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Wallace Station

3854 Old Frankfort Pike Versailles, KY 40383
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Guy Fieri Eats (1)

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  • Big brown burgee

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (26)

  • Posted by I eat for fun September 2015

    Has a great burger at Wallace Station in Versailles, KY. When I read the menu and I saw “Guy Fieri of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” named The Big Brown one of his Top 5 burgers!” My mind was made up and this burger is close to the top of my burger list also! The Big Brown is a beef patty seasoned and cooked perfectly. Griddled on the bun, with ham, bacon, tomato and white Cheddar mornay. No problem with it being a very messy burger as they have a shower in the restroom. I just about needed it. It was a pleasure to eat. I think my wife tried the Roast Turkey and White Cheddar. It was good also. The staff was great and funny. The prices were right on the mark. We’ll be back

  • Posted by ktp August 2014

    So glad I took the beautiful, scenic drive from Lexington to this little dive. I had the ETR Mahi sandwich and it was delicious, juicy and packed with flavor. Over priced but not overrated. The deserts looked amazing as well. On my next visit I'm going to get that Woodford cookie! Thanks triple D!

  • Posted by jill&chad April 2013

    We were almost not going to try this one due to negative comments,but we are glad we ignored them! We had a great meal. The burgers ( cubano and brown) were well done , but the juice dripped with every bite. The seasoning was well thought out and executed. The best was the truffle fries an absolute must have. A bit pricey, and not the fanciest place, but nice staff and not the run of the mill food made altering our trip worth this one. FYI if you are up for dessert, share it. You will be too stuffed to finish it. The dangerous brownie was very thick and rich, almost too much so. Grab a bit of milk for it.

  • Posted by Big Tool August 2012

    My wife tried the Triple Crown and I had the Inside Out, or Upside Down, Big Brown. They were OK, but not great. Certainly not "$9 per sandwich great" and definitely not a "30 minutes to order and get your food" sort of great. Messy too. My wife was especially disappointed that the bread was just ordinary. However, we're happy we stopped for our 30th DDD venue. You might be a better off stopping during the week when you don't have so many people out for a scenic weekend drive making a pit-stop there. (The drive there, though, was through beautiful Kentucky horse-country.)

  • Posted by CJN June 2012

    Not worth it. I had the Big Brown Burger, terrible. No seasoning on the burger and it was over cooked. Dry, and tasteless. Another of our party had the Inside Out Hot Brown, cheap luchmeat style turkey and ham. The Rueben was pressed/ grilled to the point that the bread cut my friends mouth. She wasn't impressed with the taste of the sandwich either. Cute place with a nice outdoor deck for when the weather is nice. Sandwiches are overpriced for the quality.

  • Posted by Alison M February 2012

    Very good food, but small!

  • Posted by Tiffany February 2012

    The big brown was good but the inside out hot brown was not. Definitely not worth $22. Just really was not what was expected.. Don't waste your time :(

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

     I love the location of this place. It definately falls into the "Dump" category. My mom had to sit on a big whole in her booth seat. However, our sandwiches were excellent and we would go back again.

  • Posted by Jim Reeves November 2011

    Out of the way place but worth the trip if you have time. Most of the menu consist of sandwiches, but very good. Breakfast and lunch sandwiches available. I had the Cubano. Excellent sandwich and huge portion. I was there on a late Sunday morning. One warning, do not sit close to the front door. The closer it gets to noon people line up at the counter to order and you will be surrounded by huge groups of people. Additionally the front door gets held open for extended periods of time due to the volume of people arriving. Luckily we weren't sitting there but witnessed other people being suffocated. Fancy it's not but the food is great. Sandwiches are on bakery bread made for Wallace Station....mmmm!

  • Posted by shellie October 2011

    this place is horrible.  ordered a burger, it was well done,no taste, yuk!  service is very rude, so rude that i was really close to walking out the door, wanna a good burger, go to ramsey's in lexington.  They actually will cook your burger to order, rare, yum!   service is great at ramsey's, i will never be back to wallce station.  what a dump!

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2011

    If this was on Guy's "best burgers" list, I can guarantee I won't try the rest of the list! The only cooking option was well done, resulting in a dry and tasteless hunk of dust. The only redeeming quality was that the beer was cold.

  • Posted by IT GUY August 2011

    Yhep...I must agree that the burger is a very good burger... Go Big Brown! Then we had the brownie and cookies... OYE VEY I was stuffed.

