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Martin's BBQ Joint in Nolensville, TN
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Martin's BBQ Joint

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7238 Nolensville Road  NolensvilleTN  37135

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A Taste of Nicole Martin's BBQ Joint

Martin's BBQ Joint in Nolensville, TN 
Host Nicole Cooper finally gets her pulled pork sammich!! From Martin's BBQ Joint at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party in Madison Square Park, New York City...  [...]

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Martins BBQ Joint - Nolensville TN

Martin's BBQ Joint in Nolensville, TN 
Here are some pictures I took during a visit to Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Nolensville, TN. The video shows the new building, entrance, the drive-thru lane ...  [...]

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Pit Master Pat

Martin's BBQ Joint in Nolensville, TN 
Pat Martin takes you behind the scenes on life as a Pit-Master. Whether its the grind of the restaurant, being on the road or just hanging at home you'll be ...  [...]

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    [email protected]
    10/8/2015 7:20:04 AM
    Awesome place. It was little confusing ordering since it wasn’t posted to go to the counter. I had pulled pork and sausage and the Mrs. had a pulled pork sandwich with a loaded baked potato. The pulled pork was juicy, full of flavor, oh so tender. I was almost done when I realized I never put any sauce on it; that’s good eats. The sausage was just as good. The baked tater was so large we had to take about ¾ of it back to the hotel. The sides (potato salad and hushpuppies) rounded out the meal. The staff was great and the prices were just right. Now we can hit the Martin’s in West Virginia which is 5 hours closer to home.
  2. Gravatar image
    [email protected]
    5/16/2013 7:01:13 PM
    This place is not fancy, but the food is awesome! Had the redneck taco for dinner, somewhat skeptically, but wanted to try something different. It was incredible! The pork was super tender and the dish was full of flavor. Dessert was a pulled pork sandwich, also very good (I do like regular desserts, but I love good pulled pork). I eat a lot of BBQ stuff and this is one of the best I have had. Side note - the Yazoo Pale Ale on tap also is a winner!
  3. anonymous
    1/22/2013 1:52:45 AM
    can you give out the meatloaf recipe
  4. anonymous
    11/5/2012 2:15:58 PM
    We ate here yesterday. We had the pulled pork redneck taco. It was excellent. We dined on a Sunday night at 7 pm. The place was packed. This is the kind of place I like to eat. Lots of character, excellent food, attentive hard working staff.
  5. anonymous
    7/9/2012 5:23:50 PM
    Stopped because we were in Nashville and we like to check out any triple D we find. I don't understand the service comments - we had no service except the guy who dropped off our food after we ordered at a counter. Ribs were chewy and fatty, potato salad, cole slaw and beans were good but not exceptional. Hubby and I ordered the same type of ribs, my portion was huge and his maybe half the size. Too pricey for just average food. Don't waste the calories on the coconut cake it was dry and tasteless.
  6. anonymous
    5/11/2012 4:47:18 AM
    Unreal food!! A must go to near nashville.
  7. anonymous
    3/24/2012 8:53:59 PM
    Best BBQ I have ever eaten!!! Great food and service!
  8. anonymous
    2/27/2012 4:21:08 PM
    This BBQ was the best me and my family have ever had. Everything was fresh and homeade. Friendly staff and excellent food.This is true, authentic BBQ. We went out of our way to visit and were not dissapointed a bit. If we lived closer, we would have a family meal here once a week. Must see.
  9. anonymous
    2/20/2012 2:33:46 PM
    In Nashville on business and is definitely worth the short drive to get some of this que!
  10. anonymous
    11/28/2011 11:48:49 PM
    We stopped at Martin's a few weeks ago, our 2nd visit to Martin's, duirng another stopover in Nashville. We really enjoyed the pulled pork sandwiches, still one of the better BBQ sandwiches I've had. However, I now concur with some of the other reviewers that the prices are a bit high considering the portion sizes. FYI- They are skimpy with the sauces that they put on the food, but on both visits I asked our waitresses for more and got plenty of extra sauce sides.  
  11. anonymous
    11/12/2011 10:38:45 PM
    Oh My...this place is great OH MY!!!!
  12. anonymous
    10/17/2011 3:50:24 PM
