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Cafe Rakka

71 New Shackle Island Rd Hendersonville, TN 37075
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  • Posted by I eat for fun October 2015

    Stopped by Café Rakka for dinner and had a good meal. Started with a pair of Falafels, they were good. Guess I never had a good falafel before. The Lamb Korma was amazing. The flavors were intense but not too spicy. The color was a rich orangeish. The Chicken on the Sajj was ordered with no spice, I wish it has a little. It was very good however. The staff was pleasant and service was good. I did think the prices were a tad high.

  • Posted by May 2013

    We visited Café Rakka about a week ago. We were disappointed that we didn't get to eat at Arnold's Country Kitchen in Nashville, because they were closed (after 7pm), but that meant we went to our backup, Café Rakka, and after our visit, I think we should have made it our first choice. We both love ethnic food, and Café Rakka has a nice mix of Mediterranean and Indian food to satisfy any palate. We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala with a plate of hummus as an appetizer. The hummus was yummy, I made sure to finish it off before we left. The Masala was also very delicious, with dried cherries in the sauce, and the chicken tasted like it was very fresh (not frozen). Altogether it was a very nice meal, and we'll return as soon as we can and show it off to our friends and family. We recommend this one!

  • Posted by det12597 March 2013

    My wife and I are on vacation in Nashville for the first time. We've eaten in DDD spots all over and was looking forward to Cafe Rakka. We started with the felaffel plate which was to die for. I got the Chicken Tikka Masala and my wife got the Chicken in Sajj. Both were AMAZING. Let me say it again AMAZING. We drank the Mediterainian tea which was so good we bought a gallon to go. Cap the meal off with unbelievable Baklava. Bottom line: crawl or hitchhike to get there if you have to. You will thank me. We are going back in 3 days.

  • Posted by wagsix from PA June 2012

    When traveling around the country, we check out this website for meals. We were at a national convention in Nashville the 2nd week of June. Looked up triple D's restaurants for lunch. Comments for downtown restaurants were mixed. Cafe Rakka was well worth the trip to Hendersonville. We were the first in at 11:00 for lunch. My wife had Shawermah on the Sajj and I had Chicken on the Sajj. Excellent for both!! Soooo many flavors! (happened to be on our 41st anniversary). Had Baklava for dessert - another amazing taste.
    Went back 2 days later and my wife had the same and I had Santa Barbara Grilled Chicken salad. Both times took Mamool to go. Great treat in the evening. Hostess very cheerful and helpful! I took several business card to give to locals at the convention.
    One of the top 10 meals we've ever eaten. 10 stars!!!

  • Posted by Ermcgill May 2012

    I had been looking forward to stopping here on our trip through the south and it did not disappoint. The staff were very helpful and pleasant. Although the beef tenderloin on the salt block was not available that day I had a lamb dish that was wonderful. My friend had the eggplant pita sandwich which was also very delicious and we samled the the Tabboulah salad. The spices were incredible. I wish they lived closer to my home!!

  • Posted by Eric from California April 2012

    Outstanding ...... Looked for a place to eat ...on triple D. Here from CA. The place was 1/2 full @ 1130.... Hade the lamb burger on pita bread everything was fresh .....oh come hungry .... Had to take the other half to the hotel....had it later...

  • Posted by The Butlers December 2011

    We recently went on a triple "D" tour across TN. Cafe Rakka was our first stop on our way down from Kingsport. The staff were wonderful and very helpful with the menu. We started with the cheese plate, the cheese is made fresh daily and you could really taste that it was it was delicious. The lamb kabobs I has was awesome and my wife and son enjoyed their plates as well as I did. I would highly recommend this as a stop for anyone who hasn't been there locally and anyone within a 100 mile radius of the place. The owner we spoke to was great to talk to and seemed to enjoy Guy as much as we do. 5 stars from us!!!! oh and by the way the Baklava was the best we've ever eaten hands down... truly authentic!!1 Kepp it up guys see you again soon! 

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2011

    Great food ! we wiil be going back.

  • Posted by Leigh June 2011

    We stopped n this place on a whim around 6:00 pm and got the last seat.  It was VERY good...the best hummas bar and the cucumber water was so refreshing and different.  Can't wait to go back.  DELICIOUS!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    I have eaten in a lot of restaurants all across this nation and a good many in Europe and this is possibly the VERY BEST food I have been served in a restaurant. A must do when near Hendersonville Tennessee. The cheese plate is to die for . . .

  • Posted by guest February 2011

    Tandoori Chicken with Cheese, Wonderful.   Asked for medium spicy but not at all hot, my advice would be to just say spicy. First DDD resturant visited, If all of the resturants are as good as this one, I will be gaining some weight as I travel around....

  • Posted by Jolene Riley Sullivan November 2010

    What a wonderful place ...I love everything there!

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2010

    love love love it!  Grilled eggplant!

  • Posted by Local Taste Tester October 2010

    This place is awesome!  Their food is fresh and unique and the service is excellent.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Very fresh, middle eastern cuisine. The best water-especially in summer, taste it, you will see why! Baklava has been upgraded here, he has many different kinds of homemade pastries, all delicious. Falafel? Yes, that too! Check the evening menu out, you will want to try everything here!

  • Posted by Maria May 2010

    when will this show air?

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