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Bro's Cajun Cuisine

3214 Charlotte Ave Nashville, TN 37209
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  • Posted by September 2023

    This location is permanently closed

  • Posted by I eat for fun September 2015

    We had a great time talking to Chef Breaux (Bro) of Bro's Cajun Cuisine today. We started with a small order of Jambalaya. I’m pretty sure our definitions of small are different (1/2 is in the hotel frig). The flavor was amazing and it was the best tasting Jambalaya we’ve had. The Shrimp Po-Boy only had 6 shrimp but that was enough. The coating, sauce and greens complimented the shrimp just right. The Stuffed Pork Chop was about the size of a medium ham. It had incredible depth of flavor! Service out very good and the prices were OK.

  • Posted by DD October 2012

    Well I have to say we were a bit worried when we walked through this place, but it was busy and that said it must be good. We ended up sitting downstairs and were able to watch things being made in the kitchen. The kitchen was clean and that was important because the restaurant is pretty random and not very inviting at first glance. Thankfully we didn't judge this place on its looks because the food was great! We were disappointed because they were out of the stuffed pork chop but the jambalaya and gumbo were wonderful and hubby also enjoyed his meal. Bro came out of the kitchen to chat with us and when he found out we had come from Toronto for the chop he felt very bad. A few minutes later he came by and said he remembered there was a "small" chop in the fridge and insisted on cooking it up for us. How could we refuse? It was amazing!! Bro stayed and talked with us for quite a while and introduced us to his wife and son. We left feeling very full and glad we had made the trip.

  • Posted by Dale September 2012

    I have to agree with the previous comment. My husband & I LOVE Cajun food & had high hopes that Bro's was the real deal after watching the Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives episode that featured them. For starters, it smelled like death in the parking lot but we held our breath & went inside anyway. Once inside, the place was obviously dirty & cramped. The service wasn't that great either. We had to ask for straws on more than one occasion. The kitchen also forgot to make my order. I had to remind the waitress that I had ordered the sampler. The food was the most disappointing part of the entire experience. NONE of it was what we expected. It was nasty & cost way too much. You'd do better either going to New Orleans for the real deal or just getting a box of Zatarain's. Save your gas & money.

  • Posted by Fox6915 May 2012

    Me and my mom just went to eat here I'm from ms wanted some Good old cajun food went here and the service sucked the tables was dirty and the food sucks i will never go back

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    Saw it on triple D and thought we would try it out. Big mistake. Place was nasty, food tasted like the old burnt cooking oil they cooked it in, nothing we ate was good. They also were out of everything you asked for and this was during the middle of a weekday. Travel by this place often but wouldn't waste my time stopping again. Very poor representation of Cajun food

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    It's interesting to see the range of peoples opinions on this place. My girlfriend and I took a roadtrip to Nashville, which is 7 hours away, to see the city and to primarily go to this place. The video makes this place look amazing, as I'm sure you'd agree. We arrived and there were 5 tables open, all of which were still covered in dirty plates. The waiter was not pleasant, and after removing the dirty plates didnt even wipe down the table. I'm prefectly happy eating in grungy places if the food is outstanding, so I didnt lose hope. We ordered and my girlfriends meal was brought to our table about 10 minutes before mine was. The food, oh the food. It tasted nothing like I had imagined. I had thought this place was run by someone who cared about food, but the slop that was on our plates made us think otherwise. The food was terrible. DO NOT GO HERE EVER. Even if I lived next door to this place I would never consider going back. 

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2011

    Visited today!! Delicious!! Red beans and rice was wonderful! Ribeye Po boy sandwich=YUMMO! 2hour drive for me...will definitely return!

  • Posted by SummertimeNC October 2011

    The food was great and so was the staff. We ordered the jambalya, the gumbo, and a crawfish po-boy. The homemade sausage in the gumbo and jambalya was so good. And if you like a little kick in your food these two are for you. I personally like the gumbo better but thats just because I'm a soup kind person. The crawfish had a light crispy batter with great flavor. An awesome place to grab a bite for lunch and get there early because it gets busy quick.

  • Posted by Gw Coffey July 2011

    This is what's for lunch today!!  I believe I'll go with the Cajun stuffed pork chops! 8-)  Anyone in Nashville, TN want to join me today?

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    After seeing this on TV I had to try it!  I waited a few weeks for the "Hype" to calm down and I must say it is HORRIBLE!! we waited over an hour after ordering and watched them take out food out of the freezer and put it in the microwave.  I couldnt believe it!  They brought my husbands food out and slammed it down and I waited and waited and waited so I taked the server down and asked where my was and he said : oh yea ben out in a minute"  My husband finished eating and I'm stille waiting and got up to pay the bill and they brought out a to go box with my food in it and never offer a discount or anthing!!!!!!!!!!!  Dont eat here if will just Piss you Off and the food is not that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    The food was TERRIBLE. We were so excited to check this place out since my fiance (born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA) was dying for a taste of home. I ordered the stuffed pork chop like I saw Guy eating on the show. It was SO dry I kept choking trying to swallow it! The cornbread had NO flavor what-so-ever also. My fiance ordered the fried shrimp po'boy and said the flavor was decent but he only got 6 SMALL shrimp on the sandwich. Our waiter was friendly, but we will NOT be returning. 

  • Posted by alison November 2010

    they were!!!

  • Posted by alison November 2010

    Yum!  We've never had Cajun food before - it was wonderful!  Got the sampler plate and enjoyed it all.  Not sure if we will ever be back to Nashville again but I would go back here if we did. Busy place.

  • Posted by DDDFanBill November 2010

    Wish they would have opened a bit earlier... I was on "eastern" time - so I was an hour early.  Looked like a good place.  Maybe I'll try and stop by next time I'm in the area.

  • Posted by Tom September 2010

    Wow those cajun stuffed pork chops looked GOOD!!

  • Posted by EMod July 2010

    Everyone from the waiters to the owners were unbelievably nice! They helped us with the menu and let us taste their sauces that will be coming out soon. I keep checking their website to see when the online ordering goes live, because they were delish!! The food was great, and the prices were even better. My husband and I went by on a weekday around 11:30. By 12:15 the place was jammed! I highly recommend Bro's and if I am ever in Tennessee again, I will make sure to stop by!

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