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Athens Family Restaurant

2526 Franklin Pike Nashville, TN 37204
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Reviews (23)

  • Posted by July 2014

    Great pancakes.

  • Posted by Stan Carlock July 2012

    Well, sorry to say Guy, but I was not at all impressed with this place. The worst Gyros I have ever had. Very over priced for the tiny portion size. The meat was sliced paper thin and I only had like 6 slivers of it on my plate. It didn't even look like normal gyros. Looked like sliced spam, only colored like gyro meat. My wife got a burger and fries (she doesn't like Greek food) and both were horrible. Burger was unseasoned and tasteless and her fries were so hard and burned that they were less edible than the 3 month old McDonald's fries that dropped under the seat in my car. My daughter, who loves Greek food agreed that it was not good to her at all. Her Chicken Souvlaki was not seasoned (like my wife's burger) and she found a blonde kinky hair (I'm not saying what it looked like) in her food. She too had the fries that were so overcooked, there was no potato left in them, only a dark brown, leathery shell of what might have been a fry once. Everything about it indicated to me that they use the cheapest ingredients they could possibly find. The place was also heavily infested with flies that kept landing on our table and food. Service was slow and I heard multiple people complaining about their orders wrong, etc. I am not sure how this place has gotten so many good reviews? To be honest, we all left hungry and had to go somewhere else to get full. My family and I will stick to our regular place in LaVergne. It is much cheaper in price and I get more than enough high quality food in my order to satisfy me and still have some left over.

  • Posted by rockergurl July 2012

    This place sucked! Over priced and over rated. I will never go back there! Yuck it made me sick.

  • Posted by Boltrack May 2012

    We stopped here on a trip to Nashville and were not disappointed.  Good creativity in a diner-style menu, good service, and tasty food.  The only drawback were the lines on our two visits.  That tells a ton about how good the place is but kind of rough during a Nashville winter.  Next trip to Nashville we're going back but will probably try going a little early to see if that beats the crowd.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    I believe the ingredient is toasted "Cumin." 

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    Hi,     When Guy is giving the names of the spices for the mixture that is called 'love spice', he starts off by saying "toasted Goon" ??? It looked like thyme  but since he was at a greek-american restaurant I wasn't sure what he was saying . Was that thyme or some greek island herb or middle eastern herb ? What was he saying ? Could you please answer my question ? Thank you 

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2011

    Great food, great service. We tried all the foods showed on DDD, the Bifteki Sandwich, and for Desert, the Baklava. :-D

  • Posted by dd July 2011

    The menu sounded great - the pictures on their site looked great! The food was OK. Ordered the medley of feta, calamatos and peppers as an appetizer - over $8- got a very small sliver of nice feta drizzled with olive oil, a nice portion of olives and a plate full of tough pickled peppers. Definitely not worth the price. The other food was just OK - over priced for what you got. Service was good. Food was just a disappoinment.

  • Posted by Robert Munday July 2011

    I had dinner with a colleague at Athens Family Restaurant on my way through Nashville.  Great service and great food.  I had the Lamb Pie and Baklava, she had the BLT.  Easy to get to, plenty of parking, plenty of seating.  I'll go back once I try all of the other DDD restaurants in Nashville.

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    Service was good. Though, my breakfast skillet was nothing to write home about, especially for 12 dollars. 

  • Posted by I LUV FOOD!!! 8493 May 2011

    Ikr!!! Baklava is amazing!!!

  • Posted by Single lady lovin it3427 May 2011

    I totally agree with you the food rocks. SO GREEK!!!

  • Posted by Daddy's Girl 2468 May 2011

    OMG i luv this place!!! Their greek atmosphere is the BOMB-DIGGITY!!! I would totally recomend it 2 any1.

  • Posted by iluvbeinme May 2011

    Dunt dunt dahhhh!!!! My bff loves this place! Come visit anytime! luv ME!!!!!!

  • Posted by iluvbeinme May 2011

    This restaurant is totally fabulous

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Wonderful, excellent, authentic Greek food. Great service.

  • Posted by teddy tickles May 2011

    Very attentive service and decent food. Based on my past experiences with DDD recomended places not sure if it somewhere i would go again (for what it's worth i live about 1200 kilometers away). That said, the baklava is extremely good.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    I have eaten here twice now. I wanted to give it a second chance. I don't care who recommends it, I thought it was awful. The first time the waitress couldn't even get our drink order right. And when we tried to order the breakfast skillets, what we were told was really good and should go specifically for, we were told they were no longer serving breakfast. So we left. Sorry, I grew up in Long Island where diners are king. You can get breakfast any time of the day. We went back because we were told they now served breakfast all day. What we got was a mediocre plate of eggs and hashbrowns, with dry toast and a side plate with one grape jelly, one orange marmalade (?) and one margerine. When I asked for real butter I was told they had none. Cost for this plate? $8.50. One would do better for that price at Waffle House if one was looking for breakfast.

  • Posted by Firners February 2011

    My husband has been in Nash for work for the last 6 weeks, and he has been here a few times... always telling me how great the food is. We went there tonight. OUTSTANDING! Service was great, food was even better. If you like out of the box food - this is a must stop if driving thru Nash or a long term Nash resident. Guy hit the spot picking this diner for the food network.

  • Posted by Sue Chase December 2010

    Had lunch yesterday to look up places that guy visits or recommends 

  • Posted by Bigtool October 2010

    We stopped in for breakfast. Service was attentive, the staff was friendly, our food came up quickly and the meal was good. As breakfast places go, the Athens was decent, but it wasn't extraordinary and Nashville has some extraordinary breakfast spots.  However, I'd definitely stop back for dinner so I can try some of their signature Greek dishes.  

  • Posted by Frances Kranik August 2010

    We stopped in Athens on our Triple D tour during the early part of the heat wave July 2010. All the food was excellent - but what stands out for me is inspite of 100 degree temps outside we tried the Lemon Chicken soup - it was soooooo gooood! The Lamb burger - good - all of it good. We tried to get some of the items Guy featured on the show. I would definately come back!

  • Posted by Tunky April 2010

    Awesome Greek food!

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