutes for our food! Our family of 5 tried the fried chicken (yumm!), chili cheese dog, big mouth bourbon bbq bacon burger (name is almost as big as the taste!) and a big Lex burger... everything was well prepared and was filling! Loved the tots and onion rings, too! Will be back on our next road trip through Lexington.

  • Posted by October 2014

    Fantastic place!! Best onion rings & pork tenderloin sandwich I've ever had!!! Nostalgic, fun, great service, a must see if in Lexington!!

  • Posted by David28377 January 2014

    Classic drive in. Not one of my favorite DDD's but a solid choice.

  • Posted by November 2013

    We ate there thought it was great! Drove up from Knoxville. Mike

  • Posted by Karen September 2012

    We loved it! Had a terrific meal with burger, onion rings and chili cheese fries with a shake. Excellent food but the waitress was even better. What a trip! She was fun. Loved the nostalgic feel to the place. If I lived near here I would be over every week.

  • Posted by Allison Noa July 2012

    Closed on Sunday! Sorry we missed out!

  • Posted by teamdcsunshine July 2012

    This was our first triple D adventure and we found it to be a very nostaligac atmosphere. The food was good and we had good service. We drove in from Louisville and I can say we will probably go back. Thanks Guy! I give this one 3 stars.

  • Posted by Eden November 2011

    Waited about 45 minutes after ordering, then was informed they didn't even have record of our order. Not pleased, but they finally brought it out on the house. :-E

  • Posted by Sarah & Jason Crain July 2011

    The atmosphere is cool but to be honest, go get a Big Mac. Nothing special about their food. Go by and take a pic of the building!

  • Posted by Big Tool June 2011

    The charm with the Parkette is the nostalgia. It's a genuine drive-in. The food was decent and our order was delivered very quickly. My wife really liked her burger and I enjoyed my all time favorite comfort food- a fried bologna sandwich. We both thought the onion rings were above-average.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Food is average here.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Not so great....

  • Posted by DBinGA January 2011

    Ate lunch there today .... wife had livers... I had Big Lex Burger .... both great ...   confirms my reality ...  GUY DON'T GO TO NOTHIN' BUT GREAT PLACES !!!!!   I ate my first Pizza at the Parkette on Georegetown Road in 1960 compliments of my cousin and his girlfriend who were my idols (both 6 years older and Seniors in H.S.)  I'm 61 now, that old Parkette is long gone, the one in Lexington had fallen on tough times, was about to be lost, and  has been LOVINGLY restored to vintage 1960s diner ...  It's home, AGAIN, to great food and great memories.

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    Parkette is known for it's "Poor Boy" hamburger. It's a double burger dressed with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, onion, pickle, & mayo sitting in a boat of fries, tots, or onion rings. They also have great chicken boxes & shrimp boxes. Then you have to finish up with their FAB banana or butterscotch milkshake!

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