La Caraquena CLOSED

300 W Broad Street Falls Church, VA 22046
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  • Posted by Carla TMay 27, 2017

    We loved this place so much we went twice in one week a few years ago. We want to visit it again but it is closed.

  • Posted by [email protected]May 07, 2014

    Warm and inviting. Not what we expected from the East Coast. Food succulent. Service great. Glad we traveled here. DRINKS amazing don't order your usual.

  • Posted by JoieMarch 28, 2012

    The food is amazing! The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the service isn't that great. Regardless of the service though, the food makes it all worth it.

  • Posted by RestonFoodiesJanuary 29, 2012

    Wow... this place is the REAL DEAL! My wife, daughter and I went for lunch this past Saturday leaving stuffed, happy and planning a return visit. Arriving at 12:30, we were greeted with a smile and promptly attended to. We started with 2 apps (Yucca fries and fried plantains) and both were absolutely delicious. The dipping sauce for the fries was light & tasty and the plantains were incredibly sweet and perfectly prepared. Next we ordered 2 arepas - a (grilled) carne mechada and a (fried) domino (bean/cheese); the sweet corn flavor coming through in both - delicious! We also tried the black bean & sausage soup: again, creamy, rich and delicious. Next we ordered a barros jarpa (grilled, shaved ham w/Gouda cheese) and a barros luco (ultra thin sliced sirloin w/Gouda) and each was warm, crisp and simply outstanding. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we shared a hearty slice of quattro leches cake that was OUT OF THIS WORLD. It was delicately topped with whipped cream and perfectly saturated with cold, FRESH and delicious milk... Yum! :-D Our waiter was friendly, cheerful and attentive throughout the meal. We can not wait to get back!

  • Posted by AnonymousNovember 06, 2011

    I think they're starting to fit back into their britches; I just called and was told I could do take-out! :) Yay. (It's Sunday)

  • Posted by Ha NguyenAugust 27, 2011

    Saltnas are AMAZING.  Really great food but EXPECT to spend at least 2 hours there (evenf or lunch).  Very small place and service is extremely SLOW.  But the food IS WORTH IT!

  • Posted by Ha NguyenAugust 27, 2011

    Saltnas are AMAZING.  Really great food but EXPECT to spend at least 2 hours there (evenf or lunch).  Very small place and service is extremely SLOW.  But the food IS WORTH IT!

  • Posted by AnonymousJuly 09, 2011

    Amazing food ,incredible service ..I love this place ...we will be back and back.....

  • Posted by Chris Ota DeRosaJune 30, 2011

    Finally tried La Caraquena tonight - a very pleasant summer evening.  My daughters and I sat at one of their outdoor tables and enjoyed a great meal.  JP's favorite arepas was absolutely delicious!  The meat was tender and well seasoned - accompanied by sauteed onions.  We also enjoyed the saltena and El Sabroso chicken sandwich with generous slices of fresh avocado, & which was accompanied by very light and crispy french fries.  Side dishes of vegetables and fried yucca were perfect.  The 3 of us could not finish all the food.  Our waitresses were friendly and helpful.  Only flaws: 1) attentive service disappeared about halfway through our meal -- we had to wait quite awhile for a box, the bill, and a take-out coffee. (We had to go to a concert near-by. 2) coffee was disappointing; waitress brought a 12 oz styrofoam cup that was less than half-full of nothing-special coffee.    nevertheless, we shall return soon!

  • Posted by MikiMay 15, 2011

    The meet in the 2 beef dishes we tried (one arepas and one main entree) was so salty it was inedible. However, the beans and rice with the entree was EXCELLENT. I've only ever had African peanut soup and there's is a very different flavor profile than I was expecting but very tasty. The potatoes and cilantro on top are a nice touch. The Saltenas was delicious!

  • Posted by AnonymousMarch 18, 2011

    The arepas are great!  I would suggest that you call ahead for reservations or arrive right at opening.  Great food, but very limited seating.  The Inca Cola is great as well.

  • Posted by AnonymousJanuary 30, 2011

    The restaurant's website says the kitchen closes at 2:30 on Saturdays. I showed up solo at 1:50. The host told me "there are no tables available and the kitchen closes at 2". I figured I would settle for take-out and was informed that the restaurant "Does not do takeout on weekends". Bummer! Seems like this place has gotten a little to big for its britches since the episode of DDD aired.

  • Posted by AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    I keep wanting to try new things, but can't resist the wonderful salad made with fresh papaya, avocado, shrimp and coconut.  To die for!  Also, the peanut soup is amazing.

  • Posted by PhilJune 12, 2010

    Had a fantastic meal.  Don't miss out on the appetizers: especially the Saltenas and the Techenones.  Taste sensation!  The black beans were great and were a great complement to the beef dish.  Don't pass on the Arepas.  Definitely going back!

  • Posted by AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    Amazing!  Very warm and inviting atmosphere.  The Chef/owner was incredibly friendly.  He really took the time to make sure everyone of his customers were satisfied.  The beef is amazing!  The black beans were the best black beans I have ever had!  Definitely get the Salteñas; they are so good.  Best of all the prices were really reasonable.

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