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    This is a true taste of Kentucky. 8-)

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    I loved their cheesecake brownie!

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    The only thing better than Wallace Station is Wallace Station and the Whiskey Trail!

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    Fantastic food and homey atmosphere. I plan to return many. many times.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    What a DUMP!!! It was NASTY!!  Wouldn't waste my time.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2011

    My dad think it is OK. I really liked the Cheese sandwich!! It was so cool to see the spray paint that Guy did. It was the first time me and my dad went. I have no clue if my dad liked it. Me and my B.F.F. went with are dad's. It tock a long time to get there. My dad is going to see Guy so he is going to get his autograph it will be AWESOME!!!! I think it was AWESOME.....well at least I know I like it. Well that's my story!!! :* :-D 8-) P.S I luv GUY!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by DBinGA January 2011

    This was first DDD location that wife and I ever visited....  didn't know what to expect ...  had hot brown sandwiches ... interesting .... not really great  ... but I think that's because of DDD (in a way) ... You gotta be careful what you ask for!   Sometimes turning the hot light up on a small well-run joint makes the wheels come off of their little show.   At the volume of customers that we saw, it was impossible for one person to custom make all of that food  .... so, some of it gets farmed out to 'new hands' ....  I'll bet that the food is both better and more predictable now that it's been several months since the show first aired....  Give it a try ... if nothing else, you'll love our horse farms !!! 

  • Posted by DDDFanBill November 2010

    I was on a DDD road trip (6 stops) and ALMOST didn't stop here because of the negative reviews posted here.  Glad I don't believe the opinion of others! It was about 2:20 on a Friday afternoon when I stopped - was amazed to find the place very busy!  The "inside-out hot brown" I ordered was very tasty - and more than I could eat!  The staff was very friendly! Am surprised that someone hasn't mentioned the bakey products available here... they all looked yummy!  I purchased a couple of lemom bars that were calling to me... some of the best I've ever had! I gladly give Wallace Station a 4-star rating.  It is a beautiful drive to this out-of-the way place - and was well worth it!  This will be a repeat stop for me next time I'm in the area!

  • Posted by Bob W. August 2010

    Good atmosphere, nice menu, but the hot brown is borderline unedible. I suggest ordering something else. I went over an hour out of my way to visit Wallace Station and while the scenic trip was amazing, the sandwich was awful. It is unfair to give a rating without trying anything else on the menu, but I hope this review will encourage people to try something else at Wallace so we can boost their rating and support.  Being a KY native, I would also really have liked to see actual homemade sweet tea. Give this place a shot, just stay away from the hot brown.

  • Posted by Bill H July 2010

    We stopped early on the day the show appeared on TV. My wife and I ordered the Hell-a-Rito and the Classic Egg Sammich and split them between us. Wow what a breakfast! Both were quite different and chuck full of multiple flavors. These were complex but the flavors didn't compete but complimented what was going on in each of the breakfast sandwiches. Half a muffin was served and that too was outstanding in every respect. This is the eighth Triple D we have stopped at, and this is way up there as one of the top two for taste. We will go out of our way to make a return visit to Wallace Station. We found out this is also a celebrity hangout and that a race horse was named after the place.

  • Posted by Kevin Edelen July 2010

    Saw Wallace Station on DDD.  Finally a place in Kentucky to visit.  Made plans to visit on the Saturday following the show.  Checked the website for their address.  Found that they close at 5 on Saturdays. Will have to try again some other time.

  • Posted by Bob G July 2010

    Don't waste your time driving to Wallaces'.  We had the fish, both the catfish and bass were almost the worst fish I have ever eaten.  The bass was over cooked and touch as leather and the catfish was under done and watery.  Our group had the "inside out hot brown" which was on a HUGE piece of toasted bread that was like eating a piece of styrofoam and the meat had NO TASTE.  Another in our party had the Rueben and they had the same comment...NO taste!  The atmosphere is great but the food is absolutely terrible!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    We went without seeing the tv broadcast bacause it hasnt been on yet.  I aske for what Guy had.  I got the Brown Burger.  My wife had a standard burger.  Both were probably the worst burgers we have had.  The toppings were all fine, but the burger itself tasted horrible.  We did however notice that everyone in line before us and behind us all ordered sandwiches instead of burgers.  I think we may have missed out on the good stuff.

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    PIMENTO Cheese and a Hangover busting breakfast burrito!!

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