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Metro 29 Diner

4711 Lee Hwy Arlington, VA 22207
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  • This place is still open 05/10/2024

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Reviews (23)

  • Posted by pmedic January 2014

    01/04/2014 The Diner was OK. I had a chicken Parmesan sandwich with fries covered in mozzarella cheese with a side of brown gravy . I will say it was nice to see the fries on the menu. It`s very unusual for VA , usually when i ask for it in a diner they look at me funny then have to ask a manager how to charge for it. My wife had a egg salad sandwich she said was very good. Service was a bit lax and had to flag down waiter multiple times instead of being checked on. I would go back if i was in the area but would not make the trip just for it.

  • Posted by Lee January 2013

    Gross!!!!we went there becaus I love DDD and the food was tasty until the roach crawled on the table by my husband!

  • Posted by JFern87 October 2012

    Place is mediocre at best. We are from Jersey and this ain't no Jersey diner like they claim. Service was terrible, our waitress was on the phone or chit chatting with co-workers the whole time. Hubby had french toast that was terrible and the price was outrageous. They served the syrup in little to-go containers like you would get at McDonald's. Very disappointed. Don't waste your time or money. I have NO CLUE how they ended up on DDD.

  • Posted by Crissyk3554 October 2012

    It was ok. Nothing special. Very over priced for a 'diner'. The portions were big though. The staff was attentive.

  • Posted by Stephanie August 2012

    Overpriced, bland, pre-fab breakfast. They served us iced tea from a can & wildly expensive pancakes with little plastic boxes of caramel-colored high-fructose corn syrup. Nice wait staff, but no point returning.

  • Posted by info81 July 2012

    I live near this place and have eaten there a couple of times, it is nothing special. I love the DDD show especially the people who make everything from scratch but this place is not one of them.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2012

    can someone tell me how the hell is there Holy Challah made of???I really wanna try to make it myself but I really can't...and I'm thousands miles away from VA....QAQ

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    Love this place, they have some of the best breakfast

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    Food was great, service was good. Drove by at 3pm and the place looked like it was closed but a very good Diner

  • Posted by Janet Perry January 2012

    I've eaten here twice. The first time, on a Saturday, the food was pretty good. But the second time, the food was about as good as a Denny's , we waited forever and the server was incompetant. We're not going back. MacDonald's makes a better breakfast.

  • Posted by Kathleen October 2011

    My rating is actually 3.5...not quite 4...better than average but not great or super or special.  The menu has quite the variety.  i got the duck, my husband got the lamb (he may have given a 4.5 rating as his lamb was delicious and somewhat better overall than my duck)...very large portion - I ate hal;f, took half home for luch in the office the next day...service was decent.  We arrived about 5 p.m. on a sunday and it filled up within 30-45 minutes.  The duck was cooked perfectly but sauce to side was gelatinous and orang-y blandness.  mashed potatoes tasted sort of from a mix...; cannot recall my veggie now...We shared a dessert - a mousse enveloped in a dipped hard chocolate crust - rich and delicious...We do not live very far but haven't felt complelled to return though we probably will - good value and not bad...and will have to try the chicken souvlaki which seems to be the raved-about dish~

  • Posted by Jimbo August 2011

    We stopped in on 19 Aug and it was very good! the appetizers and meal was fantastic! Very much recommend anyone stop there and check it out. Were glad we did! Jim

  • Posted by TM May 2011

    One of my favorite places for cheap eats!  Well done!

  • Posted by Guest May 2011

    Since Metro 29 is close to my house my friends made the trip one Saturday.  We have tried several DDD suggestions and this one has to be the worst.  I LOVE french toast.  I try it in everywhere I visit and I travel alot.  This is the worst french toast I have ever had anywhere.  Our waiter was was very non-attentive, our coffee was cold, and our meals were even colder. Maybe if you are a regular you get better service and hotter food but I would drive right past the DDDive!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    Awesome chicken I ever had!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011

    The breakfast was very tasty, especially the homemade french toast and pancakes.  The waitress was very non-attentive, our coffee was cold, she lack caring about the customer. The hostess who finalize the bill, had nothing to say, for instance, how was your meal, she needs to say something to bring the customers back.  The staff needs to understand how important the customers are. 

  • Posted by Dean the Greek December 2010

    oops !!!Add 5 stars

  • Posted by Dean the Greek December 2010

    Look, I'm Greek and I go there for great Greek food and a terrific dining experience. Great service, CLEAN, and fast. I hold many business meetings there too--and everyone enjoys it immensely. It is like family. A Big Fat Happy Well Fed Greek Family !!

  • Posted by bigsexy November 2010

    this place is great. great service, friendly staff. they'll make you feel like family. it's a family place. and they have huge portions in food!but it's worth it. great to go with family

  • Posted by YO! November 2010

    Hey, I love this place, but I missed it on TV!  Anyway, thethings to get there are the Chicken Parmesian Dinner and the Ice Cream or Chocolate Mousse.  The Chicken is a special so you get a soup, salad, and the dinner for only $16.95! That's a deal!  Then there's the Ice Cream which can't take your eyes off, and the there's the Chocolate mousse which is one of the best desserts you've ever tasted.  Rock On Metro 29!  Keep on Cookin! P.S. You don't want the server Mohammed.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2010

    I love the place - I go once or twice a week for dinner - the chicken souvlaki is my favorite (and don't for get the banana cream pie)!

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2010

    Really great breakfast items and super kid friendly.  My family goes all the time.

  • Posted by Don and Sheryl September 2010

    DDD segment not yet aired as of 9/17/2010; however, don't waste your time. Staff very stoic and blase. We asked what they are noted for and the waitress couldn't even tell us. This was our 8th DDD stop in several states, and we were the least impressed with this one. Breakfast was the same as you could get at Denny's but cost twice as much!

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