    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! DELICIOUS!!!! This place is so good its ridiculous! We ordered the redneck taco with pork and a smoked chicken sandwich. First thing, the meat on both of these is so tender it litteraly melts in your mouth. Second, the sauces are oustanding. The redneck taco sauce is like a cross between every bbq sauce, vinegary, sweet, spicy, and just thick enough so it doesnt run all over the place. The sauce for the chicken sandwich was a "white bbq sauce" if there is such a thing. Its a little sweet and creamy but with a tiny kick. I dont know its just great. I would reccommend everyone coming here. Take the detour if its out of the way. Im from the south and this is probably one of the best BBQ place I have ever been.
  13. anonymous
    10/12/2011 11:33:16 PM
    Went today and it was really good!  It is hard for me to find a place that I think is up to par since my dad does pulled pork, chicken halves, ribs ect.  I had the redneck taco with pulled chicken and my hubby had a brisket sandwhich.  We both really enjoyed our meal.  We did not have the pulled pork or ribs but it sure smelled good!  Going back with my parents sometime soon and will try the ribs and pulled pork.  I think it was great!  Oh and by the way I have tried BBQ in Memphis and have not been impressed with it thus far. 
  14. anonymous
    7/18/2011 6:12:36 PM
    One of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've ever tasted!  The smell of the place as you drive by makes it had not to stop!
  15. anonymous
    7/15/2011 11:01:49 AM
    The food was good but guy needs to go to the sugarhouse bbq in salt lake city ut
  16. anonymous
    6/19/2011 12:16:00 AM
    Not too impressed.  I was looking forward to some good BBQ, but felt let down.  The ribs were pretty good, but the brisket and pulled pork...not that great.  I didn't like their BBQ sauce at all either.  Not really worth the trip especially for the price.
  17. anonymous
    5/10/2011 1:24:05 AM
    Good food and atmosphere, but pricey for the small portion size. My wife had the redneck taco and it was very good. I had babyback ribs and the taste was good, but I didn't like that the membrane was left on them, just plain lazy IMO. The one stand out for me was the baked beans, they are simply the best and almost a meal by themselves!
  18. anonymous
    3/30/2011 10:00:34 PM
    I was disappointed. Went out of the way to stop after seeing it on Diners Drive-ins and Dives. I've had lots of bbq all over the country and this place was just ok. It was expensive and the portions were tiny. Nothing exciting. 
  19. anonymous
    1/23/2011 2:45:33 PM
    One of the more over-rated BBQ joints I've been to. True, they have lines out the door, because of inefficient queuing design. I think they've gotten complacent because they've received a little favorable press. Some of the adulation is surely due to the fact that there's very little good BBQ in Middle TN. For the most part, gotta go to Memphis. I agree with the other posters about fatty meat and skimpy servings of sauce. Worth a visit, but don't go in expecting BBQ nirvana.
  20. anonymous
    1/2/2011 1:22:40 AM
    you asked what Martin's BBQ was known for....was watching Guy Fieri's show and they were on it. They are know for whole hog BBQ. They showed them throwing an ENTIRE hog on the grill-ugh. Prob taste good, tho. Also-'Red Neck Tacos'  which is pulled pork, slaw on cornbread. (quit laughing) you're welcome. Deb
  21. anonymous
    1/2/2011 12:49:52 AM
    Know for whole hog BBQ, Red Neck Tacos, and anything BBQ,  Episode 113, May 2010.   Can't wait to go there.
  22. anonymous
    11/28/2010 4:21:12 PM
    Forgot to give it a rating.
  23. anonymous
    11/28/2010 4:16:50 PM
    Very cool restaurant, very friendly staff and I had the Red Neck Tacos, one pulled chicken and one pulled pork. Both were AWESOME!  I wish I lived closer so I try everything on the menu.
  24. anonymous
    11/1/2010 11:11:53 PM
    Ordered the Pork plate.  The fries and slaw was good, but the meat was full of chunks of fat.  They were skimpy on their sauce, which was a little more vinegary than I like.
  25. anonymous
    10/29/2010 11:22:20 PM
    My wife thought Martin's was the absolute best BBQ she ever had. I would rank it in my top 5 BBQ joints. Service was quick and we managed to grab a seat quickly on a Saturday night. I thought it was pretty cool to see a whole pig in their smoker. The restaurant crew opened it up to show the pig to a group of kids and nearly half the crowd got up to see it. We'll definitely be back the next trip through Nashville.  
  26. anonymous
    10/9/2010 9:31:37 AM
    Loved it...fantastic!  The line was long, running outside the door when we arrived.  I talked with the folks in front of us and asked if it was worth standing in line.  They said absolutely!  The line went quick and the food was tremendous!  Plenty of food, good prices

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